(Closed) What’s the stupidest thing you have been un-friended over?

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Helper bee

wow, that guy was out of line. i can’t help but think that maybe he thought “unfriending” means he can win the argument or whatever.

the only time i got unfriended for an argument was…well, it was really stupid. i wasn’t even arguing! a friend had a status saying how he was surprised that “popular” girls would be nice to a nerd like him (and no, we’re not in high school anymore). i told him that nerdiness is cool now, thanks to the internet. somehow he took great offense to this. it started with a simple conversation back and forth–i didn’t even know he was upset at me so i kept up talking about the high school cliques and how the internet is affecting social stigmas, etc. before i knew it, he was telling me off, things getting very personal (i think he disliked that i considered myself to be nerdy, too). i had been sincere in my writing, but he was taking it for sarcasm in some way i think. even after attempting to apologize to cool him down, he just got angrier. soon, i was unfriended. it was really sad to me, but i’ve since gotten over it. he’s really not someone i want to spend time with online or offline anyway.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I have only been unfriended once that I know of.  I am so bad about keeping up on my “friends” list.  I was unfriended by a foul mouthed second cousin that thought it was appropriate to turn every thread into sexual inuendos or political rants.  My mom called him on the carpet for it and he tried to excuse his behavior because it was the internet.  There is just something weird and freaky about a guy that will take a family members thread and turn it sexual, just gross.   I sent him a PM telling him off for treating his family that way and he unfriended me.  Thank goodness.  He just beat me to the punch.  Most of the women in my family have unfriended him, his language is truly over the top. 

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Helper bee

That reminds me of little kids saying “You’re not invited to my birthday party anymore!”

I’ve never been unfriended for a dumb reason like that that I know of. And I usually only delete people when I go through my list every once in awhile and just delete the people that I don’t ever talk to anymore. I’ve never deleted someone just cuz I got mad at them.

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Helper bee
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i had a friend block me on facebook and skype this week only because i sent her e ¨hey¨message once every few days in the chat box for like 2 months…she was one of my best friends all throughout college so i sent her a PM asking her wat the deal is….is never responds to wall posts,  chat messages, skype nothing. i thought maybe she had sumthing personal going on….. and she writes me back ¨im not mad ur just annoying¨ i told her i was just tryig to be a good friend and keep in touch since everyone had been drifiting in diff directions, well she read it and blocked me….


sounds like some pms hm<?

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Bumble bee
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She wasn’t a “friend” but a co-worker.. she had gotten an interview at a vet school and all she did was complain about much she hated the school. I told her she should withdraw her other application so people who wanted to go there got a chance. She unfriended me AND blocked me. 

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I had a friend that would un-friend me anytime there was any kind of disagreement.

The most “you’ve got to be kidding me” time was when I “ruined” the night b/c I didn’t have “fun”. It had been quite awhile (almost a year) since we had hung out and in that time I had stopped drinking and going to the club. Well we wanted to hang so I was like SURE! I decided that whatever they wanted to do worked for me and was totally fine with that… but I guess since I felt a little weird at the club when we first got there and declined drinking I wasn’t “fun” and I ruined my friend’s night… which I heard all about when we did finally leave.

Next morning I was un-friended. =/

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Bumble Beekeeper

I have no idea who’s ever unfriended me or why because it hasn’t been done by anyone I care about.  I’ve cleaned out my fb friends list quite a few times and usually I unfriend people if a) I don’t talk to them anymore, or b) they’re annoying.  Sometimes it’s both, haha.

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Sugar bee
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My sister unfriended and blocked me.  She got pissed at me in February (still not sure what it was about).  Unfortunately, she was using her friends and husband to “spy” on me, so I had to unfriend them.  I didn’t block them though since my profile can’t be seen by anyone except friends.

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Helper bee
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I had written the comment, “Nobody has any business saying rock climbing, or any sport, is dangerous, if they have NEVER done the sport before. Seriously, you don’t have the authority and I won’t respect your opinion.”  It turned into a great conversation about how life is full of risks.  It was best summed up by a friend who rides motorcycles:

“A little ‘acceptable risk’ and adrenalin are the spice of life and if properly equipped, trained, skilled and executed, risks are minimized. The “Safety Nazis,” however, would much prefer to outlaw EVERYTHING to “protect us from ourselves” and remove even the remotest possibly of risk — regardless of the personal gain and accomplishment we net!”

Pitbulls were mentioned, and this other friend chimed in saying that “Pit bulls are definitely dangerous. It’s a pity that just any idiot can own one. People should have to get a license to own a pit bull, the same way we do for guns!” (He never had any experience with pit bulls, to my knowledge).

I talked about how more regulations will not do any good.  The very fact he brought up guns was ironic as they can be obtained and used illegaly.  Then I mentioned that despite his training and licensing for driving an automobile, he still had the unfortunate accident of hitting a dog, thus proof that he may be a danger on the roads.  Should we require that he no longer drive on the roads to protect the general public?

Somehow that upset him a lot and he unfriended me.  It surprised me a bit because we always had great discussions when we’re on opposite sides.  But it also didn’t surprise me because he is a bit immature.

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Sugar bee
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One of my close girlfriends had an arguement with her friend, “P”. I heard about the fight but didn’t say anything to her.  P deleted me off Facebook a few days later.  We didn’t have a close relationship at all, but I thought it was a pretty petty thing to be worked up over, especially when the fight didn’t involve me at all.

P had also RSVPed to my wedding.  After she deleted me, I was annoyed and noticed that she was still on the event’s page as “attending”.  So I just removed her from the list.  Save her the hassle. 

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Bumble bee
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I had a platonic (on my part) male friend un-friend me when my current SO and I went “Facebook official”. He is a really nice guy and I do value his friendship but he thought that there was a romantic possibility with us. Not only did he un-friend me but he sent me a message to tell me about it and why. He said he wasn’t mature enough to handle seeing me on Facebook. Hmm. Okay. I felt bad because I really did care for him as a friend. He recently sent me another friend request and I accepted because I’m pretty sure he’s over it (it’s been almost 2 years).

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Buzzing bee

@reine_de_rien: My friend pass was revoked by a dear friend after she went into a depression over a man that does not acknowledge she is alive in the world. He does not send her mixed messages, he tells her he is not interested in a relationship with her. He just had a baby by another woman. He does not call her and if he does he treats he very poorly. He may respond to her text every couple of months. Most times he does not bother responding. He does have sex with her maybe once or twice a YEAR and then again he is gone. If he has sex with her its usually to borrow her car or crash at her place because he is a broke loser. I’m not joking, he does not even have a job; my friend is a law student and works a full time corporate job. She stop speaking to me when she called crying and I told her she could do better and deserved to be treated like a lady. End of friendship! Wow. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I was unfriended by my sisters boyfriend for sticking up for my sister when his friends were bad mouthing her and he was agreeing and going along with it… NOT OKAY- just because she doesn’t have a facebook he thought he could get away with calling her names to his friends. This was before we met, we later had a falling out anyway and I seemed to have lost my sister all together.

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