(Closed) Whats the longest you would go without sex?

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  • poll: How long have you gone without sex with your SO?

    1 week-1 month

    1-4 months

    4-8 months

    8-12 months

    longer than a year

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    @lioness_89:  “It is very good that he supported your belief of waiting until you were married, any other man would have walked out once he heard he had to wait, well those that dont really care about the person themselves anyways, you picked the right man to become your husband! :)”

    Very true! (Although I honestly believe that God chose him for me. πŸ™‚ My DH is a strong Christian and a pastor, and, when we decided to pursue a relationship with each other, we both agreed that neither of us wanted to do anything beyond kissing until we were married (or as DH liked to say, after the “three ring circus” — meaning that we would need to legitimately be wearing all three rings: my e-ring and each of our wedding bands, for real) before anything else could happen. It definitely was extremely helpful that we were on the same page regarding this.

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    We waited for 3 years before getting married, but neither of us had ever had sex before, so we didn’t really know what we were missing.  

    The longest we’ve gone since being married is 2 months when he was in bootcamp.  The sex after that was the BEST sex we’ve ever had!  It makes me curious to see what sex will be like after an 8 month deployment… hehehe… πŸ˜‰

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    @lioness_89:  I was in your exact position a while back- the condom breaking and having to take Plan B.  Except SO was the one flipping a shit, not me.  I was like “oh, something happened?” (because I was unaware the condom slipped or broke or whatever the hell happened) and he was all “OMFG THIS CAN’T HAPPEN MY LIFE WILL BE RUINED” and some nasty, hurtful stuff (mostly as a result of me being on the calmer side while we were on our way to the drug store while he flipped out and got mad at me for being calm and how it would ruin his life more than mine- my parents would be supportive while his would completely cut him off- we’re not quite engaged yet and still both live at home while in college- and how if I got pregnant I would take him for all he’s got and this and that… it wasn’t pleasant.)

    But the the question at hand… we were long distance when we started dating so we had been together for two weeks before we saw each other.  Then didn’t see each other for a while, then at about three months, lost out virginities and after that we went about three months before I came home from college (transferred home) and, with the exception of a couple times where we were able to have sex two weeks in a row (once each week… one or maybeeeee twice we had sex twice in one week. maybe) but it’s usually once a month.  Then we plan to have sex but I end up having my period so it gets pushed back until I’m about to have my period again but it usually works out to once a month.  He likes sex but… it’s a really, really low priority for him and while yeah, I like that he isn’t all about sex and junk but come onnnnn, he’s good at it and it’s fun and we’re young!  And this past month -_- we were gonna have sex but I got my period so we just fooled around a little while plans to have sex the next week.  That was March.  So no sex in March.  Now it’s almost the end of April and we still haven’t had sex -_- but my period just ended and finals are almost over so… maybe Saturday?  or maybe May?  -_- it’s our god forsaken schedules.  Between his work and school, he’s busy all day until 5:30, or later with meetings and labs.  Then I had school twice a week until 6:45 and I’m a waitress so I don’t exactly have regular hours and forget having a Friday or Saturday night off!

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    @lioness_89:  It wasn’t fun.  But I didn’t just sit there and take it.  I have a certain tone I get when I’m really pissed off and not gonna take anyone’s shit and that was the ONLY time I’ve ever gotten that tone with him.  I know when I took it, my period came a few days later, which was a week earlier than it should have.  And if your period was just ending, there’s only a very small chance any sperm would live long enough to see another egg come along, even if you didn’t take the pill so I wouldn’t worry too much πŸ™‚  I was a little surprised at first too because he was all excited about sex before we started having it but after, he said he realized it wasn’t as important as he thought.  And he has a bad knee (first time we had sex, it locked up and was super painful for him) so it takes away from the more pleasurable feelings and it’s no fun to ALWAYS be on top.  I would love to get laid this weekend lol.  I don’t work until like 5pm on Saturday so I’m hoping for an afternoon romp… if he’s up for it- he stays out really late on Fridays.  It just gets so frustrating sometimes.  We’ll plan for a Wednesday- nope, he ends up having a meeting.  Thursday?  At the last minute he’ll have to be home for dinner.  Monday?  God forbid we decide to get dinner because after that, there’s no time because we live halfway across the city from each other and his parents throw a shit fit if we have sex at their house.
    πŸ™‚  Thanks!  I know it isn’t gonna be happening too soon though.   Just like he’d get kicked out and cut off if he got me pregnant, the same would go if we got engaged anytime soon.  It’s been a year and a half but it’s probably gonna be another year and a half (which would be right before he graduates) before we get engaged.  I’m wearing a promise ring but I’m not allowed to wear it around his family (it was his grandmother’s- she gave it to him because he was the only one she trusted when she couldn’t even trust herself to keep it and his mom is mad she didn’t get it so she doesn’t get to know I have it now)


    (wow lol I really let myself get carried away talking… typing, whatever lol)

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    I voted 1 week- 1 month. I could go longer if there was a time we weren’t together, like if I was away for school or he was on tour… we’d still find a way to keep in some sort of intimate contact. We’ve only gone longer than a week a few times, but are now trying to make sure we give ourselves time to “reconnect” a few times a week.

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    Willingly? 2 weeks. Not willingly? 3 months. 

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    I voted 1 week – 1 month but honestly, the longest we go without sex (in the form of intercourse) is when I have period. And even during that time I please him and he finds ways how to please me…

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    Anything longer than a week and we both get kinda bad tempered and short with each other- as a couple we need sex to relieve sexual tension otherwise it builds up too much. 

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    Well… it’s currently been since New Years. lol. DH wasn’t all about having sex with a massively pregnant lady. We’re just (impatiently) waiting for the all-clear and my Mirena to get out in now. lol

    I think the longest has been about 5 months? He’s military and we were long distance for about 2 years so dry spells happen more often than we’d like.

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    Before I met my current Fiance, I went 18 years! 

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    I’m along the same lines as most people I think…we did the LDR for a while and the longest was five months, but that was 4 years ago…I can’t imagine going back to that situation, but we would do what we needed to for us to work. Otherwise, no more than a week! 

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