(Closed) Whats the best way to learn to walk in heels?!?!

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Busy bee
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Wear them around your house all the time when you’re doing the dishes or getting ready or cleaning or whatever.  Then once you’re good at that practice dancing.

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Helper bee
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Awww well honey, just practice! Buy your wedding shoes or another pair of heels and just wear them around the house every day for a week or 2 for a couple hours. Also, try wearing them out to places in public. It’s going to feel awkward and you won’t feel very graceful at first but I promise, after a while of breaking them in, you’ll feel more comfortable. Make sure you also scuff up the bottoms so that you don’t slip and slide in them.

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Blushing bee
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Practice, practice, practice! Especially get used to wearing heels for long periods. If you want to wear them for your wedding, probably wouldn’t hurt to have a pair of backup flats in case your feet get tired.

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Buzzing bee
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Remember that you don’t walk any differently in heels than you do in flats! It’s still a heel-to-toe motion.

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Honey bee
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as PP said it’s the same as walking normally …… but i’d get a cheap pair of heels the same height as your wedding shoes and wear them everywhere….. walking on stairs, grass, sidewalks .. make your bed in them, cook in them … oh and getting in and out of a car in them.  It seems intimidating at first but the more you wear them the easier I promise!

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Blushing bee
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I’m not a shopper, hate stores, but I love shopping online.

Anyhow, I love heels. Buy tons of them, online. I learned how to walk in four inch by buying a pair I first fell in love with and it’s been love with each one of my heels ever since. Which is pretty odd considering up until this past December, my other shoe was always a combat boot. Lol.

Just a suggestion; find a pair you love and rock on.

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Helper bee
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Tips for heel walking:

  • Buy platformed heels(heels with a bit more height in the front), they are much easier to walk in, especially if they’re stilettos.


  • Make sure the shoes are made with good  traction on the bottom, if not, put some on there. The pads cost like $4 at Bakers or Payless.


  • Start with straps, that way you can easily adjust the shoe to see what kind of pressure works best with you.


  • Being in  pain isn’t cute. If they hurt after a few minutes to an hour, then don’t wear them.


  • Be sure to try on the shoe first in the store and walk around a bit. Its really embarrassing buying a shoe in “your size” then getting home and finding  out they are sooooo not going to work


  • Actually to contrast what some other bees said, it may be easier to walk with one foot in front of the other. Not in a perfect line of course (save that for the catwalk)! Often women look a bit awkward when they walk in heels as if they are wearing tennis shoes. It makes them a bit masculine. No woman should walk in heels with her feet as far apart as she does in flats. Whats actually more important is that you take your time. Don’t walk too fast. Once you start to feel more comfortable in heels over time your speed will pick up and you will barely notice that they are there.


  • Buy inserts if you have to


  • Proportion your heel to your body size. The heavier your body, the thicker the heel you should wear… Trust me. I am 5’8″ and 130, but there are still heels that can be to skinny. If you start to wobble will simply standing—-no bueno. Take them back and get a refund.


  • I second the motion that walking around the house in them is a good idea! But be careful, not many shoes are made to be walked on carpet and they can slip, so see about about traction.


  • BECAREFUL!!! You can never be too sexy to be careful! Use handrails when walking up and down the stairs if you have to…


Ok that’s all I have for now. I use to assist with the model instruction at the acting school down here in Dallas. And heels are Day 1 of lessons learned lol.  Well I do fashion shows the most important thing for me is pace. I don’t tr to walk to fast. I walk as if I am taking the view. If you aren’t use to wearing heels, you may find yourself looking down quite a bit as you walk. THats why taking your time allows you the opportunity to get better aquainted with your shoe. Also the fellas don’t mind the view, trust me! lol


Sorry it was so long… hoped it help. I was the same way at some point so I understand 🙂

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Busy bee

Yes to everything the previous posters said. Try not to land flat footed. It will make you look like a clopping horse.

I recommend walking around with a book on your head since posture is important when wearing heels.  🙂

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Worker bee
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As someone who loves heels and almost always wears them (even on days when I walk two miles or more) I agree with what others have said – it’s mostly a matter of practice. Wear them while cooking, vacuuming, etc. Try them on in the store and check for comfort, arch support, fit, etc.

I actually disagree about the book on your head thing. Yes, posture is important, especially on your wedding day, but I find wearing heels naturally improves my posture (unless they’re ridiculously high or uncomfortable, but at around 3″, you should be fine).

Two tips:

Be sure to break in the heels you’re going to wear on your wedding day! You don’t want to end up with blisters! Also, you will probably want to wear them to your dress fittings.

Here’s something that really helps me when trying on new shoes or when my feet are sore after hours of standing in heels: try not to think about your shoes or the mechanics of how you’re walking/stepping. Instead, focus on your posture and on walking gracefully (smoothly, with just a bit of sway in your hips). If you try to sort of glide with your torso, with your hips, etc. moving elegantly, your feet somehow figure out what to do much better than if you’re focusing on them.

Have fun!

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Worker bee
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Oh, one other thing:

People really aren’t going to see your shoes much under your dress, unless you’re wearing a tea length gown or changing for the reception. So if you’re not comfortable or confident wearing higher heels by a month before the wedding, I would just find a pair of 2 or 2.5 inch heels that you can walk in and that you think will be comfortable to stand in for hours. Trust me, you’ll look much more elegant and poised if your feet aren’t killing you, no matter what the shoes look like. The “Prissy” shoe by Naturalizer is fairly cute and I find it extremely wearable:



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