(Closed) What's the craziest relationship behavior you've ever engaged in?

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Honey bee
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@LALaw:  I have done some things in a dating situation out of *retaliation* that, in retrospect, could have resulted in charges and probably werent well thought through:


For about 2 years, I dated a real jerk. I desperately wanted to be the “cool” girlfriend: “blow me off to go out on a ‘guys night’ but invite a bunch of females, too? go for it!” or “you got arrested leaving the strip club for a DUI and now you need me to go get your truck out of impound? sure thing!” I mean, just a doormat to the point of ridiculous. Anything and everything he threw at me I let slide because I wanted to be “cool” to him and his friends.


One night after leaving work, we were supposed to meet up (I was bartending at the time). I called him to find out where to meet him, and he sent me to voicemail. He then texted me saying “out with the guys, see you tomorrow.” This was pretty typical for him, but who was I to get in the way of his relationship with his “boys”?  Well, something didnt sit right with me, so I hopped in my car and drove to his house.


When I arrived, his car, his roommates car and his buddies car were all in the driveway…and so were 3 other vehicles. I walked up the driveway and could tell by looking that this were girls cars (shit hanging from the rearview mirror, etc). As I approached the house, I could hear them all laughing and carrying on, and there were female voices, too.


So I knocked. It went silent and someone turned off the porch light.  So I knocked again and his roommate stuck just his face out the door, told me my guy was asleep and that he’d have him call me in the morning. As he was spinning, I heard the distinct sound of high heels slowly clicking across the tile. At that point, I shoved the door really hard and pushed my way in.


There were purses on the table and my guy was pretending to be asleep on the sofa. I walked past him to his room and started getting my stuff out of drawers when I heard the clicking sound on the bathroom tile. I went in the attached bathroom to find 2 barely-legal girls in cocktail dresses cowering by the sink. One was crying and the other goes “PLEASE don’t beat my ass! I didnt know he had a girlfriend!” I just grabbed my toothbrush and left.


He spent a week calling me trying to “explain.”


It’s a great story, but looking back I probably could have been arrested.

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Honey bee
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@Ninteenthchance:  LOL thanks, but in the interest of full-disclosure, I did take his sorry ass back and his behavior got worse.

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I dated a professional athlete off and on for about 5 years. We met when he wasn’t well known and to watch him change as he became more “famous” and making much more money is amusing now, but was horrible at the time. I don’t know why I let it drag on for so long. There are definitely a lot of crazy stories with that one.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Oh Gawd Yes…

It took me over 40 years to grow a set of balls !!

I was very pathetic about men… I had horrible low self esteem… and was used to being a doormat.

I did some incredibly stupid stuff… be it staying in an abusive marriage for 20+ years with an alcoholic husband

Or dating men in my teens, or after my Divorce who treated me badly / were dirty dogs.

I was tooo clueless to understand I was “fishing in the wrong pond”

So I often would spend my time mad at “the sharks” I kept getting involved with … somehow thinking that if I was nice enough to them they’d treat me better / change


So ya I have college & later stories about taking out my frustrations, personal pain by Dumping Beer on a guy’s head, Throwing Cream Pies on someone ele’s windshield, and following an Ex to his house and sitting outside on his doorstep crying and dialing & redialing his phone number (and him inside) over and over.

(Cringe… that last one happening in my 40s)

(No wonder with such horrid self-esteem, I ended up in an abusive relationship as a young adult … I was such as desperate person… this rooted in my being no doubt a neglected child)

Thank Godness, I STOPPED DATING is all I can say

In my mid 40s, I decided that I was tired of bad relationshiops, and what I needed to do was spend some serious time ON ME

So I started reading self-help books (especially relationship ones, and ones that focussed on HOW MEN THINK DIFFERENTLY THAN WOMEN), went and got some serious counselling, etc.

Made a world of difference.  I now don’t approach the world as “just a woman”.  I’ve given up some of the more emotional baggage, and think more like a individual. 

After 3 years to rediscovery (and a lot of hard work) I had my sh!t together, and a new perspective on life… and that is when I “ran into” Mr TTR thru mutual friends

Lol, I wasn’t looking to date (too burned).  But he was very drawn to my confidence … and quickly smitten.  So he pursued me (lol incredible difference in life when “the fish” are leaping into your boat !!)

I certainly have had a revelation.  Now I don’t take no crap from anyone.  Certainly not a man / intimate relationship (including family member). NO MORE DRAMA… you either like me for whom I am… as I am… or you don’t.  If you don’t well then, that is your choice… as it is waaaay more about you than me.

My life isn’t perfect… but it is a zillion times better.  And confidence portrays a message to others… one of requiring respect.  No one walks on me anymore… I am NO ONE’s DOORMAT !!

I sooo wish that more women would find this “personal power” at a younger age than I did.  It can make your life soooo much better.

(That is part of my motivation for posting on WBee, I’m hoping that my life experience can help others spare some / many years of pain & sorrow)


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Bumble bee
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Staying in my first relationship for six months, when I stopped liking the guy at all after the first months. 0_0 Because I felt to guilty to break up with him, and like “Only high schoolers stay in a relationship for only a month!” To my slight credit, he definitely was a bit of a guilt-tripper and mopey puppy.

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Busy bee

@badabing88:  What a pathetic attempt at lying. I’d have been tempted to go over and kick him in the balls and see if he “Woke up”

I dated a guy who told me that he would only marry a trophy wife and that if we got married I’d Obviously have to have plastic surgery. Um thanks? He’d constantly tell me how lucky I was to be dating him since his last ex was a model.


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Honey bee
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@FEDORAble:  I dated a guy that too!!! Then one day I saw a picture of that ‘model’ and was thinking “…who’s her agency? MySpace?” Please.

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Helper bee

A few years back when I was with my ex Fiance, we were partying hard with friends at a super bowl party we were hosting. It was really late and we were running low on beer, so he and the neighbor hopped in his car to go get more. We were all drunk, and I was NOT going to sit there and let either one of them drive drunk. So in a desperate attempt to stop them, I took my (almost full) beer, walked over to ex FIs car as he rolled his window down, and I dumped my beer on his lap and threw the rest (plus the can) at his face. I have no idea what provoked me to do such a thing, but I just don’t tolerate drunk driving.

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Sugar bee

@LALaw:  Yes. The day I had sex on a playground at 2am. I was 17. I would have been mortified if we had been caught. I do not know what I was thinking! Also the day my ex first pushed me and I didn’t leave. Biggest regret of my life!


@LALaw:  Speaking of craaaazy ex’s, I know a girl who dated FI’s cousin. When they broke up it was because she was nagging so bad, he literally made her pull over, let him out of the car and took the bus to work. She followed him all the way down the street screaming at him through the window, while she was driving. Then after he got to work she showed up there and tried to give him a sandwich. Later that night after he got home from work and wouldn’t answer her calls she tried to break in through a window of his apartment. The guys literally had to call the cops to get her to go away. Psycho!

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