(Closed) What’s the one thing that drives you crazy about your FI?

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Worker bee

My Fiance isn’t a very good listener. I’ll tell him something like “I went outside and cleaned up the garden today” and then two hours later he’ll ask “Did you look at the garden today?”  I’m just going to stop telling him things and wait for him to ask.  I think it’s just easier that way.

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He doesn’t multi-task at all (typical for men) and as a result takes FOREVER to do everything. Including when we are trying to leave the apartment, he won’t actually start putting on his shoes or anything until I’m halfway out the door. Like he won’t notice that I’m getting ready and start himself, he waits until I’m walking out.

He is a great cook, but it will only be meat b/c he can’t even think about side dishes while he’s cooking the steak. Doesn’t multi-task.

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My Fiance does the shut-down thing too which is super annoying. I really think thats VERY typical among men. I wouldn’t say that bugs me most though because we don’t fight all that often for it to come up. The thing that probably drives me the most crazy (at least right now because its a daily struggle) is that he gets kind of weird when he’s stressed out. He just gets SO FOCUSED on whatever he is stressing about (right now its a CFA test in June) that he kind of ignores everything else. He will come home and walk upstairs to study without saying a word to me. He won’t notice when I walk into a room. He forgets about plans we have. (all of these are VERY unlike him when he is not stressed). We’ve talked about it, but really when he is stressed out its like it pushes everything else out of his brain and all he has room for is STUDYSTUDYSTUDY. lol Thank god the test is in a month!

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This is really weird, but he sneezes REALLY REALLY loud. Like vibrate the couch, scare the cats loud. I swear he does it on purpose….

The other thing is that if I get a bit ticked off about something he looks at me and says “Take it easy kitty”. It makes me want to rip his eyes out. It’s so rude and it gets on my nerves to no end and I’ve told him that. Not once has it ever improved a situation but he thinks somehow it’s funny and makes me calm down.

Otherwise, he’s pretty wonderful although we all have our hiccups right?!

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He’s a fidgeter!  He has ADD, so I know some of it’s that,  but the man can never just sit freaking still.  It’s great when we’re doing a job, he’s fantastic at helping me when someone is coming over, or I’m trying to finish something, but when we’re trying to lounge and he fidgets, it makes me nuts.

He also has this annoying unconcious habit of picking a guitar with his right hand when we’re driving.  It’s such a small thing, I’d never say anything to him about it, and his dad does it, as well as his son.  Just a family quirk, I guess.

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Just one?! 

HA!  :]

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inability to wash dishes!

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Sugar bee
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Haha this is great! My Fiance has SOOO many thing that bug me but I wouldnt have it any other way! I think so much bothers me because I lived alone for a while!

he coughs SOOOO LOUD!

And Farts! dont even get me started about the farts!

He leaves his dirty underwear on the bathroom door until he has no clean underwear left

He cant close a drawer after he goes in it

I could be gone for 2 days and tell what he ate, where he sat, what he “got into” while i was gone because there would be a trail!

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Busy bee
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he wants pizza. all.the.time.

okay, so it’s not that bad. but one thing that drives me crazy is that even though he wants nookie all the time, he’s terrible at initiating it. sometimes i wish he would just like, tear my clothes off or something and stop assuming i know what he wants. :/


they say men don’t understand hints, but they go completely over my  head.

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Hm.. The biggest one for me is that he doesn’t have a “filter”.. he will sometimes cross the line with a joke (usually only amongst friends), but he has a way with taking a joke one step toooo far… and you never know who you will offend.

His mother has no filter, and he learned it from her!

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