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It depends on what kinds of treatments they do.  I started going a couple of years ago and the first one I saw was also a kinesthesiologist (sp?) who was also into how different muscles affected each other.  His was a more holistic approach.  He used the table and a hammer type thing mostly.  You’ll hear pops and cracks.  Any pain was fleeting at best and I always felt better when I left.

The last one I’ve been seeing starts me off just laying on the table on hot stones for a while to loosen things.  He’s more hands on, using my own and his body to put pressure and twist things here and there to put everything back in alignment.  He also uses a belt sander type looking thing that vibrates heavily to relax some spots as I hold a LOT of tension (I’m a wedding coordinator, ha!).  I’ve found when I don’t go for a while parts of my back swell besides the pain, and one leg actually ends up a couple inches shorter than the other!

If you’ve had massages before you’ll be used to people tuching you.  If not, it may seem uncomfortable at first, let them know if something is bothering you or feels wrong.

The only part that still weirds me out a little is when they sort of ‘pull’ on my neck a little… it’s weird, but always helps me feel better.

Good luck!

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The pain for me has always been more of an anticipation of it…

When I haven’t gone in a while and I go… I’m more sore later that night and the following day but I wouldn’t really call it pain.  More of a reminder to keep going ๐Ÿ˜‰

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So excited for you that you have your first chiropractic appointment! Chiropractic can do so much more than most people realize, so be sure to talk to your chiropractor about everything you are experiencing health-wise, not just back pain or neck pain. I’m a chiropractic student and it blows my mind every single day what chiropractic can do!

If you are nervous, don’t be scared to ask a lot of questions. Your doctor will be happy to explain everything as you go along. If they aren’t happy to answer your questions, get out of there!

As for what you’ll actually experience during the adjustment, every person is different at different points during their care. Most often, the adjustments are very comfortable. It is normal to feel a little tired, or to feel a slight headache coming on after you get adjusted, as your body is adapting to the changes. You might even experience a temporary increase in appetite.

The biggest thing I can say is don’t expect to be better in one visit. It takes more than one adjustment to get you well. Keep going and getting adjusted, and if you ever have more questions, keep asking! The more you learn and participate in your care, the better!

Let us know how it goes! ๐Ÿ™‚

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@misskarianne: everything is connected.  it’s possible that there’s a disc pinching a nerve and that’s what’s causing it.

I was having such horrible shoulder/back pain I couldn’t stand or sit without it hurting…and I’ve got a HIGH threshold for pain.  

My chiropractor sat me down, asked what was going on, took me for x-rays and showed me my x-rays (all done at his office!).  He then explained I have a spot on the middle of my back that is a lot like an owl’s neck (he even had a poster of an owl’s skeleton and owls, how cool is that?!?) and that because when a person ages, their vertebrae and disks settle.  That the only way I can keep the pain at bay and to keep my back/shoulder from repeating the problem is by exercising and stretching.  

He then had me lay down and put hot water bottles/pads on my back and left me for a bit.  When he came back in, he removed them and then kinda put pressure on certain spots while pulling/twisting/pushing in certain directions.  Yes, you can hear the pops (or at least feel them) and no, it didn’t hurt.  It DID feel A LOT better afterwards.  I had to go back several times to get it to be back to normal.  

I also took my daughter to him because she had a problem with her leg.  She would drag it and had a hard time walking.  After one visit, she was walking and trying to RUN!!  The second visit, she was running and a normal baby.  This, appearantly, is normal due to the way the baby can grown (or runs out of room growing) inside mom.

One of the girls there said she took her newborn to him to align everything up right. I’m probably gonna do this whenever I have another so there won’t be any issues later.

Can you tell I LOVE my chiropractor?  And he’s a pretty well-known and loved doctor in the area, too.

If you have any questions, TALK to him/her about them.  If he/she doesn’t want to talk, go somewhere else.  It’s like with any doctor.  If you aren’t pleased with the service and if they aren’t willing to talk, explain, and listen, then go to someone who will.  There ARE risks involved and you do NOT want a poor/bad chiropractor or one who isn’t willing to talk/explain these risks.

good luck and enjoy it!!!!

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Oh dear!  Yes, that’s a style of adjusting.  Hopefully whatever is causing your pain will be lessened by the adjustments that are made. 

๐Ÿ™  Good luck!

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I hope tomorrow is better. I LOVE the chiropractor. 

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@misskarianne:  Ha!  I’ve been asked that, too. Yeah, they can manipulate the table and make other small adjustments to get the same result as the bear hug type.. I bet it’s just faster/easier for them? 

I giggle every time I go because my butt (!) is always out of adjustment.  Makes me laugh just thinking about being told that, ha!  But it’s connected to the problems I have in my back and hips. 

Good luck!!!

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I have no clue but do NOT let them do any adjustments to your neck!!

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i see a chiro every 2 weeks and its for upper back/shoulders and neck – i do terrible things to my body working on a computer constantly. the chiro makes my life more managable/enjoyable

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