(Closed) What’s the most awkward way someone has asked if they’re invited?

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Sugar bee
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Haha I had a girl I barely know write on my Facebook, “You know I’ll beat you up if you don’t invite me!” I know she was kidding, but it was awkward because of course she wouldn’t be invited… haha.

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Sugar bee
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“Am I invited?”

Really, that’s all that’s needed to make it uncomfortable.  At thanksgiving FI’s family was asking about the wedding, and one aunt was talking about how she’d juggle something to make it when her husband chimes in with “You’re assuming you’re invited!”  We laughed, then I said, “well, she came to the engagement party, so per etiquette, she knows she is invited!  You, on the other hand…”  (She came to lend moral support to her SIL, FI’s mom, whose abusive ex-husband, aka FI’s dad, was there.)  Fiance then corrected saying, “Anyone who know me knows I’m rude, so none of you guys are safe!”  So we defused by humor.  But….while we’re planning on inviting all of the aunts & uncle, we’re not inviting the MANY cousins, with the exception of the one under-18 that is living at home.  (They will bring the grandma, otherwise she wouldn’t get there.  If we didn’t invite the kid, the parents might not be able to go.)  The problem is that at Thanksgiving was an over-18 college kid that wasn’t going to be invited.  Awkward.  Luckily he was away from the table, probably for a smoke.

If you can’t use humor, ignore it, if not possible I just say we haven’t settled the guest list yet (true) and we’re keeping it small.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2012

We spent Thanksgiving with a coworker and our old boss was there and sh kind of invited herslf and then took it back lol. We were talking about marriage plans – about being married, not the actual wedding – and she piped up with “I’m coming to the wedding!….if I’m invited, that is.”FI laughed and said “Of course you’re invited!”

It’s not really all that awkward but for me it was because I wanted to say “No”. I like my old boss but she’s an alcoholic and I don’t want her at my wedding reception getting drunk, trying to get others to drink, or asking where the booze is. Plus, I didn’t want anyone besides immediate family at the wedding and Fiance keeps telling more and more people to come so in my mind I was screaming “No!!! No more people!”

Last night he told me some cops that like to drink with him said they wanted to come to the wedding and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I let out an annoyingly whiny “Mr Harleyq, Noooooo!!!!” He laughed at me and said “baby, I know. I don’t think they’re going to come.”

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I was at work and got cornered in a copy room, she asked me the date of the wedding and when I told her she whipped out her phone and put it into her calendar. Then she asked me when I would be sending out the invitations, so she could keep “an eye out” for hers.

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Buzzing bee
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The most awkward one for me was a classmate in grad school. I’ve only been in grad school for about a year total and I only see classmates in class and maybe a party every 6 months. One of my classmates said, “Save me a spot at the reception.”

What? That’s even more awkward than asking to be invited.  He doesn’t even want to come to the ceremony. The message to me is, “I’m going to casually ask if I can be invited to your open bar.”  Classy.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t talk about wedding plans to people unless they ask, and ESPECIALLY not to people who won’t be invited, but STILL, there have been some awkward instances of people inviting themselves or asking if they’re invited.

For instance, I had a very distant family member (whom I haven’t seen in probably 3+ years) ask me at a funeral a few weeks ago my wedding date.  When I told her, she said, “Oh, goodie!  My niece is getting married next Fall, so that means I’ll have two weddings to attend around that time!”  I just smiled & giggled awkwardly.

I also had a very casual acquaintance/friend say something similar.  “I have another friend getting married next Fall!  I’m glad your wedding isn’t on the same day because I can’t wait to go to both!”  Her enthusiasm was sweet and she’s a really nice person, but I just sort of thought, “That’s pretty presumtive…”

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Bumble Beekeeper

Underage female co-worker who I did not get along with came up and said “I can’t wait to get drunk at your wedding! I’m invited, right?”

Um… no.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

One of my FI’s friends on facebook posted on his wall “I better be invited!! Cant wait to meet your FI”!!! granted they only hung out one time and I have no interest in meeting this girl ever.

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Bumble bee
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When we changed our status to Engaged on Facebook, my family started asking whether or not they should get passports.

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Busy bee
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My budget is pretty tight, so I’m limiting my list to really good friends and family. Well, my friend who I’m not really close to finds out on facebook and writes “I can’t wait for this wedding!” Awkward. 

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@brideatbeach: I had a similiar comment.  Also, this girl I’m barely friends with said she’ll be waiting for the invitation in the mail.

Surprise! No one is invited.  Just me and Fiance.

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Bumble bee
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I had someone tell me “I BETTER get an invite!”  She’s my chiropractors (whom is getting invited) assistant, and I wasn’t planning on inviting until my mom insisted. 

I had someone else say I hope I get invited.  It’s amazing…people are gutsy.

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Blushing bee
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One of my bridesmaid’s ex’s (we’ll call her Ann) is friend’s with my husband.  Ann texted my husband asking for our wedding date so that her new girlfriend could fly in to be her date.   My husband isn’t very good at sugar coating, so he simply told her she wasn’t invited.

We knew she only wanted to come so she could flaunt her new girlfriend in my bridesmaid’s face.  Mind you I’ve known my bridesmaid for 20 years and would never put her in that situation.  AND when my husband and I first started dating he told Ann and Ann said didn’t know who I was. Then when we got engaged she swore he never told her we were dating. 

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Helper bee
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Fiance and I work together. One of our supervisors wrote on his facebook…”I know this is random but WE WANT TO COME TO YOUR WEDDING!!” Well he got married like 5 months ago and we were not invited sooo…lol

Also, I was at a party and this guy who I used to play dodgeball with once a week plain out asked if he was invited. I just laughed and walked away 🙂

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