What's the most 'WTF' thing someone has ever said to you?

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Lol, sounds like she was trying to compliment you by implying that you or your partner must be loaded to afford such a nice ring, so therefore why do you need to work? Awkward comment but I think it came from a good place.

I am struggling to think of a good one that happened recently. A few years ago though as I was going through a breakup at the age of 29, I attended a wedding of a close friend who was also 29. At one point dduring the weekend, she said to me, “I just have to say how relieved I am to be getting this wedding in before I turn 30! It was a close call!”

I can’t even remember how I responded to that but I was pretty pissed…like this was one of my best friends. She knew I was giong through a breakup and was newly SINGLE at the age of 29, and none too happy about it, and yet she thought I was the right person to brag to about managing to get married before the geriatric age of 30? Nice.

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Lol like a PP, also at a wedding but MINE! family friend who is the same age as me but has 2 kids and lives with her common law partner says to me, “it’s awesome that you got married finally, we were all worried especially your grandma”. Like WTF YOURE NOT EVEN MARRIED. I had a shot with my bestie after that.

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Helper bee

My partner has his MD and is a doctor, but he does research at the moment. I get really rude and presumptuous comments about money, such as:

  • “Of course you don’t care how much this trip costs, TheRobinSparkles-BF pays for everything now I bet” — Friend I was on a trip with during graduate school 
  • “If she marries him, she’ll never have to work again!!!” — Mom’s friend who didn’t know I was listening
  • “Oh a doctor! Lucky you (wink wink)” — everyone 

I could go on and on. I hate these comments more than anything. It’s like his educational background makes everyone feel like they can make (untrue) assumptions about money. 

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Meeting DH’s grandpa for the first time, and he goes out for the hug…

“Well I’ve never hugged an oriental before!!”

Ummm… ok??

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Busy bee

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therobinsparkles :  my husband is a doctor and I get this shit alllll the time. 

Uh, being married to a doctor kind of sucks because he’s never around and our lives are slaves to the hospital and also he’s in so much debt. But by all means, continue insulting me and my career when you insinuate that I’m just after his future money. 

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tiffanybruiser :  Christ, that’s insensitive to say the least!

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lifeisbeeutiful :  just wow. 

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morethanyesterday :  like PP said, I think it was meant as a compliment, but I guess it was an odd thing to say. 

Mine is quite hilarious thinking back to it. 

When I was at university, one of my housemates had sadly lost her mum to cancer a few years before I’d met her. We’d lived together for 3 years and never really spoken about it. 

One day, she opened up to me and it was really special. That is until I we were talking about her mums struggle with chemo.

Me: did your mum lose her hair with the chemo?

friend: she lost quite a bit yes. It ended up looking about as thin as yours. 

Me: oh.

i mean… I’d waited all this time to talk to her about her dead Mum! I couldn’t really come back with anything that seemed appropriate in the moment. It still makes me laugh to this day!

For reference: I have fairly fine “normal” hair… but my friend does indeed have a beautiful thick head of hair, probably similar to her mum’s. 🙈

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Helper bee

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raliel :  THANK YOU 

Everyone seems to think it is a compliment. Nope – that shit is insulting. 

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Blushing bee

I went to someone new for my in last hair cut. We were chatting while she worked and I mentioned that I recently had my first child – a daughter. She then declared that my husband definitely loves her more than he loves me. It was really odd. It was also a terrible hair cut. 

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Sugar bee

I wouldn’t take that as a compliment either! She may have just meant that it was a big ring, but it’s demeaning to think that your work and independence are so unimportant to you that you’d give it up because you’re about to have a rich husband. 

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Blushing bee

This wasn’t me but a coworker of mine was helping a patient and they asked when her baby was due.  She responded and said “his third birthday is next month”.  I about died!  Had to walk away.  She handled it really well!

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Bumble bee

My husband’s family has a large group of family friends that have all been friends for 30+ years and kids all grew up together. One of the ladies daughter, who was my husbands best friend in high school, has always been a condicending bitch. 

After we got engaged, she said “you’re much prettier than I expected. I always thought DH would marry a plane jane girl, like X’s wife.” Mind you at this time we had already been together for 6 years and I see her every Christmas party. AND X’s wife is in the next room over. 

Every Christmas party she also asks my husband “oh are you stillllllll working at the waterpark?” Like yes B. He took the knowledge from his 15 year old’s job and turned into into his full time, salary position and works for one of the states best school district and has the position equivalent to an assistant principal. And enjoys working at the waterpark on the side. And what do you do, exactly?.

Ugh, works me up. Every. Time. 

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Wedding related:

“Geez what did you have to do to get THAT ring” 50 year old pervy male co-worker

Not wedding related:

(ex) friend told me she could tell work was stressing me out because it looked like I had lost collagen in my face. One of many rude things this girl said. BYE

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A colleague (was a new colleague who had only been working there a few weeks so didn’t know me super well at that point) last year if I was expecting…no, I’m just fat…

I think I said something about the shirt I was wearing making it look like I was pregnant. We were both embarrassed!

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