(Closed) What's the most important interview you ever bombed?

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I thought I bombed my interview for teaching in Japan after college. Even though I studied Japanese in college, Japanese language ability was not one of the requirements for the job, so I was totally caught off guard when one of the interviewers started speaking to me in Japanese (in retrospect I guess they wanted to make sure I wasn’t lying about being able to speak it). I didn’t understand one of her questions and had to reply with “I don’t understand.” To top it all off, I accidentally tried to exit through the wrong door after my interview was over and all three of the interviewers saw. I felt like such an idiot. I cried my eyes out afterward but somehow miraculously ended up getting the job. I still cringe when I think about that interview, though.

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I guess not the most important interview I’ve had but it felt like it at the time. I hadn’t been able to find a job and FINALLY landed this interview with a bank. I spent hours and weeks studying and preparing and studying some more because it was the first interview I’d had in such a long time and I knew if I didn’t get this job, I probably wouldn’t be getting any more offers for a very long time. I basically put my soul into this interview lol.

Breezed through the first interview and everyone was impressed. They emailed me a personality test, which I answered as honestly as I could, and then invited me to a 2nd interview. I thought I had it because if I made it to round 2, my test must have been good so I just had to beat out the top few candidates. Studied and prepared some more, and then when I got to the interview…it was like Hiroshima.

They read off my test scores and it was basically like “according to this, you suck at this, you can’t do that, and you have *list of negative traits*, what do you have to say about that?” I was so floored, caught off guard, and frankly, embarrassed that I just stumbled my way through every question trying to sell my personality to them. Towards the end they listed a few positive results but by that time it was too late. I could tell they’d already made up their minds and I was not going to get through.

I remember going home and feeling so angry because if my personality test was sucha  bad fit for them, why did they call me for an interview? Then I remember just crying and my self esteem was totally shot. I’ll be honest, I let those test results get to me and I was making myself think I was a bad, incompetent person. And then I was thinking that because I blew that one, I could kiss my chances of another interview in the near future goodbye cause it had taken me so long just to get that one.

But, life moved on and I did eventually get a better job with more growth potential so everything was gravy in the end ๐Ÿ™‚

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The one for Teach for America that I should have rocked.  I had an awesome plan for everything…and then I could not sleep the night before.  I was totally out of it the whole time.  Would have been nice to have gone to graduate school for WAY cheaper.  

It’s ultimately for the best, I think.  I would have ended up teaching somewhere random, and would not have gotten together with my fiance.  

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Bumble bee

I had an interview for an internship during my sophomore year in college.  I was an accounting major and it was for an accounting internship.  I thought everything was going great during the interview – until we got to the final question.  They wanted to test my “technical knowledge,” so they asked me what the difference between cash and accrual based accounting is.  I. Blanked.  (FYI, this is a very easy question that you get taught in like, accounting 101 haha).  I kept stammering and stuttering and finally resorted to “I don’t know.”  I didn’t want to make something up and look like MORE of a moron.  lol.  Looking back, it still makes me cringe!!  Embarassed

Needless to say, I did not get that interview.

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I had an interview for a job to start right after college, at this medical firm in their finance department. They had a really cool training program that lasted 2 years where you got to do all this world travel. I got through the first 2 rounds of interviews just fine. Then I had the 3rd (and final) interview, which they had essentially told us that unless we screwed up royally, we’d be in. It was a 1/2 day interview, and up until the last person (the actual recruiter), I had done really well. Then during my interview, the recruiter asked me one of the most common series of interview questions: What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? I TOTALLY brain farted and told her my biggest strength was that I was inquisitive (um, what? how is that a strength?). Then… yes this seriously happened… I told her my biggest weakness is that I can be emotional at times. EMOTIONAL. Who says that as an interview answer??

I did not get that job. But it was a blessing in disguise, because if I had, I would have never met my husband ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sugar bee
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I had an interview with a prestigious public defender’s office during my last year of law school. I’d taken a defense clinic where we did a lot of pre-trial work, but didn’t do any mock trials or preparation for cross-examination or anything like that. So in the interview, after a bunch of questions that I think I answered pretty well, the interviewers gave me a brief scenario and then said, “Ok, I’m the officer testifying on the witness stand. Cross examine me.” 

I couldn’t think of a single thing to ask! My mind went totally blank. After a really long pause, I croaked out – “Isn’t it true that you’re lying?” 

I did not get the job. 

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My first date with my husband.


No, but seriously. We had hooked up when we first met, so I didn’t think this was going to be a real relationship that would go anywhere. So we went to a bar together and I kept messing with my phone, and then I ran into a guy I knew and talked to him for several minutes, totally ignoring future-DH. I honestly can’t believe we ever saw each other again after that. I totally cringe when I think about what an ass I was … especially since he still brings it up sometimes! I just cover my ears and scream “LA LA LA LA LA NO I DIDN’T LA LA LAAA”

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Boeing ๐Ÿ™

It was an interview for a new engineering manager/project administrator… Since it’s such a large company they always do phone interviews. I was so excited that I finally broke through with such a good company. I had done plenty of interviews before but the questions they asked..I was NOT prepared for. They were completely different from anything I had done before and kept asking about situations in my past (which since it was an entry level job, I didn’t have many situations to look back upon). Obviously I didn’t get it… but one of the guys that interviewed me called me a while after the interview and said I had done pretty well but there was a really deep pool of applicants. So while I thought I had bombed it.. apparently I hadn’t. Personally I still feel like I bombed it though because I know I could have answered the questions better.

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Bumble bee

There was this college I was dying to go to and when I went in for the interview, I totally bombed it because I was so incredibly nervous. When I went into interview for my back-up schools, I had a sparkling personality, I asked a ton of questions, and made a wonderful impression with the recruiters, and got into all of them. Since they were just my back ups, there was absolutely no anxiety because I couldn’t care either way. When I went in for the one I actually cared about, I clammed up and couldn’t think of any questions, and almost had a panic attack because of it. It was bad. Needless to say, I didn’t get in. ๐Ÿ™ I ended up not going to any of the ones I interviewed for because I ended up moving and went to school somewhere else that didn’t even do an interview with me. haha

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