What's NOT in the news – that you think should be?

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Busy bee

Violence against women. I think I once heard that the number one killer of women is men. How heartbreaking is that? frown

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Buzzing Beekeeper

sugarcloud :  Violence against women is talked about here in Australia. Our governments (state and federal) have put a lot of money into talking about and encouraging women to get out of family violence situations. Even so much that domestic violence leave is being talked about being introduced to support people leaving family violence.

Unfortunately what isn’t talked about is the absolute lack of support out there for people (especially women) once they do leave. Survivors have often been isolated and kept from working and find it very very hard to get employment with no references and recent experience. In some countries, like the USA, with no insurance they cannot get the physical or mental help they need and even with insurance still can’t get the right help. 

I am all for talking about family violence but you need to back it up with the help needed to escape the cycle, otherwise it is just lipservice.

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Carolsays :  I have a long list lol but the top of it is:

– Japanese whaling, the tariji dolphin drive (where all those theme parks get their dolphins from), the grind in the faroe islands, the destruction of the vaquita population in the gulf of california, the fact that rich folks are still killing animals, often endangered ones, and corrupt governments allow them to. 

– Salmon farming and the Indigenous people of Canada’s fight against it. Such a destructive practice that is creating problems in those ecosystems

– the fact that across multiple countries (Australia/USA/Canada) Indigenous people are still dying at an alarming rate and are still being raped by their invaders (just look at the Dakota pipeline for example)

– that more white males kill people and commit more serious crimes than refugees/muslims/gays but the latter get talked about more and in the case of refugees/muslims blamed for more. You are more likely to be stolen from or be sexually assaulted by a rich white guy (or a rich white guy’s son) than a refugee.

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Helper bee
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Carolsays :  overpopulation’s not a growing issue anymore. Millenials have killed the baby boom – we will be the first generation to not replace ourselves in number.

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Bee Keeper
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I guess it doesn’t count as news anymore if we’ve already heard it. I did have a more specific situation recently that I’m torn on… a school shooting.

I’ve always thought those were over covered, which would inspire other people who want to end life with a bang and be remembered. I felt like they should be mentioned in passing and names never used. No glory for the shooter, less chance of repeat. Then it happened where I live and I became more torn on the subject because it wasn’t covered well- just a few hours and for the rest of the world we were back to normal. How many deaths does it take for the news to care? It seems two isn’t enough. And while I don’t want glory for the killer, to me that wasn’t fair to the teens who died. They are gone and many will never know. My own sister didn’t notice or inquire about it, though it took place in my town (not hers). I still can’t decide if it’s really better this way.

(like op mentioned, let’s not turn this into a gun discussion either… that’s not the issue here)

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Bee Keeper

I’m sad that women with major achievements quite often get far less recognition than celebutantes. 

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Bumble bee

On the opposite side of overpopulation, I actually believe theres not enough talk about the declining birth rates and drop in fertility that has been happening in the developed world (especially mens fertility). Im from europe where most countries are now at a low birth rate (the same as or even worse than Japan). A small decline is fine but the fast drop we will experience will cause huge problems in the future. There are campaigns to try and encourage couples to have more children in some countries (like Denmark) and huge financial incentives and maternity/paternity leave increases in others (e.g Germany and Sweden) but its not working and other countries are just completely ignoring it and hoping that increasing immigration will fix the problem (like the UK). As it stands the US and Asia currently have below replacement level birth rates too. 

I also see a few articles on the environment but they really arent getting enough attention, especially what is happening to the oceans, and plastic consumption. I expected a rise in attention after Planet Earth 2 and Blue Planet 2 but ive still not seen a difference. 

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Helper bee
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Inhumane treatment of animals at factory farms.

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Sugar bee
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This is only a minor annoyance and I realize there are actually MUCH more important things that need to be in the news.  But since I read it in my local paper (a local resident was talking about it in the letter to the editor section) this morning and still mildly irritated, I’ll go.

Many years ago, I think it was around 12 years, there was a huge controversy with one of the HOAs. I live in a very small town in the middle of nowhere and this issue went viral.  It all started out when someone complained to the HOA about a Christmas wreath in the shape of a peace sign.  Due to the complaint, the HOA asked the owner to take down the large peace sign and the uproar was crazy.  I had clients in New York and all over the world hearing about this and asking us what in the world was wrong with our town that we would make people take down a peace sign.

Well, what every single media story failed to pick up on was the week before, a couple who had a family member serving in Iraq was asked to take down their flag…not one whisper was mentioned of that.  

The HOA was just enforcing the no signs, ornaments, flags, etc rule.  They asked the family to take down the flag (when someone complained), and they did.  The next week a giant peace sign pops up, and they too were asked to take it down. (Rumor was they were the ones that complained about the American flag, but I see that just as a rumor).  It was quite frustrating to see this story go viral with people only knowing 1/2 of the story.

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Buzzing bee

I think what is really mind boggling to me, is that I rarely see major advancements in the science and medical field in the news (or online news, since I rarely watch). It’s there, but buried 3-4 pages down and in the back. You’ll get the front lines of celeb gossip or Trumps twitter, but major advances/  pages of research are barely covered! 

From a local perspective, we have some serious issues with animal cruelty that are overlooked. Unless you follow specific FB pages or are a part of animal rescues– you would never hear of some of the cruelties done to the poor animals in puppy mills or fighting rings.

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Bumble bee

The shamefully high infant and maternal death rates in the US. 

Climate change with more emphasis on it being a global and national security issue and a competition issue.  There are already more displaced people right now than at any time since since ww2, global warming is on track to compound that problem.  This seems like a code red to me.

The ethics of gene editing.

The impact of AI and spread of fake videos/misinformation.

Low birth rates across the developed world and what that will mean in the future/creative solutions.


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Busy bee
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The one story that has the potential to make every other detail of life on our planet completely negligible: climate change.

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