(Closed) What's the most HORRENDOUS thing your pet has done lately?

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Sophie, my cat, is full of personality.  That being said…

One time I was folding laundry fresh out of the dryer.  I had the dryer door open as I was pulling clothes.  Sophie starts running over, leaps into the dryer with a single bound, and lands in the dryer on top of my warm clothes.  I crouched down to look at her, thoroughly amused… then I hear it… she started PEEING! She looks up at me with that face that only a cat will give you.  You know, the “Ya, I’m peeing on your clothes.. what are you going to do about it?” kind of face. Gah!

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My dear Rufus decided he’d go for a stroll through the neighbourhood this morning (HE NEVER LEAVES THE YARD WTF!) and once DH finally found him, brought him home, and scolded him, we thought that little adventure was complete…


But no.

Right as I was getting ready to walk out the door, he proceeded to puke twice, then eat it before I could clean it up.. ARgghh.. so yucky.


One other time, he had an upset tummy, so I came home to a house smelling of doggy diarhhea… and it was EVERYWHERE…including on my bed and fresh laundry. SO AWFUL. The poor dog was so humilated though. He never has mistakes inside, and he couldn’t even look at us.

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Both my dogs have done some horrendous things. But the absolute worst is what my German Shepherd has done twice now…

Fiance and I went out and bought a hamster once. We were gone about and hour and when we came home I smelled a horrible smell comming from the living room. I walked in there to find she had explosive diarrhea everywhere! And I’m not just talking about a pile or two….it was wall to wall shit. She shit all over the carpet from one end of the room to the other. There was shit sprayed on the coffee table, the walls, the couch. Mind you she is 90lbs so she eats a lot and when she gets sick it’s not pretty. I was just standing there in shock cause I’ve never seen anything like it..while my Fiance was screaming ‘Theres shit everywhere!’. It took us almost 2 hrs to clean it all up…meanwhile we had to leave our new hamster in the little cardboard take home box they give you on the kitchen table. By the time I went to check on the hamster he had chewed his way out of the box and was loose in the house somewhere. Luckily my little dog found the hamster hiding under the baseboard heater. We’re just lucky he didn’t try to eat him or something.

Yeah..that’s a night I’ll never forget. We came home recently a couple weeks ago to find she did the same thing but not as bad as the first time. You have to have the patients of a saint with this dog.

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Similar story unfortunately for me to report. My family was over for Easter dinner and my sister said my dog (whom everyone adores) was chewing/playing with something red… well, it was the head of a bunny! On Easter no less 🙁

We all were upset and everyone said the dog cannot lick anybody anymore.

I told my dog “mommy can’t look at you right now” kind of jokingly lol

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Blushing bee

My dog is a houdini. He is able to escape his crate and open doggie doors at the kennel! He chews everything when he is not in his crate! Well he escaped his crate two weeks ago and chewed up shoes for my upcoming wedding!

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I had to find this thread and post after what just happened with my cat. She’s developed a bad habit of eating my hair out of my brush if I leave it laying around. Well, this evening she jumps on DH’s lap with a full on turd suspended from her ass with… you guessed it… my hair. Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew!!!

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Bee Keeper

Every time our cat gets angry, she pees on DD’s bed. Ugh. It takes FOREVER to wash all that bedding. A month or so ago, my mom visited and stayed for 3 weeks. I think the cat peed on the bed five or six times during that visit. The worst part is that she waits until the middle of the night, when (of course!) DD is in there sleeping. Poor kid, having to wake up to realize she’s been peed on in the middle of the night. >.O

When we picked up our youngest dog (who is 2 now), he got a bit car sick on the way home and barfed ALL OVER me. It was so disgusting — although not as gross as some things I’ve experienced as a mom … LOL! DH flipped out over it and yelled at the poor little thing. Now, our dog is terrified of riding in the car. I can’t take him anywhere, because he freaks out so badly that he will barf or poop every time. When I have to take him to the vet, I stick his crate into the back so that I can at least contain the mess. Still, he has long hair, and it gets all over him. Poor pup. =(

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Soon2bmarried123: Oh my good, I laughed so hard I cried when I read your story!

