(Closed) what’s the meaning of “Its so pretty?”

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Read the "Engagement Ring Solataire too Big" thread here in the boards.

For a take on average ring size, lookie here:

 <font size=”2″ color=”#99cc00″>http://www.pricescope.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=54832</font&gt;

But keep in mind I think it varies depending on your location and age and lifestyle.

The "It’s so pretty" or "Its so shiney!" comments could actually be compliments.  What is your setting like? Is it really unique? Maybe it’s something they never saw before.  And maybe your ring is really shiney and they aren’t used to seeing rings of your quality. 

And you know what? who cares what people really think of the ring.  The only person whose opinion really counts is yours.  As long as you love it, it’s all good.  Congrats on your engagement btw!

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Some people genuinely don’t know much about diamonds or settings, so "it’s so pretty!" is the only think they know to say!  I would take the comments for what they are — compliments — and not worry too much about no one having anything original to say about it.  Maybe it really is just that pretty that that’s the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind

My center stone is also .75 carats, and I love it. Mr. Cupcake could have gotten a 1 carat stone with less clarity, but he went with a more perfect, whiter diamond that was a bit smaller because quality was more important to him with the budget he had to work with.  I love the way it sparkles and the thought he put into it, so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The "average" diamond size doesn’t really mean anything; ring size is not something we should be comparing because everyone has their own income, lifestyle, taste and preference.  Plus, size doesn’t mean quality.  What’s important is what it symbolizes.  If anyone outright asks you how many carats your ring is, they’re nosey and rude!  It’s nobody’s business, and as long as you love it and love your man, that’s what really matters

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what are examples you want people to say?

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My ring gets the same reactions. I have 11 diamond, 8 are chanel set in the band and the 3 stones set like a 3 stone anniversary band the largest of which is under a karat by a smidgen. It shines like the top of the crystler building even when it’s filthy dirty!

I think they are compliments, and just be happy you didn’t do what I did:

I ran into a bride "friend" at Wedding Fair and did the "Battle of the rings" – you know where you each haven’t seen the others yet and you whip them out in all their glory to show off.

If I had a soundtrack to my life that cartoon "waa waa waaaaaaaaaaa" sound of disappointment would have played….

She had the exact same ring as me, only about a billion times bigger. I of course toss out the "OMG we have the same ring" and got back the "Uh yea" which I could see the word bubbl;e above her head say "expect mines big enough to see…." I wanted to toss her into the river and let the ring weigh her down like a brick!

DOn’t get me wrong I love my ring and it’s much more then I hoped for. I know the clarity of my diamonds is near perfect and the band is platinum…..but that was not something I ever wanted to do again. SOme how the "Well I don’t have any inclusions and my band is platinum" didn’t seem like something to yell at a someone as they walked away in a crowd of people. Would have made me look a bit desperate! LOL. Plus, I didn’t want to hear the same thing back…hahahaha. 

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I don’t understand why you don’t want people to think your ring is pretty. I also have a smaller sized ring, so it would be weird if someone said ‘oh wow, thats a huge stone!’ since it’s not.

 Saying something is pretty is a compliment ๐Ÿ™‚

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I could be wrong, but what I’m getting from your post is…it seems that you are projecting your own insecurities about the size of it onto everyone else. You think its smaller than you were hoping for so everyone else must think its small too. And that they can’t say what they really think about it, "ha that ring is tiny! poor girl", so all they can say is, "ohh…pretty!"  When in reality that’s probably not the case at all. They are actually happy for you and saying what a pretty ring you have. They don’t know their comments aren’t original. Take it as a compliment.

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I also just wanted to point out that when I’ve shown others my ring (it’s a solitaire and the diamond is 1.52 carats), their reaction is always "wow it’s so big!" and I’m not sure that’s really what you’re going for either.  I’d rather take pretty over big!  I think when people look at an engagement ring for the first time, they usually do just say the first thing that pops into their head, and often a lot of people probably do just think "oooh! sparkly!" when they see one.  So that’s what they say.  Don’t read too much into it.

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I have a 1.5 carat emerald-cut diamond solitare ring.  It was way more than I expected from my recently graduated boyfriend, and I LOVE IT.  It is big and I’ll admit that, especially to my family.  My aunts made a huge deal out of how big it was and sort of embarassed me about it.  One of them told me not to go out alone at night wearing it!  I mean my mom wears a less than a 1/2 carat marquise-cut diamond, so I guess it was just a shock to them.  I would so much rather hear, "It is gorgeous/pretty!" than "It is so big!"  I wouldn’t worry about it!

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My engagement ring is a 1/5 carat solitaire.  I love it.  It’s really me, but I always get the same reactions, too.  ๐Ÿ™‚  Usually it’s "It’s so you!", "it’s nice and simple". 

I think people genuinely want to compliment you and your ring, but it may not be their taste.  It’s a compliment, it’s intended to make you feel good, while at the same time, true.

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I think "It’s so pretty!" is a great compliment. Really, what could be better? "It’s so big" makes them sound like they think size/cost is all that matters, "it’s so free of inclusions!" or "it’s cut so well!" could be downright wrong, since it’s practically impossible to tell, and "it’s perfect for you" runs the risk of sounding insulting if you chose to take it that way. What would you prefer them to say?

As for size, it really does vary. I only know one other woman in my social group with a larger ring than mine, and mine is only 0.80 ct. My aunt constantly teases me about having a "huge rock." On the other hand, I’ve seen way bigger stones on strangers, but after seeing commercials for dirt-cheap solitaires, I like knowing my stone is good quality, rather than being enormous. That’s not to say I’d turn down a bigger stone, but I definitely like hearing people say "it’s the prettiest engagement ring I’ve ever seen," as opposed to "it’s so big!"

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people arent original. thats what i’d take it as.

 i just got my ring (6 days ago) and most i get "its beautiful". "Its pretty". i had a minor freak out that people would dislike it and say something off handed to me but i think that had more to do with the threads i have read on some of these boards.

 take it as a compliment. smile and say thank you.

 as for average size…..i have no idea. but i think mine is about .5 carat for the center stone. its cut a bit shallow so it has a greater table surface area. its pretty good clarity to the naked eye and sparkles like mad even in low lighting. the setting has several smaller diamonds accompanying it and its cathedral mounting sets the ring up high giving it more "presence".

 on its own, my center stone may be considered small to some. but its perfect for me. its original, i havent seen any other women wearing a ring similiar to mine and i LOVE it! i have probably logged "hours" staring at my ring….lol….i am wondering how long that will last.


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I posted about this the other day on someone else’s thread about engagement ring help.

When you put a 1ct next to a 3/4 ct- there is not a big difference. Only a very trained eye can tell the difference in the proper setting for your stone.

Little nerd tidbit of information I learned while selling jewelry- less than one in a million diamonds are of decent enough quality to cut 1ct OR larger. LESS THAN ONE IN A MILLION. They have to inspect the uncut stones to get the most out of it and most of the time they cannot get anything big.

And if anyone asks you how big it is, (like carat weight) say well see! It’s big isn’t it… because honestly not that many girls get big huge stones.

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