(Closed) What's more important, size or quality?

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  • poll: Would you:

    Get a bigger diamond with more visible imperfections

    Get a smaller diamond with less visible imperfections

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    I don’t care about either but I also know nothing about diamonds and don’t think I could spot flaws. It is really impressive all of the knowledge the bees do have on diamonds though!

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    I feel like they are equally important.  I don’t want a big crappy diamond, but I also don’t want a tiny perfect diamond. I think if you can find a happy medium on both…that’s the best.

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    There is NO RIGHT or WRONG in this equation.

    It comes down to what is important & what works for each couple.

    When it comes to Diamonds in particular there are A LOT of variables…


    4 Traditional Cs… CARAT SIZE – CUT (Quality) – COLOUR – CLARITY


    As well as when it comes to Rings… COMFORT & COST

    Personally, I am all about QUALITY vs QUANTITY

    My priorities are CUT (Quality) – COLOUR – and CLARITY (in that order)

    The things that are most accountable for the glitter that a Diamond conveys

    And because I buy Quality (long term investment / family heirloom), I also put emphasis on CERTIFICATION and CONFLICT FREE / CANADIAN DIAMONDS

    Personally, I want a minimum of a Good CUT (Very Good to Excellent preferred)

    I am COLOUR sensitive… I want a Diamond that doesn’t read warm, white or foggy… I want something that is virtually colourless… like a sparkling drop of water

    CLARITY if also important but less so than CUT & COLOUR (for me)

    The majority of stones at a SI level or above are eye-clean… in that imperfections cannot be seen without a Jeweller’s Loup

    That is fine with me… as long as the Stone hasn’t any Clarity issues that might effect the performance / longevity of the stone itself (hairline cracks etc)


    Also, as an Encore Bride… I can say that a HUGE Diamond as its drawbacks.

    It gets in the way… and cannot be worn easily in ALL circumstances.

    I don’t want to worry that much about my Ering… I want to be able to wear it, and enjoy it on a day-to-day basis

    Therefore, this time round…

    I intentionally went for a QUALITY STONE… under 1.0 Carat

    Mr TTR & I ended up with a Diamond in the 3/4 Carat Range (0.69 to 0.82)

    And I couldn’t be happier, it is a great rock, and looks terrific.  It is big enough to be substantial.  And yet of a size that is MANAGEABLE.

    I don’t have to worry about it a great deal when I wear it (and I wear it almost all the time)

    The only time I take it off really is to protect the Diamonds in some not so frequent situations…

    Home Renovations – Painting – Gardening – Deep Cleaning – Cooking & Baking where I “knead” my bare hands / fingers – Working Out / at the Gym – Water Sports like Scuba & Snorkelling… and Travelling / Visiting “sketchy” places (ie 2nd & 3rd World Countries mostly)

    If I am travelling and foresee myself in an not so great scenario (as per above) then I’ll leave my ring locked up in the Hotel Room / Ship Cabin Safe…

    If we are going on an extended trip from Canada… I’ll lock up my ring in our Safety Deposit Box at the Bank.

    At home… I put my Rings in a safe place (Ring Box) before tackling anything that might put my Diamonds / Rings in jeopardy

    Hope this helps,


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    @BrandNewBride:  Both of those are super great quality diamonds…..that’s not exaclty a comparison or hard decision

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    @GFerg:  You make a super good point– having a way to map your diamond is piece of mind.

    I have a smaller diamond- but it’s a VVS1 and it’s unmappable.  It does have a laberscribe number– but it’s bezel set, so you can’t see the number unless it’s removed LOL

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    Thats a really subjective question and it sounds like what you really mean is size or “clarity”. An impeccably CUT diamond will help with that as well. Color is COMPLETELY subjective and all about personal preference. I am color sensitive and so do NOT like D/E diamonds. Some would say that’s the highest “color quality” but they are to harsh and cold for me. Kind of hurt my eyes, litterally. F is the highest I would go. OECs must be in an H/I/J for that perfect antique warmth to me. And other stones in a G/H for optimal steely white.


    I just want me stones to be eye clean when it comes to clarity because 99% of the time that’s the view that people are looking at it from, people aren’t walking up to us every day and whipping out loups.


    Cut matters a LOT to me because I want optimum sparkle.


    And size is pretty much at the top because I love big bling! 


    I don’t feel that I would sacrifice anything by going with say a 2ct/Very Good Cut/SI1/H

    Edit: I need higher clarity in a step cut as they can be unforgiving.

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    Quality is definitely more important to me and esp to my fiancé, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw my Ering. I think the carat size of my solitaire colorless diamond (just under 1ct) is perfect for my size 4 1/2 ring finger. One of our pet peeves is seeing an engagement ring that has a huge and cloudy diamond in the middle. IMO, no matter what the quaity is, the diamond should be proportionate to the size of the ring finger. Obnoxiously huge diamonds look funny to me and less elegant. That’s just me though…to each their own.

