(Closed) Whats the one thing you and your SO will NEVER agree on?

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The natural frenzy. He thinks it a bunch of mumbo jumbo, whereas I’ll try anything once, and if it works for us, I will keep doing it. I do it for the economic aspect of it though. Mostly I make stuff at home versus buy it premade at the store if it’s cheaper AND healthier. And he’s okay with it if I’m doing it to save money, but once I start talking about the health aspects of it, he’s practically not listening anymore. But hey. If he lets me do it so long as I don’t talk about it, I don’t care. Haha

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foreverlovex:  Politics! Oh gawd.

The last election we had soooooo many fights.

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This is so stupid but, giving of presents. He doesn’t think it’s really a necessary. I love giving presents on holidays (Christmas), anniversaries, birthdays, etc. He thinks it’s a waste of time and money. Which means we rarely give gifts to each other, let alone others.

and with gifts, thank you notes.  He believes that a heartful thank you is much better than a thank you note.  It drove me nuts after we had our baby shower, I wrote all of our friends and my family thank you notes, he didn’t write his family any…

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Doughnut vs. Donut. Oh, I guess I’ll have my sandwich on sourdo. He argues it just to piss me off 

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ren89:  hahah! right? So weird. Yep, my Fiance says the same thing..”why are you washing that too, it’s not that dirty”. EW, how could I not, lol. 

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We have the hardest time deciding on what is for dinner. We disagree on this a lot….and it is frustrating. I love the days, where we can actually agree on what is for dinner. haha

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Lobster.  FI (born and raised in Maine!) can’t stand it and I go nuts over it.  

One time when we were visiting his family in Maine, his mom threw a big picnic for friends and family and served heaping mounds of lobster along with 3 steaks for Fiance, his dad, and brother. Apparently the other men in the family don’t like it either!

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My SO is entirely too giving particularly when it comes to his family who I think need to pick up their own slack instead of placing it on him all the time. His family is also a contentious topic in our relationship but it has seen some improvement. Once I accepted that I will never have the in laws of my dreams (including his parents and siblings) things got better. We still will never be super close but I can be in a room with them and its fine. I think for us it was realizing that we are both two different people w different ideologies and the manner in which we grew up was totally opposite. My parents are financially stable and help me a lot while his aren’t as stable as mine (but still not poor) yet I think they treat him like a step child. His other siblings get everything and he barely has a pot to piss in… OK I’m going off topic. lol His Family. Just his family lol. 

For some context I’m 21 and he is 20  and were both in college.

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Being in the kitchen at the same time. Seriously. The man can cook better than I do (and I can cook!) and we drive each other crazy because we do things differently and can’t agree on anything. Just in the kitchen. Weirdest thing ever but when the man cooks an awesome, restaurant worthy meal for me just so I can go train or just relax, I forget about our kitchen issues. And when I bake the awesome stuff I bake (it’s seriously good baking) he totally forgets about our kitchen issues too! LOL

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FutureMrsJohnson_:  My Fiance and his friends would literally have sleepovers all the time. Whenever they got too drunk, they’d just crash at the hosts house and then come home the next day. Even after getting an apartment with me, he STILL wants to have sleepovers. His reasoning? What if he gets too drunk to drive home. What if he gets too tired to drive home. 1) you shouldn’t be getting black out drunk on a thursday night anyways even though you work from home on friday and 2) if you’re starting to get tired, then come home dummy!

His friends also invite him to do things last minute. And when I say last minute, I literally mean LAST MINUTE. Last weekend they texted him at 7pm and said “Hey! We’re having a bonfire right now. You have to come out!” …Really? You invite us DURING the bonfire? AFTER I put my PJS on and got comfy? 🙁


~ Sorry for the rant! ~

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Lightbulbs. We’ve lived together for 6 years and cannot figure this one out. I like warm lightbulbs and he likes the daylight ones.

The first year of living together we fought about it. Finally I told him that warm light is more flattering for me and I want to look good for him. I get warm lights in the bedroom and dining room. He gets daylight in the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Jokes on him – he thinks he’s winning because he gets three rooms, but I prefer his choice in the bathroom. It’s better for makeup!

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Oh, we have a few. A lot of them food related but others that are just stupid. None are serious, thankfully.

He doesn’t eat nuts, onions, peppers, tomatoes, Mexican food, Chinese food and a few other things which makes cooking anything a big hassle because I love all of those things!!

THE DAMN SNOOZE BUTTON is the biggest one though. He can snooze 3-4 times before he gets up. I will wake up at the first alarm and am falling back to sleep when the next one starts! I would much rather sleep soundly for the extra minutes.

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1) Cleanliness

What is perfectly organized and clean to me is something he’ll be perfecting for an hour. Clothes. Toiletries. Anything. He also tends to scrub and vacuum things daily which I think is a little overboard. 


While we have a ton in common here, him being a professional musician and having been endorsed by Zildjin in the past…he can be highly critical of shit he doesn’t like and poke fun at me for it. Think Die Antwoord, Lil Wayne, most dubstep, Katy Perry, “heavy/dark music’, Emilie Autumn just for a few examples. 

3)Moral & Social Issues

Fiance tends have very black & white thinking about the world in some realms. Things are always either wrong or right; even things that are definitely a grey area with many factors. Like, sexuality.

There’s sex for the wrong or right reasons. You’re wrong if you have sex outside of certain factors. You can only have a certain number of sex partners before you’re doing the wrong thing. When I tell him things are dependent on the person and you’re the only one who can decide what’s ideal for you, he’s says no and anybody will agree with him. When I tell him real life examples along with people who chose asexuality…they’re sluts ,dirtballs, have no resect for themselves and sex, etc.

I can think of other things where takes similar stances, but, this is one that we actually get in heated arguments about.

4)Quality Time

While I treasure every moment we spend together…lounging around all day or even spending hours on the phone gets boring sometimes. Especially, when you’re napping or just not saying anything really. Let’s take a walk aimlessly or find things to check out. 

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westgirl1208:  I feel ya girlfriend! FI’s friends didn’t have “sleepovers” per say BUT staying up playing video games or partying until after 4 in the morning??  Yeah, glad thats mostly behind us lol. The last minute thing drives me crazy too! Like we figure out what we’re doing for the night, then his friends call and he just gives me that look. I mean, if it’s on the weekend or whatever I usually cave but calling at 9 PM on a Wednesday?? I have to get up at 4:30 and Fiance gets up around 6:30 (unless he goes out, then its more like 8 and he rushes to work hung over *rolls eyes*). FX for maturity in both of our FIs and their friends 

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