(Closed) What’s the difference between Platinum and Palladium?

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Sugar bee
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This website seems to be pretty informative on platinum vs palladium.


It sounds like palladium is a sister metal of platinum that has alot of the same characteristics of platinum but a little lower quality?

The reason why the Fiance got me a platinum ring is because our jeweler (who is a family friend and is a respected jeweler in our area for over 50 yrs) told him that platinum, unlike gold (I have always thought I wanted white gold bc I’m not a yellow gold fan), when it scratches or mars it does not take away the metal rather it just pushes it aside. So overtime you are not losing metal. When you take your ring in to get polish it will simply puts the metal back in place. And palladium (according that website) does have the same characteristics. At least that’s how I understand it.

Good Luck!

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Blushing bee

Platinum and palladium are part of the same metal family (I think it’s the platinum family), so they will have a lot of the same characteristics.

Both will develop patinas over time, but I believe palladium has a lighter shade of gray.  If you don’t like patina, then both are easy for a jeweler to polish out.

The big thing I hear between the two is that palladium is much lighter than platinum. So if you felt two identical rings (one Plat, one Pald), then yes, you can tell the difference.  Other than that, most people can’t tell the difference of two new rings. 

If you’re not used to wearing jewelry, then palladium may be a good choice since it is lighter.


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Busy bee
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I just went to a jewelry store a few weeks ago, and they had nothing nice to say about palladium. They said they wont even carry it anymore because it is a jeweler’s nightmare. I always thought it was a great alternative to platinum, but after hearing that I’m glad we stuck with white gold. I can’t remember the exact reason she gave for the store not carrying it, but I think it was something about resizing. By the way, this is a national chain with stores and commercials all over the place. Not sure if that helps, but it might be worth doing some extensive research.

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For what it is worth, my engagement band is palladium.  My fiancee was going to get platinum but a jeweler suggested palladium instead.  He was a little hesitant at first but after getting a few different opinions at different jewelery stores, he went with the palladium.  Blightygirl is right – it is much lighter than platinium which I like.  I am looking at palladium wedding bands as well.

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Helper bee
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I have heard nothing but good things about palladium from jewelers but most dont carry it because they get more money from platinum. I guess palladium is the middle ground between platinum and white gold. I’m bias because I hate white gold (It’s rhodium plated yellow gold people!)but palladium isn’t as white as the white gold so that is something to keep in mind- its lighter than platinum which is why it is less expensive but just as rare. It loses its luster over time as well, like platinum, but can be polished back to beauty

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Bumble bee
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Another thing to consider is that as US automakers cut back, palladium costs will continue to go down.  Both platinum and palladium are used in the exhaust pipes of cars (to create a catalytic coverter that neutralizes some of the exhaust).  But the Japanese use platinum and the American cos. use palladium.  When my Fiance went to pick out my engagement jewelry he had the settings changed from white gold to platinum b/c he feels that it’s more useful (yeah, what can I say, he’s a total nerd and I’m from Detroit).  But I think he’s maybe wanting to go palladium for his wedding band.  Anyway, just another perspective on the metals and their relative cost.  I think they are both equally hardy.  ANd with gold prices sky rocketing I’m not sure the cost differential is as big.

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Busy bee
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Here is an excellent article about the pros and cons of palladium.  Scott Kay is a huge advocator.  After reading this article I decided I would get palladium… however it is carried in very few stores and when I found my ring it was actually white gold (which is exactly what I didn’t want to get)  I gave in and got it anyway. I did a little research and I believe Zales does carry palladium.  They didnt have any in stock at our local chain but you can order their settings in palladium (I think).


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Bee Keeper
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I bought Fi’s wedding band in palladium, and I think it turned out really nice.  Like others said, it is much lighter than platinum, which is a good thing for my fiance because he has never worn any jewelry except a watch.  If you can, go into a jewelry store that carries both platinum and palladium and look at them side by side.  Honestly, I couldn’t see much of a difference in the style of Fi’s band, so the slight color difference/weight difference/etc… didn’t matter at all.  Plus, my fiance is a big geek, and thought that palladium sounded like a metal you’d find in the World of Warcraft.  He was sold just by the name.  🙂

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Busy bee
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Oh, and I believe the only reason that Palladium is so low is because of the low demand.  So it’s really a steal!

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Worker bee
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My FI’s wedding band is palladium. We bought it from a very reputable jeweler in downtown Chicago, and they said the main differences between platinum and palladium are weight and cost. My Fiance didn’t like the heavy feel of platinum, and we would have gone over-budget if we bought the platinum band anyway. Also, our jeweler said a lot of chain stores don’t carry palladium because of low demand and price. Why sell someone a less expensive palladium band when they can be up-sold to platinum?

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just so you know, chemically nickel is as far off from paladium as paladium is from platinum. They are all in the same series and they are all catalysts (they make reactions go) so if you have a reaction (like an allergic one) nickel will make it worse and if you have exaust in a car and you want to make it chemicaly react you use pd or pt. Gold is much closer in molecular weight and density to platinum, and saying they are near each other or in the same series does not say much. you want to look at the physical properties of a metal when choosing one for a ring.

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Helper bee
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Wow… I was thinking I’d switch to white gold when we get our wedding bands, but now I’m not so sure… I just don’t know anything about all the different kinds, and it seems like all the information contradicts itself.

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