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    We went for both 🙂

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    @Baybeejulia:  My feelings are that for most people, there will be an element of compromise (excecptions being people who have an unlimited budget, or who only like smaller stones).

    I recently bought a diamond pendant from Blue Nile. My budget for the stone was $1000 max. It absolutely had to be an excellent cut; that was non-negotiable. I also wanted a minimum of 0.35ct, and ideally around 0.40ct, as I wanted it as a solitaire and wanted it to be classic and dainty, but not tiny.

    So, I was going to have to compromise somewhere. As it was, I purchased a 0.41ct F SI2 excellent-cut stone with very good polish and excellent symmetry, for $850. I’m very pleased with the stone.

    If I’d wanted to go bigger, I’d have had to go down on the colour and also the cut, and I didn’t want to do that. However, had I gone down to closer to 0.33ct I could have got a stone with a better clarity grade; so, I did compromise for size.

    So yeah, I tend to think that most people have to compromise somewhere, and I’d always compromise on size first. If for example I could only have afforded an I1-I3 stone in the size I wanted, I’d either have gone smaller, or waited. As it was, getting an SI1 was enough of a gamble.

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    If you know me, you know I’m quality-obsessed, it’s always been quality above quantity for me (in life, and in diamonds). I hate the idea of compromising on any aspect of quality in a diamond, but as for size, I’d never scorn a diamond for being “too small”. Size is not a facet of beauty. What’s special about diamonds is their unique beauty. If large rather than gorgeous was the focus, there’s plenty of road salt out in the street right now that’s big, ugly and whiteish. My Fiance could slap a large chunk on my finger, and wouldn’t that exquisite sight take both our breaths away? Well, maybe from laughter.

    My engagement ring diamond is an F VS1 with HCA 1.2 (GIA 3X) & no fluoro. That’s a mouthful, but the result… !!!

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    @joya_aspera:  “ Size is not a facet of beauty.”

    But that’s the thing – for some of us, it very much is. I don’t mean a 5 carat rock, but I find stones between 1.25 and 1.75 ct very beatiful and a great size.


    OP – to address your question, keeping in mind that by ‘quality’ you are actually referring to ‘Clarity’, obviously, an I3 3-carat stone is going to be underwhelming, but in my mind so is a .3 IF stone. I think a happy medium can be found with a few compromises. Considering that SI is eye-clean and we aren’t all walking around with eye loupes, this grade works fine for most women.

    Personally, I prefer VS1-VS2…anything higher basically costs a premium for something I cannot see/enjoy and anything lower *may* possibly contain feathers or cracks that *could* compromise the structure of the stone. 

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    @Arshim:  I think what the OP meant though was would you choose a very poor clarity (ie I2/I3), to the extent that it affected the appearance of the stone, to get a larger carat size.

    I agree with you that most people need to compromise. I agree that some find larger stones more beautiful than smaller ones, and understand that.

    But I struggle with the idea that someone would choose a very included stone, that lacks sparkle, to get a bigger size. It just seems pointless to me. I just don’t see how a large milky/cloudy/peppery stone can ever be considered more attractive than a smaller, sparkly stone. For me the whole point of a diamond is that’s it’s supposed to be sparkly and pretty; so if it isn’t, I wouldn’t purchase it, and would choose a 0.5ct stone with fire and brilliance over a dead-looking 1.5ct stone any day of the week.

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    I think it depends…..I would go down in quality for a larger stone, but not down so far that the stone looked horrible.  To each their own though….

    I worked in a jewelry store a couple years ago and a girl came in to have her ring sized (she didn’t buy it from us) anyway, the center stone was HUGE….it was at least 2 1/2 carats if not a little more and the ring design itself was pretty.  The stone was horribly included though…you could very easily see the carbon spots in it, in multiple spots and the color was very dingy overall (I’m not usually color sensitive either) it just wasn’t a pretty stone.  I figured she went for size over quality…..don’t get me wrong, I like a big diamond, but not if it was going to look like that! That’s just me though….

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    I didn’t have a preference on carat or quality (imperfections and colour). However,  all of that for my center stone was very, very important to my husband. One jeweler I went to told me a diamond is only supposed to sparkle and we were wasting money wanting a D colorless center stone. That was a retail shop like Zales or something when I was just trying on rings to get a sense of my style.


    My setting could accomodate .5 to 1.5 carat. My husband went with 1.5. He wanted D from the beginning because the band is palladium and feels you can get away with a more yellow diamond if the band is gold, otherwise colorless is the way to go. The inclusions are S2, so he went with quality and carat that he could afford. 


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