What's different now than when you were a kid?

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Helper bee

When you could actually make a joke without someone being offended.

Lisa Frank, shes the real MVP.

Gel pens.

Kid Pix.


Cartoons that weren’t stupid.

Playing outfuckingside. I have to throw my kid out the door and lock it. (Sarcasm, ish)

Eating poptarts and total crap for breakfast and then fast food for dinner. Which was totally legit in the 90s and no one mom shamed our mothers. 

Parenting in general was just easier.

Simpler times….such simple times…



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Sugar bee

Playing outdoors all day long, not having a phone at 8 years old and being glued to a screen. Riding my bike all day and not getting a sore ass 😂 I miss video hits being on every Saturday morning. 

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Buzzing bee

The biggest thing I see is the difference in how we bubble wrap kids. We played at the park that was a block and 1/2 from our house all the time. It was completely normal to know you had to be home in time for supper and to go play. If you were looking for the house all your friends were at you just biked around until you saw the big pile of bikes on the lawn or in the driveway. We didn’t have play dates, you just walked down the street to your friends house or went to the park. 

People freak out when I say yes I let my 11 year old play at the park by herself. It’s half a block from our house. She’s been allowed to play there since she was 9. She has a watch and a cell phone just in case. There’s a couple other kids who are allowed to play there too. I get hollered at for not watching her, when I ask what she did, she’s been good I’m just not helicopter parenting her.

I’m more concerned about some nosy women reporting me to CPS than I am about her being taken. 

Actual thing I miss though, is Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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The old Bath and Body Works.

I also miss 90s Taco Bell when the nacho chips were yellow like the taco shells, El Charrito Cheese Enchilada TV Dinners and Chicken-O’s, the round shaped chicken nuggets.

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Blushing bee

MsPlucky :  or the bloody DJ would talk over the start or the end. Ruined!

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Playing outside without parental supervision.

When people didn’t see racism/sexism/homophobia etc. behind innocent comments.

Internet was a dial-up luxury, as a consequence you couldn’t spend a lot of time online and interacted with majority of your friends and relatives in person.

People didn’t imagine pedophiles behind every corner.

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Blushing bee

I go way back. Riding bikes, skinned knees, all kids in the neighborhood eagerly changing into “play clothes” after school, and getting outside as soon as we could. TV that bound people together, because a lot of people were watching the same thing ( 4 channels in black and white). Extended family holidays at my grandparents, where the kids entertained themselves and were NOT the center of attention. 

Mostly, I miss having a lot of people older than me who loved me and cared for me, and were in charge of the world. Amazing, because I grew up during the turbulent 1960s, Vietnam War, Watergate, and so on. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I actually like that racisim/sexism/bigotry, especially casual forms of it, are not ignored or condoned nowadays. I guess it is white privillege to think that a casual racist comment about a POC is just an innocent comment. I grew up hearing that shit directed at me and I like that if someone directs that at me now someone, not me, is going to call them out on their bullshit.

I miss family. Society today puts less significance on the extended family and family in general. Kids and their parents not looking up from their electronic devices.

Also I miss the grateful generation. You know those parents and grandparents that lived through the wars and those instilled a sense of gratitude in their kids for what they did have and kept them in check about wants vs needs.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I also miss Blockbuster.

Back in my day you had to pick movies based off the picture on the front and a short blurb on the back! None of this looking up a trailer on YouTube nonsense.

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Sugar Beekeeper

I miss bookstores! 

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