As for me, we have two cats and the other day one of them decided to have a puke party. He would just run around in the living room and produce one little disgusting puddle after another (trying to get rid of a hair ball). Now, I’m normally not so fussy about cat puke but I’m pregnant now and I’m dealing with some awful morning sickness. Needless to say, he wasn’t the only one who was feeling massively sick that day…

In terms of the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen an animal do… Well, my childhood BFF had a golden retriever and he would randomly eat strange stuff. Well, one day we were watching TV and the dog came and sat in front of us, happily chewing on something. My friend asked him what he was eating and out her hand out in front of his mouth – dog spits out an OLD tampon in her hand. EWW! I never forget that, so awful! They got a sturdier garbage can for the bathroom after that…

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SavannahKelley:  Oh my cat has done that before, but on our bed…when we were trying to sleep! It was either her hormones because she was on heat at the time or she was giving me a not so friendly reminder to tidy her tray up. Needless to say I was NOT happy with her as I had to hand was the duvet while she watched me with her sweet little eyes.

Quite happy to say I can’t remember the last time our pets did something really naughty. Although I am still annoyed with the cat for shredding all my wallpaper!

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ChicoryCreek:  When I first saw this thread a couple of weeks ago I was really happy because my puppy hadn’t done anything really bad in a while! Well… yesterday she discovered that she can get out of her kennel if she flips it over on its side. I have no idea how she does that but anyway… She got out yesterday and thankfully she must be learning because she only chewed one thing! Unfortunately it was my husband’s graduation cap that he’s supposed to wear tomorrow!

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Last night our doggies destroyed our tv remote and computer mouse!

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ChicoryCreek:  My dog just caught a bird for the first time yesterday! The exact same way – except she didn’t eat it. She just stunned it and went about her way. 

BUT i am going to say the most horrendous thing was EAT MY MINNIE MOUSE EARS!! if you knew what a big disney fan i am, you would understand lol. 

That brat!

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These stories are hilarious, I was laughing at work ha! Thankfully my dog isn’t too bad. We have a bird’s nest on a young tree so it’s not that high up. The little birdies were young, almost ready to fly. My dog one day decided to bark at them. It startled the birdies and they all tumbled out. He managed to get one in his mouth and but dropped it later. The little birdie had an injured wing. We ran around like crazy trying to catch all the birdies without touching them so our scent wouldn’t transfer onto them. The mama bird later transferred all the birdies elsewhere.

My dog also loves digging through the bathroom trashcan and tearing up the tissue.

We keep the dog crated overnight. One morning, I came down to see my dog not in his crate and diarrhea everywhere. The crate was still locked but somehow he managed to squeeze through. 

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Our lab mix is usually pretty well behaved but, there’s been a few times that he’s been a real shit (literally)…

1) He get’s full reign of the house since he’s usually well behaved but, one night my fiance and I went to dinner and left him home.  We came home and we both could smell poop but couldn’t locate it.  I went into our spare bedroom the next day to get my work clothes that I had flat drying and found the smell, he had pooped right on top of all my clean clothes.  We think it was out of vengenance, because we denied him a car ride.

2) He eats blinds.  It’s to the point now that we have to leave them 1/2 up at all times so he can see out the windows or he will eat them so he can see.  This is the 2nd house we’ve lived in that we’ll have to replace the blinds before we leave.

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My dog has always been insane, he’s just psychologically different. Recently he’s become….anorexic? He has a variety of health issues but has always had a healthy appetite for his dog food, but recently he’s just continued on with his happy life having forgotten to eat at all. So, like good owners, we force-fed him via syringe for a good week until he got his appetite back (slowly returning to normal, and we’re watching him like a hawk with vet consults!) but all the hair around his mouth was encrusted with liquid meals and I had to clean it all out of his hair before I took him to get groomed.

Probably the most disgusting thing ever, and I have a strong stomach.

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