(Closed) What's The Scariest Thing About Parenting? Has It Changed Your World View?

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For me- one of the hardest things is explaining about all the things that “shouldn’t” happen.

On my daughter’s first day of school this year there was a shooting at the local highschool.  Now, my daughter is only in 3rd grade- but they moved some of the highschoolers to her school for safety and all the schools were on lock down.  How do you even explain that to your child at the end of the day?  Same with the Boston bombings etc.

You try to protect your children and raise them to be good people- but there is so much out of your control.  And of course you can’t keep your child in a bubble.  It is scary.  But at the same time – you want to give your child confidence to go out in the world and not be afraid.  We can’t live in fear our whole lives either.

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The biggest thing is also the school shooting especially the one at Sandy Hook elementary in CT in December. That hit me really really hard.  My son is only 19 months but those poor parents who lost their children on that day.

It makes me long for when I was in school where there were no such things as school shootings.  Where we could run free without worry….



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I am not even a parent yet but thinking about when we want to TTC has already made me much more politically active and be much more aware of environmental and health issues that are being sacrificed “for the sake of the economy” (as if we could even have a strong economy while living in a nasty polluted sh**hole and suffering from terrible health conditions… It’s like saying that for the sake of making more money, I will stop bathing and eating, which will cut costs and give me more time on the job…no problems with that, right? It scares me that my children will have to fight through such a crazy societal system.)

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Darling Husband and I both firmly believe that it is the responsiblity of the strong to stand up for and defend the weak. He and I are both fairly large and imposing people who don’t huddle in the background if we see someone being bullied or otherwise mistreated. We plan to raise our children to this same standard. It’s a way of teaching children to be leaders and to be proactive in a dangerous situation. If you approach every situation with the mindset of “what should I DO about this?” then you have much less time to get scared. Plus, it seems like a better option to me to teach a child what they should do in a bad situation (example: if a bad person is trying to hurt you, make sure you and everyone around you hides and is quiet) as opposed to just trying to explain all the bad things that happen like there’s nothing to be done about it (even if there isn’t!).


Basically, make it a learning experience — just like Darling Husband and I watching horror movies (“don’t get out of the car you dimwit! Get a weapon before you go searching the house, sheesh!” etc). There have always been bad things happening in the world; I think they’re just more high profile now than they were before. Hopefully our children will feel prepared enough to not be afraid.

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To me one of the greatest challenges facing parents is raising children with the ability to cope with the world’s challenges. We need to get kinds away from the electronic distractions and into what is really going on in the world. One thing that truly concerns me is the proliferation of GMO foods since virtually every independent study as identified health ad environmental problems. GMOs are even in baby formula now!

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@trueblue14:  yet factory farms and farming organizations spend millions of dollars lobbying so the government won’t do anything about it, and even come up with ways to hide what’s in food.  Makes plenty of sense!

I’m not a parent and nowhere close but these things all scare me. Mostly I’m concerned about the health and well being of society and it’s not good. It also has very little to do with health insurance and medications and much more to do with the way we eat, treat our bodies, and treat our environment. 

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@Sassygrn:  I totally agree. The Sandy Hook incident really hit a soft spot for me as well. I had my son at the age of 17. I was soo care free. Thought my parents over reacted for everything. But now having my son, I see the world as a parent and completely different. My son is soon to be 5 and will start kindergarden. I’m terrified of the unknown. I don’t know what other parents teach their kids, I don’t know what he will be surrounded by or learning. It’s a very scary thought. 

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I don’t let the woes of the world scare me to much for my daughter…but I do worry about her learning about racism, sexism, homophobia, etc…socail things that make NO sense, and come from a place of hate/superiority. I worry about her being bullied…getting her heart broken…losing a friend…being judged for her religious/political stances. I want to teach her how to treat people and how to handle her emotions and reactions.

I don’t let myself dwell on worries about war, disease, violence, etc, b/c those are mostly out of my control, and are going to happen no matter how I raise her. 

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