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  • poll: I'd be happy with at least ...
    No centre stone : (33 votes)
    5 %
    .10 carat : (16 votes)
    2 %
    .25 carat : (43 votes)
    6 %
    .50 carat : (146 votes)
    21 %
    .75 carat : (107 votes)
    15 %
    1.00 carat : (174 votes)
    25 %
    1.25 carat : (41 votes)
    6 %
    1.50 carat : (53 votes)
    8 %
    1.75 carat : (15 votes)
    2 %
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    @SomedayHisBride:  thanks! and people are mean on the internet when they can’t relate to something. It is hard to understand people when we are not face to face and the internet shows that to be fact. 

     @cinderella2:  So lets be theoretical here…Your husband to be is a millionaire and you have expressed to him that you want a certain ring. You prefer a bigger size stone but would happily take a smaller stone if it met other requirements. You wouldn’t say no to the proposal but would feel dissppointed by not recieveing what you expressed desire for and would be wondering why he would ignore your request when money wasn’t an issue. 

    That doesn’t sound spoiled to me but if it does to you then that is your opinion. I don’t know if everything was worded perfectly here but I don’t think an internet stranger deserves to be called a spoiled brat for wanting something her partner can afford.

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    @SomedayHisBride:  wow people have serious issues with you! It’s hard to know how a person really is by the internet and it’s really hard to take comments out of context! I don’t know you so I cant speak to your relationship or your personality! People are really extrapolating a lot from a comment on the internet. My opinion is that people are way more blunt on the web than they would be in real life. Probably meaning you about a ring and others about you. 

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    @Payless:  I did not say she IS a spoilt brat!!! I said that from her comments she portrays herself as a spoilt brat. To me, anyways. I also said that I really hope my “judgement” is wrong, based on the fact that this is an online environment and sometimes, I agree with the post above, thinks can be taken out of context. But reading her comment the way it was, regardless of how much money her boyfriend has (God bless!!!), it just sounded like this to me. That’s all. She might as well not be, non of us would ever know. OR she might seem like one to me and not to other people. That all depends on how we’ve been raised and the life we lived, and experiences, and bunch of other factors. I, personally, would never demand what she did and even if I did would never say it in such a way. And since other people expressed their “concerns” and I read through her posts, maaaan I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut. That’s all. Now, let’s go back to the actual topic, shall we!?


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    @MrsMaverick13:  Oh yeah, if they’re refusing to marry their Fiance over their ring, that is a bit much.

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    @cinderella2:  you are definitely not the only one that has got that impression. obviously. 

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    I ended up with a .87 center stone, but voted “no stone” because I honestly had no expectations!  I genuinely would have been happy with anything pretty, from an all-metal band to a larger diamond.  I’m a very easy person to please.. haha 🙂


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    i voted for .25, ive always wanted a 3 stone ring like my moms, i gave him a hint but i left it up to him. i didnt care about the size, or WHERE it came from. He surprised me with a 1.20 past present future ring, and i am in love 🙂 and now my mom and i have similar rings and that means so much to me, its so cool. 

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    @cinderella2 hey now!  Lower color diamonditis is a real condition and we all need to be more understanding!  Really though, i applaud her forward thinking-the ring needs to have good reselling value for when he gets done with his mid life crisis!

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    @SomedayHisBride:  +1, this is all really amusing, and LOL at the holier-than-thou’s who would be happy with a piece of twine on their fingers. Good for them.

    If you want a Tiffany ring as badly as you do, if it is a heartfelt passion and longtime dream of yours, if you have a certain carat range and color grade in mind, if your Fiance has the means to make that happen, and if he loves you enough to value your happiness and make your dream go true — go for it! And enjoy your beautiful, fairy tale ring!

    I’ll be honest, I would love a Tiffany’s ring. However, my Fiance and I have decide to take a more budget minded route. (lol) But I am happy for others such as you who know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it.

    Why are so many people around here so easily threatened and so quick to attack? Don’t they know how stupid it makes them look??


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    I don’t think anyone is “threatened or agitated” by anyone else’s “wish list.” I think they, like me, are shocked when people talk about “minimum requirements” for something that is supposed to be a gift and a symbol of love that in most cases, is being bought by someone else. 

    Well, I’ve got even more shocking news for you.

    It’s a big, wide world out there and it’s filled with people who — brace yourself, fasten your seatbelt!!! — don’t think it’s greedy or grabby to tell the love of your life that you would like your preferences to be taken into account for a ring that you’ll wear every day the rest of your life.  And in fact they think it’s fine, and their SO’s think it is fine as well because their first and foremost concern is making their ladies happy.

    Believe it or not, that’s OKAY because this is a free country and we can all do our own thing.  

    Hope I didn’t blow your mind too much, and enjoy having no say whatsoever about the ring on your own finger. 


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    @hismrstobee:  If you’re going to chastise others for attacking and judging, you might want to check your snark.  There are bees who are JUST as happy to have their SO choose their ring and have it be a total surprise, despite you condescenion otherwise. Hope I’m not blowing your mind too much.  🙂

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