What's the most 'WTF' thing someone has ever said to you?

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Oh I have another though not directed at me exactly  

In high school my teacher mentioned that he’s a veteran. One girl responds “so have you killed anyone?” 😱 she said it so casually and the entire class was floored! I wanted to smack her to hard right then and there! The teacher took it in stride and just said “most vets don’t like being asked that” and moved on but holy cow the lack of tact from the girl’s end was astounding. 

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After I traumatically broke off my first engagement, a male work colleague (who I actually liked) told me that I’d better start dating again asap or I’d be too old to have kids. I was 27. Thanks for that. Comforting.

When I was also 27, I was travelling abroad, when a local guy I’d been chatting to decided to try and guess my age. He guessed 33. I told him I was only 27 and he said ‘oh, I thought you must be older because of your wrinkles’. LOL. I tried to be charitable in that case and put it down to cultural differences.

Two 50-ish-year old women passed me in the street two years ago and one of them said loudly to the other ‘look at that girl, doesn’t she look awful, she must be anorexic’. Um, no. Actually I’m not but thanks for making me feel ugly (and if I WAS then it could be triggering!). So offensive, I wish I’d called them on it.

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Ooh, thought of another!

I drive a flashy car, which surprises people when they first see it. I was giving someone a lift, and they said ‘so how come you have such a flashy car?’. I said, it was my Dad’s and I inherited it. They replied ‘oh, that’s the best way to get stuff!’. Really? Your Dad dying is the best way to get stuff?!?!


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Senior year of high school, a guy says to me:  “ChasingZenith, you’d be the hottest girl in our class if you didn’t have such a dumb laugh.”    

I had never had a comment on my laugh before then, haven’t had one since.  No idea.  


My therapist, about five years ago:  “Don’t take this the wrong way, but as an introvert, when you’re in a social setting, you tend to give a very strong “fuck off” vibe.”  

I laughed really hard at that one, because it was true at that time.  I’ve gotten a lot better about social anxiety thanks to him.  I was just super “wtf!!” at the moment he said it.  


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morethanyesterday :  Wow! People can be so oblivious lol I had a WTF moment when I was at my husband’s work banquet, literally sipping on my glass of wine when his co-worker’s husband says, “Hey! Long time no see. You’re expecting, right?” In front of everyone. For the record, I’m not, I don’t even know where he got that idea, we definitely haven’t discussed our TTC plans with that couple because we don’t like them like that, and HELLO! I’m drinking WINE! I raised my glass and loudly replied, “Nope!” It was so awkward.

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“[My Name]! You cut off all of your hair! Are you gay now???”

That’s not how that works.

But apparently this is a widely held belief because I’ve heard it quite a few times.. 😒

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I had one the other day. I was promoted to a different position and now report to a different boss; specifically someone who has a reputation of being very difficult, micro managers to the extreme and fires people on a whim. I’ve been in this position about 6 weeks now. I was chatting with my old boss who asked how it was going. I said “really good actually, Current boss has been really supportive and has said he’s very happy with my performance so far and to keep it up ” (note this is a 3 month probation for this job). My old boss said “oh, he’s just being nice to you cause you’re a girl, you knowthe industry”.

I was shocked he would say that. I work in the mining industry, it’s true sometimes you get favored, other times the sexism is unreal. I don’t feel like my current boss is favoring me, he just doesn’t seem like the type of person. I’m going to continue to think I’m doing a good job regardless of what old boss thinks. I think he’s just bitter I left

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My 90 year old grandma who has dementia when she first met my then bf: “wow you’re so short” 

And now apologises at least three times for that comment everytime she sees him. She even once told me that “despite this… … He’s *otherwise* a very handsome young man and the most important thing is that you’re happy, you now” 

Like, I have no idea why it’s such a big deal to her that I’m taller than him (he’s 5 feet 6, I’m 5 feet 9) – old brains right 😂

We don’t care, it’s kind of funny, but definitely a wtf moment at first!

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I have course, kinda frizzy hair. It can be hard to style and when the humidity is out, wow. It can get kinda crazy. So back in the day, some girl said to me “you would be so pretty if you did something with your hair”. 

I have glasses as well. So sooooooooooo many people say stupid shit like “you look like a hot teacher.” Ugh. 

And yesterday, I dropped my kids off at school. I told the lady in the office that the kids would be riding home with two other kids (their cousins) on the bus. She looked at the bus spreadsheet and said “It says your kids and these kids are cousins. What does that mean?”  Me…. “ummmm …. that they’re cousins….?” Not sure of that was a trick question. 

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I was leaving work to go back to school. Co-worker came over to talk about it and asked how much tuiition fee was (answer: affordable)  and then said “Well, I’m sure your parents will pay for it and make sure you have enough spending money”. Excuse me?! I’m almost 30 yo and my relattionship with this woman is “good morning” “have a nice weekend”. Such a personal assumption.

At grandpa’s funeral one lady said “This was such a good funeral that it really cheered me up” infront of my grandma. We know she meant well, but the timing was not great. Now it’s an inside joke in family events.


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Lol,  I don’t get a lot of WTF comments,  or maybe I blow them off and forget about them. 

I was having lunch with some coworkers(we went off-site and were heading back to the office).  She says, “don’t take this the wrong way.” ofcourse,  you know it’s a gem of a comment if prefaced by that lol.   

“when we first met,  I thought you were a bubble headed blonde,  but now that we’ve worked together,  I know you really know your stuff.” 

I laughed awkwardly and changed the subject.  It just seemed a strange thing to say to a coworker. I’m sure people who spendore time with coworkers have more odd comments from coworkers, but we don’t really work with others at our work,  we each work separately and you could totally get away with saying very few words to coworkers throughout the day if that’s what you wanted.

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One day when I worked retail I had a (regular) customer say “What’s up with your hair?” I was like “Umm I don’t know…this is how it looked when I woke up I guess? Haha” to which he replied “Oh it’s ok, I’m having a bad hair day today too.” My hair looked fine that day lol…

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“Can I lick your tattoo?” He kneels down and grabs my leg to lick my ankle tattoo…

I was so grossed out- I think I was around 25ish- night out with the girls and some random just licks me. Kept pestering if I wanted to grab a cab and get out of there.

Lciking some ladies tattoo does not mean she’ll head home with you!!

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One of my coworkers had an issue with the fact that dh and I dated for a long time before we got engaged. My coworker proposed after 4 months of dating his wife, so pretty much since he learned dh and I were dating, he’d been on my case about when we should get married. I should also mention that the coworker knows my husband and at this point, they’ve hung out together on several occassions.

So when dh and I had been dating for 3 years, my coworker comes into my office and informs me that he has given my phone number to a friend of his who plans to call me that day and ask me out. He started going on and on about all the reasons this guy would be a great fit for me and I should give him a shot.

Seriously, dude? Not only do you know I’m in a long-term relationship, but you actually are friends with my boyfriend! To make it even worse: the friend he gave my number to is an acquaintance I see around fairly often. 

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