What's the most 'WTF' thing someone has ever said to you?

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-“you’re such a good person, it’s really too bad you’re going to hell” (ive gotten variations of this MULTIPLE times in reference to being athiest)

-“can’t you just drink a glass of water?” (In response to me saying I’d rather not go to x restaurant because they had no vegan options, when I was vegan.)

-“when are you going to go on diet?” (MIL to me at dinner, randomly, when I was still just dating DH, and my BMI was very healthy/normal). The follow up was kind of more wtf: “well, I’m happy with my weight so I have no plans to. But that aside I struggled with an eating disorder for quite a few years and while I’m doing well now dieting is incredibly dangerous to my health.” Her: “well you should get your weight under control now, once you turn 30 your metabolism will crash.” (To which Father-In-Law nods knowingly).

 – “don’t worry, I won’t rape you” (from an Uber driver that just pulled up.)

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“You’re too pretty to get cancer”

uh…what does that even mean? 

I don’t have and never thought I had cancer. This was a discussion on smoking cannabis vs cigarettes and I said I hadn’t smoked a cigarette in over 4 years. 

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My sister went to a church where they got married so young. Her friend said to her at the age of 25 ‘if you get married’ …..

When I was in high school I was very thin. 5’8 and 50 kgs. Anyway I put on probably 15 kgs and I was still thin. I showed a photo of myself three years previously to a girl at work. The bitch said ‘wow you’ve really let yourself go’ … didn’t speak to her again after that and I let her have it. 

About that same time a family friend of mum’s who I hadn’t seen in ages looked at me. She said oh I think you’re sister who is five years older is skinnier than you now!!

When I was 50 kgs many thought I had an eating disorder. People are cruel.

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Oh! Recently!

I tell a coworker I’m pregnant.

Her:”I thought so! I notice you were getting fat but couldn’t tell I’d you were pregnant or just needed more exercise”

Me:”um. Yeah. I guess my skirt yesterday did really show my baby bump”

Her:”oh no but I mean I’ve been noticing for MONTHS”

Me:”in that case I was just getting fat…”

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Looking at dresses in a shop, nosy saleslady comes up. I tried to say no, thanks to her help but she kept asking questions to try to get me to engage.

Saleslady: What size are you?

Me: 4 (I’d just graduated college. I was.)

Saleslady: 4? No! Not with this. *Slaps her own saddlebags* I’d say at least an 8.

Me: D:

I literally couldn’t think of anything to say, so I just turned around and left. Probably with my mouth still open.

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morethanyesterday :  This happened many years ago. I was buying ice cream from Coldstone Creamery. It was create your own ice cream flavor with toppings to be placed in a tub (I can’t even remember anymore what I had mixed and matched in there). There was this woman ahead of me in line and she was gonna pay already. When the cashier thought that my ice cream tub was hers, she told the cashier, “No, that’s gross.” She left right away before I could even react and absorb what just happened.

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Not recent, but definitely the most WTF comment in my life.

A recruiter addressing my graduating class:

“We don’t hire women for field positions, our guys wives get upset if they are working out of town with women”

Jokes on them, 8 of the top 10 students that year were women, none of us applied to that company.

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CanMurph :  0_0

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pinkshoes :  LOL!

When I first started seeing my fiancé his mother was telling his (now late) grandmother about me. Grandma asked my name. Mother told her. Grandma says, oh, is she foreign?

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Hmm…mine have been weight related. 😕

I’d gone to a party and caught a taxi home. I was 20 and the taxi driver told me like he was helping me that I should try having hot water with lemon first thing in the morning because it will help with my fatness!!  

I decided to start bike riding again to improve fitness. It was around the time the super size me documentary aired. I was riding along the cycle path near the park  (probably huffing and puffing) where a bunch of guys in a car yelled out ‘super size me you fat fuck’ and then they threw a full water bottle at me. That was pretty upsetting 😢


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It’s been about seven years and this still pisses me off.  I was in pretty excellent physical shape-working out for hours almost every day.  My nutrition probably could have been a bit better-I wasn’t eating much, but I was eating very healthily in small portions.  I was as thin as I will hopefully ever be, because I think to get any smaller I would have to be very ill.  That being said, I’m a curvy lady and even when I’m very thin the booty persists (which I’m fine with!)  Anyway, the Dr came in and looked at my weight.  Without asking any questions about my lifestyle, diet, anything-she says ‘your weight is okay.  If you could lose 5 more pounds that would be perfect for you.’  AHHHH!  As someone who was weighing herself every day, this was really not what I needed to hear.  I still wish I had complained formally.  I switched doctors immediately and wrote a Yelp review, haha.  

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morethanyesterday :  Years ago but: “We were just talking and think that if you shaved your eyebrows and wore makeup, you’d be the prettiest girl at [job]!”

Gee… thanks (I still don’t wear makeup or ‘shave’ my brows)

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I have been told numerous times to go back to where I came from. I’m Aboriginal so literally come from here.

I used to ignore it but now I usually yell back “I’m Indigenous you dickwad so how about you go back to where you came from”. It usually gets onlooker laughs and applause especially on the train.

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I was a few days away from my due date, and my dad’s comment when he saw me was that I “must be looking forward to losing some weight soon”. Because losing weight is what all pregnant women are excited about when they’re 9 months along. Wtf.

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