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  • poll: What factors impacted your baby naming?
    "Going with" siblings names : (9 votes)
    8 %
    Honoring family members : (32 votes)
    29 %
    Looking for unique names : (27 votes)
    25 %
    Looking for traditional names : (31 votes)
    28 %
    Other (I'm sure there are tons!) : (11 votes)
    10 %
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    Major decisive factor: I can’t have taught a horrible student with that (or a similar name) yes it rules out quite a few.

    otherwise we want to go with a traditional but not too common name, nothing too trendy.

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    @ShellVee:  Pretty much this.  Since I’m a substitute teacher, and I teach A LOT of students who are never on their best behaviour, it does make it a lot harder to narrow down names. 

    We also don’t want something too popular either.  My name is pretty rare, and I’ve always liked that I was the only one with my name in school. 

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    I’m not pregnant yet, but we already have baby names picked out. In my family we have a tradition of using family member names as middle names. So we took this tradition and then began to look for traditional names to do with our favorite family names. An example of this is (and this is not one of the names we are using):

    Mr. D’s deceased brother is Ryan. We took Ryan and put it as the middle name and looked for a traditional name we really liked. So we ended up with:

    Kenan Ryan Doily.

    This is like fourth on our baby boy list, and we only plan on having two biologically, so I doubt we would ever use this name, which is why I shared it!

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    The main thing is that we both love the name.  We both don’t like common names, we like traditional German and Normwegian names (we are German and Norwegian with a strong German last name).  I have done a lot of research and chose some that I love that are both traditional (in the way I mentioned) and work with our last name.  I found one name that rhymed, and had to let it go.  Where Darling Husband is from lots of people have non-traditional names and he hates those for that reason.

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    I’m looking for a somewhat unique first name… And a middle name honoring a family member. But it all depends on how it flows together.

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    For my son, we already named him before he was conceived. He was going to be named “Brother’s first name, Father’s first name, father’s last name”  The brother died in a forest fire when my son’s dad was a teenager, he idolized his brother, hence the honoring of family names.

    For a girl if we had one, she would have been named Safra, a character we saw in a movie about King David, as I checked my son’s father facebook, it looks like he has a Safra now. A cute little girl who could be my son’t twin! They look almost exactly alike as a toddler!

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    We have talked about baby names, though we haven’t settled on any (not pregnant, not married yet, have time!).

    Factors for us include honoring our respective ethnicities (Irish and Mexican), choosing names that denote strength and seriousness for an adult, and not common. All names ending in the “ee” sound are out and contrived spellings are definitely out.

    For us, the tone and message the name sends are the biggest factors. We want to be able to picture our kids in high ranking positions. I do believe the name that is chosen for a child has a factor in this. 

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    @RedAngelDreamer:  So I guess no “Desiree” then for a girl? And no “Tiger” for a boy,  as in Tiger Woods?

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    @happyface:  Since “Desiree” is pronounced “Des-uh-ray”, that would be okay, as would be Renee if we liked those names. Both sound serious. Carrie, Jenny, Cody, anything like that is out. With the “ee, ie, ey” sound. Make sense? We just don’t like the tone of those names.

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    The names that Fiance and I decided on for the first baby were Elijah, middle name Graham, for a boy and Veronica, middle name Natalie, for a girl. (The anatomy scan in July revealed a boy, so since then we’ve been referring to the baby as Elijah. Some people decide to keep the baby’s name a secret until after the birth I’m sure, but we decided to get right to the point and refer to the baby by name.)

    Elijah was a name that Fiance had heard somewhere and decided it appealed to him. The Graham part he pulled out of nowhere.

    I pulled Veronica out of nowhere, and Natalie is my mom’s first name.

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    We decided that our first baby girl will  have his mothers first name as her middle name and our first boy will have my dads first name as his middle name. This is to be fair for both sides of the family. Its not a tradition but my husband really wants to name our daughter ( whenever we plan on havng her ) after his mother. I was 100% against it not because I dont like her  name but because I already have my mind set on a name long before I met him haha. So we settled using parents name as middle names. The girl names are planned but as far as the boys, we have none! lol


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    @RedAngelDreamer:  Yes, I understand, the “ee” sound makes the name cute, not professional in any way.  And names like “Tiger” just isn’t a lawyer or Doctor type of name.

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    DD’s name is my great-grandmothers name. It also incorporates MIL’s name, is traditional and is pretty international, ie. not hard to pronounce for foreigners.

    The last two criteria were a big deal when we chose the name. The others were almost a coincidence.

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    I would like to find a name we love that isn’t in the top 100 but I also want a name that is a “normal” spelling and pronunciation.  I’m not completely adament on avoiding anything below 100 but I don’t think I’d be able to go with something in the top 25, no matter how much I liked it.  I also just want to make sure it flows well with our last name.

    Generally, I like classic names that aren’t too crazy popular.  I want my kids to have a name that works for both a child and an adult, can be pronounced, and hopefully won’t make them 1 of 10 kids in their class with the same name.

    ETA: Oh – and names that start with a “K” are off limits.  Both DH’s name and my name start with “K” (as does our dog’s name) and if we name our child with a “K”, we’re going to start sounding like the Duggars or something.  Not happening.

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