(Closed) What's the one little thing during planning that made you go 'zilla?

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Whirlwind03:  LOL that reminds me of when Fiance said ‘Can’t we just text people and tell them to come?’. Ahhhh, no honey, we can’t do that lol…

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I absolutely did not want anyone to see me before the ceremony.  Especially my husband.  So he and the guys were getting pictures taken at the venue prior to the ceremony then us girls.  I told him he needed to go back to the hotel after pics so he didn’t see me. Well he decided they would play golf ( we got married at a country club), and it would be FINE.  I was so pissed I yelled at him and ranted to his father bc no one could get ahold of the guys to find out if it was safe for us to start taking pics.  That all took so long to straighten out that pics started late therefore guests were arriving when we got back from pics and SO many pole saw me.  I was so sad.  Also 7 weeks pregnant at the time and very hormonal.  I’m actually still kinda pissed about it lol

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Shitty vendors… 

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laurlala06:  hahahahah I’m dying at you sending links one by one. We would get along really well. I do this to makea point ALL THE TIME. 

25 days until our wedding. We started making the guest list 15 months ago. We asked Future In-Laws if a particular set of family friends they rarely see needs to be invited. They say no. We ask again when we finalize the guest list to order save the dates. They say no. We ask before save the dates go in the mail. Again, they say no. We ask a FOURTH time before ordering invitations, and for the FOURTH time they say no, these people do not need to be invited. Perfect. We have too many people anyway.

Then, Future Father-In-Law has lunch with a different friend (who is also not invited) and invites him without asking us. We say fine, he is a good family friend and we spend a fair amount of time with him, sohe and his wife can come. Future In-Laws send Fiance a text a few days later. “Since you guys made room for X and X’s wife, you need to invite the Ys (the people they said didn’t need to be invited FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES). We feel very strongly about the fact that they should be invited.”

We told them no, and that we would have been able to make room had they not invited X without telling us, so tough luck. They continued to press the issue, to the point of Future Mother-In-Law, who is the sweetest, most soft-spoken person I have ever met, cornering me and telling me that “traditionally, the families get to invite whoever they want to ‘show off'” and “since my family is so large, they can invite as many friends as they want.” We are having the wedding at their home, but are paying them for the work we have done to maintain the yard, PLUS a few thousand dollars, so no, they don’t get to invite “as many friends as they want.”

I told her point blank if she asked again I was canceling the wedding.


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I didn’t really have a bridezilla moment that I can think of, I just kind of went with it the whole time. If soethign didn’t work I found a solution, if it fitted then great! The only thing I can think of is everytime someone started bringing up traditional things like “oh, aren’t you going to have…” or “aren’t you supposed to do…” – no, no we’re not. we are not having a bridal party, we are not doing big speeches, we are not reading cards out at the table, we are not having a first dance, we are not having button holes or corsages for every single freaking family member. I got a bit fed up of having to explain myself and meeting people confused or diapointed expressions becuase we kept ditching ‘traditions’

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A little backstory: During the planning process, I really thought I was easygoing bride (super chilled, open to requests, let my BM’s choose their dresses, in-laws could invite anyone that they wanted). My mother was really painful during the entire planning process, she hated everything I loved and envisioned for the day. On top of this she is a very critical and has always been a judgmental person. If she suggested something that I didn’t like or wasn’t a fan or, she would call me a bridezilla and tell me I was being difficult until I gave in and let her have her way for my wedding.

I had one melt down. I had DIY spray painted picture frames that I had made for the table numbers. These had been a pain in the a#@$ to make and I only made them because I didn’t want to use the table numbers that the venue provided as they were the same ones that you get at a fish and chip shop. The afternoon before the wedding, it was over 100f and the paint melted in the car on the way to being dropped off at the reception venue. I don’t think I had a meltdown, I said nothing and I just tried to figure out what to do while my mother (who came with me) told me how ugly they were and how I was being a crazy bitch bridezilla for decorating the venue. But then in the same breath, told me how ugly the fish and chip shop table numbers were and that I would need a replacement. At this stage I was pretty over her constant criticism. I went home and sobbed in the shower for 30mins about how mean my mother had been and how there were so many things happening the next day that I really didn’t want but had accommodated for-only to be called a bitch bridezilla by my mother! I seriously could not take it anymore. My poor fiancé consoled me, he was really sweet about it, seriously it reminded me why I was going to marry him. It sounds so stupid, my mother still makes fun of me that I was such a bridezilla about picture frames. 

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MrsLeb:  We’re having the EXACT same thing happen! Our wedding is in September and the first decision we made was that we wanted an adults only wedding. Most of the people closest to us don’t have children and the couple that do said they were actually excited to leave the kids behind for a night. Unfortunately, one cousin has asked that we make an exception and I’ve been pressured by my Future Mother-In-Law to let them bring their children. I do not want to make any exceptions. Apparently this cousin is telling people that she’s going to bring them anyway and has said the same thing, “What are they going to do? Kick us out?” Well, we’re having a plated dinner, so the kids won’t have anything to eat or a place to sit. It should be interesting.

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sauve2015:  I will a) END YOU. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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These stories are hilarious. They really need to bring Bridezilla back. I really miss that show. 

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People not rsvping…..yay or nay? Meal? We provided either snail mail or online  to reply.


ESP when his cousin got married  suddenly  (no one knew until after), her mom threw a reception at her house, months later, on a Sunday afternoon. We are 3 hours away so we couldn’t make it so we sent a card.

She can’t even answer yes/no to our rsvp? That is either a postcard or go online

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I’m pretty chill about the wedding (and it’s still a year out so that could very well change), but when other people keep insisting that I should not be laid back it drives me crazy.

The day I purchase my dress I went in with my mom and dad, I had already tried on the dress a month prior and knew it was the one but mom wouldn’t let me buy it without dad there.  I was already a little annoyed going into it because I had to drive 3 hours back to the dang place, but once there my mom kept pushing me to try on more dresses.  Eventually I just whisper-yelled “NO, THIS is my dress.  I’m done.  This is it.  Let’s buy it and get out of here.”  So not the dream dress experience I was hoping for.

Also my Future Sister-In-Law is stressing me out so bad.  She is getting married in a month to my FI’s brother and she is FULL bridezilla.  Calling Fiance at 10pm on a Tuesday because his mom is stressing her out about the seating chart bridezilla.  She is making Fiance write a 5-10 minute speech and he absolutely hates public speaking.  When he casually let her know at our wedding we’ll just be doing short toasts, a la “nice to see ya’ll, congrats, let’s drink,” she freaked out and said it was unacceptable and we didn’t know what we’re doing.  Soo…. yep.  Really looking forward to hearing more of her input about a wedding that is not hers. 

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