What's more important to you? Money or job satisfaction?

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kiram :  “I feel anyone who answers “money” has never actually been in a job that’s dissatisfactory to the point of draining your very soul…”

Maybe. But I also feel like anyone who answers “job satisfaction” has never actually been in the situation where it’s a day-to-day struggle to support their family and put food on the table / clothes on the backs of their spouse and children. I’m sure that $6 an hour job starts looking less attractive when you have the world on your shoulders.

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Money. I can love my job but if I’m not being compensated enough I would likely become resentful towards my employer

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When you consider that one of the main reasons for stress and divorce is lack of money, I think it’s important to at least make enough of it, however you define ‘enough’. I got into academia expecting to make little money but thinking I would do something I loved. Turns out I had overestimated the satisfaction that research brought me. What satisfies you now may not satisfy you when you have a family to support. 

If I picked job satisfaction to the exclusion of money, it would only be if my husband made plenty more. And only if the job were truly truly amazing- I’m not even sure what such a job would loook like or if it even exists. I don’t think I’m materialistic, but travel costs $$$, living (in the Bay Area) costs $$$, kids cost $$$. 

If I were aristocracy, I would totally just ‘follow my passion’ as quixotic and capricious as my passions tend to be. 😉



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mgrd7531 :  I’m currently studying to do my dream job because I’ve been working since I was 17 and finally found the thing that makes me happy in life. So I’m taking a small pay cut to do that because it’s important to me. I’m 31. 

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mgrd7531 :  job satisfaction all the way. A part of that is being properly compensated, but I wouldn’t stay in a crappy job that happened to pay really well. It took nearly a decade to find, but my current job is awesome AND they pay me really well – it is possible! 

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I’m all about the money. I’d rather be moderately miserable and highly compensated, than the other way around.

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Job satisfaction is more important to me, but money does still factor into the equation.

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And I have worked a job that I hated. But what I would hate more is my family suffering. That was in the past where I hated my job. I feel like I have a good balance now, I don’t hate my job, don’t love it. It pays my bills and makes it possible for us to live a great life. 

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Money. And I have been in jobs where I cried going into work everyday. However, then I realized that except in extreme cases job satisfaction is something that does not depend on the job — it’s internal, not external. I can be satisfied in any job if I choose to be. Once I figured that out, I started creating more opportunities and interest in my current job and I began to be a lot more satisfied. For me, security is very important. I went through a health crisis at age 34 (cancer) and my employer was fantastic. I was allowed to work at home whenever I wanted, I took as much leave as I wanted, I never missed a full paycheck, and had great health insurance. Now, what’s important to me is to have healthcare, money in the bank to live the way I want, and money in the future to retire comfortably.  

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Money is probably more of a motivator for me but I would love to have job satisfaction as well.

Currently I’m working a “soul sucking” job. I dread going into work every day and I’m miserable while I’m here. But unfortunately I’m a bit stuck. I make enough that I’m comfortable, but any less and I don’t think I’d be comfortable anymore. The issue is that what I really want is to get out of this industry. I’ve heard horror stories of other companies within my industry being even worse (actual coworkers of mine have left and come back because the other companies were worse than here), so I don’t want to take the risk. But I also don’t have a college degree, so to get a job in another industry I’d have to take a low paying job (the only jobs that don’t require a degree) and work my way up. It just isn’t feasable for me right now.

When money isn’t as necessary for me, though, I do plan to take a lower paying job in a new industry to pursue job satisfaction. I could go to college but I’m not willing to spend years building up debt, I’d rather work my way up over years. Anyway, my SO is a real estate investor, and once he buys a few more duplexes, we would have enough money for me to take a lower paying job. This should be in about 2-3 years time and we’d be married by that point. Hopefully the plan works out, because my current job is miserable!

So for me I guess money is more important until the point where I can afford to view job satisfaction as more important.

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mgrd7531 :  Money 100%! I can find satisfaction in my life outside of work.

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For me it goes:

1) Work-life balance/flexibility of schedule

2) PTO

3) Enjoying my job

4) Money

My situation may be skewed because I have family money and don’t need to rely on a high paying career to live the lifestyle I want. I’ve stayed at a job for far too long, currently, because 1 and 2 are satisfied, 3 is about 50%, however the money is a joke. My dream is to soon work part-time, to have some of my own income, and then volunteer the rest of the time to get the satisfaction of helping a cause I believe in.

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How much difference are we talking here?

I mean, in fantasy life I’d love to be a cheesemonger… sample fancy cheese all day, chat with people, make recommendations… 

In real life I’m an IT manager as it pays a hell of a lot better. Don’t hate my job at all, but I sure like the income it brings.

Would I like the cheese shop job better? sure! but not the lifestyle.

I am also at the point where we could def live on the money from our rental income + maybe one of us working half time. So could I do the cheesemonger thing? Probably. But I find that when you make a certain amount, it would get really frustrating to go down that much. I would probably take a 80% pay cut to work at a cheese shop, and while the work would be fun, I would find it frustrating to be at work for the same amount of time and earn so much less, so I’d rather just do IT work than cheese. 

But I did take a $5k cut for my current job because i like it a lot better, and I get to work from home full time. Totally worth it. 

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