What's the sluttiest thing(s) you 've ever done that didn't include full on sex?

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Helper bee
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oh geesh, when me and my fiance first started dating I gave him a hand job in the movie theatre. I felt like a 16 year old girl, but yet again i was only 19!

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Buzzing bee
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Back when we first started living together (about a year into the relationship) I gave Darling Husband a BJ on our front porch, in the middle of a rainstorm while wearing nothing but one of his button-down shirts. We lived across from the city’s library, and people were outside under the awning to stay dry… I’m not sure if anyone was paying attention, but it was pretty sexy, lol.

On top of that, I’ve flashed people (while drunk at a party), made out with my BFF, stripteased for Darling Husband during SuperBowl halftime (I was the show ;]), etc., etc. I never thought I was wild, but looking back… wow, I enjoyed my late teens/early 20s.

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Buzzing bee
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I’m sorry but the word “slut” is never fun.

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Sugar bee
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stephncollins:  I’m still on th fence about it but I think you could make the case that we should start trying to “take back” the word slut. Why is being a stud a positive but being a slut a negative when they mean the same thing, just in relation to different genders? So, like I said, I’m still in the fence about it but certainly in this context it is used to mean, sexy, carefree, liberated and naughty. 

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Bumble bee

Blow job in various public places come to mind…  a couple were while in a moving vehicle (I know I know, not safe in anyway!!).

Definitely made out with a couple of different girlfriends after copious amount of alcohol before turning 20. The only time it got weird was when one of them texted the next day asking to take it to the next level…


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I love this thread!  And it never hurts to get more ideas…..

Making out, flashing, yes yes and yes.

Boyfriend or Best Friend is a truck driver and if it has been a few days we will meet somewhere and I will hop in his truck and we will do the nasty.  Its a ton of fun!

But, think trench coat, thigh highs, heels…. yup, thats my next move.

a few weeks ago we wend out to dinner and i didnt wear any panties and during dessert I pushed his hand up my dress to let him know (TMI ALERT Too Much Information ALERT!) he stayed there for just a second and then licked his finger and said “CHECK PLEASE!” It was amazing.

Cant wait to see more of these ideas! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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Busy bee

A year and a half ago me and my still current bf went to a movie one night. We arrived really early and parked in the lot. We had been talking about sex all day and were definitely in the mood. Very spontaneously, I just looked at himand said “wanna **** in the backseat?”

Hes a very reserved guy so his immediate reaction was saying “No!” Then he looked around at how dark it was outside, glanced at the backseat, and said “maybe?”

Maybe became yes. πŸ˜‰

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Blushing bee
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When I was young and single I definitely did the webcam thing with guys I talked to online. Oh to be young again haha.

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Busy bee
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Let’s see…I’ve given my bf a BJ while he was driving (I know not safe at all but it was SOOO FUN! LOL) I used to work a night shift from 2:30-11pm at one of my last jobs (where I met my fiance) and after work had died down and was slow around 9 or so, we would sneak off to the boss’ office and have sex on their desk or right in the middle of the room on the floor πŸ™‚ (I know so naughty!!)

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Bumble bee
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backpacking in Europe, in paris at about 11pm in the middle of winter, we did the dirty on a park bench in the middle of a fancy park we had to break into (9 ft high fences with barbed wire!)

Funny how he proposed the next country over πŸ˜‰

definitely done the road trip bj haha, sneaky hjs in the dark part of a dance club, christened every car we’ve ever bought and lots of other things Which are probably tmi haha

i don’t find the word slut demeaning. Fiance calls me his own personal slut when he’s feeling frisky and I love it! We have a widely varying sex life, we both had copious experience before each other and it’s nice to still be able to find many a thing that we can be each other’s “first”. 

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Busy bee
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Oh this is fun!!! Once during a long road trip I started reading one of my kinky novels a loud just for fun. I guess he got pretty turned on, because he pulled the car over in a secluded area and we have the the wildest sex we’ve ever had on the car in the rain. Still a really awesome memory. 

Good for you for starting this thread.

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