(Closed) What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done in front of your FI? (WARNING: TMI)

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oh you poor thing!!!!   yikes… ummmmmmmmm let me get back to you on this one……

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Oh no!!!!

Well, before I was diagnosed with SIBO, I tooted in bed. And it was so bad he got up and almost threw up.  I mean, he made a biiiiiig scene and I was thoroughly embarassed.

I’ve never lived it down and now he just says he’s grateful I got the antibiotics. Now, everytime I go to the bathroom, he asks, "is it safe?" or tries to beat me to it.

I’m sorry I had a bacteria infection, man! But yeah, I guess it’s not that bad. I get leeway for sharts when I’ve got the flu….been there done that, girl. 

My aunt has a story about suddenly getting the runs at a grocery store and it trailing after he as she ran to the bathroom! See, it could be worse. 

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Aw, poor girl but you handled it perfectly!!

My disgusting / embarrassing thing happens often. I am a lover of all things dairy. Unfortunately, my junior year in college I became lactose intolerant. So sometimes when I enjoy dairy I either get really bad gas or I get the runs. Either option smells horribly and the stench (even with courtesy flush) seems to hover for up to an hour. I feel sooo bad anytime it happens but it is sooo hard to stay away from dairy. I have made alternative food choices but somethings just can’t be replaced yet like at restaurants.

Anyways, that is my story.

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So sorry girl…

but ya know, life happens.  At least you weren’t in public, at least he wasn’t standing right there. It DEF could have been worse.

When Fiance and I were first dating – like a few months – I got really sick.  I was useless and gross for almost a week.  Fiance took care of me, my house, and my children – without even a whimper.  When they love you, they love you – at all times –  and honestly, that’s the way it should be.  (Teasing of course is mandatory though) 




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I have a friend who was spending the weekend with her Boyfriend or Best Friend (long distance). She borrowed a park of his workout shorts to wear out. Apparently she laughed so hard she sharted in *his* borrowed shorts!! Whoops!

She says he was cool about it, but didn’t want the shorts back even after she washed them. Lol. So yeah, like RoddyBride said — there are ways it could have been worse. 🙂

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OK, I totally didn’t know what "sharted" meant. I had to Google it and now can’t stop laughing.

@ ejs: I always joke about how I never go to Walmart because the wierdest things happen to me there. The very last time I went there (and I have yet to go again), there was a trail of doo-doo all the way through the grocery section to the bathroom. Thanks for making me remember. And yes, I quickly exited the building!

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When the hubs and I were just "hanging out" we had been out drinking and when we got back to his house I was in bad shape after having done too may shots. So, he was holding my hair back while I was barfing, and he asked me "did you drink Malibu tonight?" I was confused.

After I pulled myself together, I remembered that I had stuffed my face with coconut toasted marshmallows with my kids earlier that day. So that’s why my barf smelled like Malibu rum. He is not a fan of cocnut anymaore.

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a couple months after we moved in together, i got food poisioning. but it didn’t hit me until i had already fallen asleep, so when i woke up feeling absolutely awful, i couldn’t make it even out of the bed before i started throwing up….i got myself to the bathroom, but not before getting vomit on the bed and the carpeted floor next to it  so while i parked myself in the bathroom for a couple hours, the boyfriend changed the sheets, cleaned and vaccuumed the rug, and checked up on me….and, didn’t even complain until the next morning!

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Yikes! I don’t have any stories to add to this (yet)… but KUDOS for finding guys that stick by us through it all!

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Fiance and I pretty much have no boundaries. We do just about anything in front of each other. We gauge each other’s belches, farts, etc. Ther’s not one incident that comes to mind, but I’m glad that we can be ourselves in front of each other. I couldn’t be with someone who was too proper that I couldn’t fart in front of them!

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Long before we were dating, I threw up in front of my husband.  It was back in college and decided it was a good idea to drink a whole bottle of wine.  Not great results…if I remember correctly, he was actally holding the trash can for me. 

Since we’ve been together, we don’t do many of the "gross" things in front of one another.  I’m just more of a private person.  I try to keep that stuff private, if at all possible. 

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The worst thing that we do is a #1 in front of each other.  I guess we pass gas too…. But he started that one! After like a month of dating he and I were hanging out in my bedroom watching tv.  Well he fell asleep for 20 minutes or so and then all of a sudden he let out such a huge fart that he woke himself up.  I couldn’t stop laughing, for like an hour.  Poor thing I really embarrassed him… after that, we could do pretty  much anything in front of each other.

I think that’s how you know he’s the one – when you can be totally disgusting in front of your SO, and he still looks at you and says you’re beautiful.

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I threw up on his feet in the shower!  We had just eaten pancakes, and hopped in the shower together…and whooops!  Chunky pancake vomit all over his feet!  I am gagging while typing!

Ok, this is embarassing…we have a "fart of the month" contest!  We try to out-fart eachother all month!  I am in the lead for July!  Whooo-hoooo…disclosure!  He is gonna kill me!  🙂


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MY Fiance, Brian, and I hadn’t been dating for more than 6 months at the time and on our first camping trip together, I had some bathroom problems.  I went off into the woods, did my business, and buried it as best as I could and even dragged a few small branches over it.

A while later, we didn’t see my dog anywhere around.  We called for my dog and after a short time we saw him running over from the spot where I had uh, done my business. When my dog came closer, we noticed that he was covered in something brown and incredibly smelly! Then it hit me, my dog had dug up my… business… and rolled in it! He was covered in it, it was so AWFUL!! Brian took my dog into the river and washed him up best he could and I just was so mortified standing there and watching him scrub my poo off of my dog.

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