(Closed) Whats the one thing you and your SO will NEVER agree on?

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Busy bee
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Thats cute of him. I’ll add that sometimes swim bladder isn’t painful.  I’ve seen people make floaties for fish to help them swim. Feed him lots of peas! Only sinking food! If you haven’t already. 

Mine would be what counts as spending time together.  He thinks him playing games on the computer with friends while I sit on the couch behind him is spending time. I disagree because he is on the headset talking to them so I can’t really talk to him. Ugh oh well I just enjoy the company of my dogs instead.  I’ve just takrn to giving up that argument. 

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Buzzing bee
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ICE CREAM FLAVORS! I dont like chocolate and he’s a chocoholic. we always have to get a half gallon for him and a half gallon for me. It also makes it hard to split desserts.


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Helper bee

our first son’s name…he’s adamant about naming him Spartacus.

I have a few years before it’ll be a serious issue though. Hopefully it’s just a phase…

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amstudent1: Lol, that’s hilarious. I’d be vetoing that – my husband has this thing about wanting to name our future male children names like Guillermo or Julio. (Neither of us has a drop of Spanish/Latino blood in us.) I’ve told him if I’m pushing it out, I get veto rights.

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Sugar bee
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Swim bladder isn’t supposed to hurt the fish and is usually caused by overfeeding and constipation. It should be reversible. Don’t feed the fish for a few days, and then give it a few soft, mushed peas. At least, that’s what I understand from my carnival goldfish research. Ours has been doing well since we won it in February.

Fiance and I will always disagree on marijuana legalization. I don’t currently smoke it, but I am for both medical and recreational legalization. He has no problem with friends or family that choose to occasionally smoke, but he is vehemently against legalization.

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Bumble bee
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Water skiing! Fiance loves it.  He’s been water skiing since he was a little kid and thinks it’s the best thing in the world.  I don’t understand at all why it’s fun. Seriously, why is it fun to be dragged behind a boat? Someone tell me! 

The compromise is that I  learned how to drive the boat so I can take Fiance skiing.  I still find it a bit boring, but at least I don’t have to go in the gross lake water! 

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gamerlover:  Ugh!! We have the same argument, constantly. I keep saying we should do a date night so we can have some actual quality time together (I’m a full time student on top of working full time so I barely see him as it is), and he insists that we spend every night together, and that’s plenty of time. Maybe so, but when you’re playing games on your phone all night, that’s not exactly quality time. He’s even gone as far as to say that because we sleep in the same bed, that counts as being together.

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Swim Bladder isn’t always painful, and some fish can live with swim bladder problems. I probably would be against vehemently killing it just because you assumed the fish was in pain. I’ve had many fish for many years and swim bladder issues aren’t always a death sentence, and they aren’t always painful to the fish.<br /><br />For us, there really isn’t much we really butt heads about. We have differing opinions here and there but nothing that is really consistent. He likes football, and I think it’s one of the most boring sports, so I guess I endure that? Super Bowl Sunday was torture for me.

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Helper bee
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amstudent1:  Spartacus?

I’d be vetoing the CRAP outta that. Which is weird because I like oddball names.

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Busy bee

Our definitions of “quality time”. Sorry, quality time does not mean staring at a movie, staring at your phone, or playing video games and occasionally saying “huh?” when I have the audacity to speak. Just because we’re in the same room does not mean we’re getting quality time.

Also… Tuna. He likes it in oil (gross), I like it in water. And bread. I like wheat/whole grain, he likes white. 

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Helper bee
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Movies. To him watching a movie is an art form. We must pay attention to every single detail. If I miss a sentence he will rewind the whole scene. He wants me to “experience” the movie. A two hour movie can easily become a 3-4 hour adventure. (he tends to feel the need to talk in depth about characters) 

I could care less and prefer watching a movie while web surfing.


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