(Closed) Whats the sweetest thing your Fi has ever done for you?

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Before we moved to the coast he came down first to start working and he lived at the fire station while looking for a house. Month later I flew down to look at some houses with him. He showed me a few. One was a cute started home that needed a little TLC but was nice. Another one was a really nice house one that I could see us raising a family in. It was a little more then we wanted to spend. So I flew one thinking we were going to buy the first one.

A few months later as a drove down with all our stuff we met up at wal-mart he blind folded me telling me he just had a small surprise at the house. He took me into the house and when he unblind folded me. I realized that he had bought the nicer family home for me as a surprise. 

It was the best thing ever.

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Awww Rungurl, crafting boys are so adorable.  I think my Fiance most romantic moment was on V-day too.  We were long distance (Albny NY to DC) at the time and in college (he was a freshman and I was a sophomore.  I hadn’t gotten a valentines card or flowers or anything so I was moaning about it all day, especially after seeing the UPS guy come and leave.  My roomies kept telling me they were sure something would turn up.  So when I came back to our dorm room after work around 6, my boy was waiting for me!  I was shocked!  He had arranged everything with one of roommates, bought a plane ticket, rode the metro, got the bus, and found my dorm on campus.  Then he left the next morning before my 9 am class.  I was floored that he would do all that for a little more then 12 hours with me.

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One thing that sticks out in my mind is that on 9/11/01 Fiance and I lived 3 hours apart.  We had been dating about 2 months but we had already professed our love for one another and thought the relationship was "the one." 

He drove 3 hours that evening just so he could sleep with me, and woke up at 5 am and drove back home for college class.  His reasoning was that he knew it was a life altering day in our lives and always wanted to remember that he spent it with me.

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I have a serious fear of the dentist.  The day I went for my cleaning, he rewarded me with a full body massage for my bravery!  🙂

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This is definitely an "awww" thread – love it!
The first time I stayed at his place on a weeknight (when we started dating), I was a bit worried about getting to work on time the next day as I had to take the train from his town to get to work.
When I got to his apartment, he pulled up right beihind me in the parking lot. I said "Oh, did you run to the store?". He said "Yeah, I bought your train ticket for tomorrow so you don’t have to worry about it, and I picked up a copy of the schedule. Now jump in my car so I can drive up to the station with so you’ll know exactly how to get there in the morning."…..sigh…..how could I not fall in love with a man that thoughtful and sweet. 🙂

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Awww. What sweet guys you all have!!

I broke my ankle almost a year into our relationship. Fiance took the day off of work to take me to the hospital and then take me home and take care of me, and call my family to tell them what had happened. He spent the next 4 weeks (while I was on crutches) coming over every morning (if he couldn’t spend the night) and every day right after work to take my dog outside, cook for me, help me into the shower, clean my apartment, etc, etc, etc. I think that month pushed me into official head-over-heels love!

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I love this thread!

I’m studying for the Bar exam right now, and driving myself crazy.  Since I started studying 2 months ago, Fiance has volunteered to do EVERYTHING in the house and for me.  Not only does he clean, cook, go shopping, do all the wedding stuff, and fields any phone call from my family that I don’t want to answer.  

Most importantly, he comes home every night after a 12 hour day at work (and usually frustrated from work), gives me a huge hug, smiles and says: "What can I do for you tonight, love?"  

It makes me melt every time. 

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Just this weekend I went on a winery tour for my bachelorette day. When the bus dropped us off back at my place my fiance had gone out for the evening but left two bottles of sparkling wine for us in the fridge. I love that he is so sweet to my friends as well as me. I wouldn’t say this is the sweetest thing he’s done but it’s the first thing to pop into my head.

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my boy is a real sweetie..our first valentine’s day was 2008, and it fell during a work day….we both work in the government, so he knows that access to my work building is tight, and don’t bother having anything delivered bc it will just get returned to sender…so my boy somehow manages to "take my apartment FOB" (to access my aparntment’s front door) off my key chain without me knowing.  that morning, he tells me that he is going to go into work a LITTLE late to run a few errands, and at this point, im stilll clueless..He calls me about an hour after I had been in work and tells me that i need to come outside of my office so that he can give me my FOB back (to which i begin getting on him a little bit, like why cant you remember to put stuff back where you got it from?!?!!) lol.

So when i get downstairs, I see the boy standing there with a dozen roses and a huge box of Godiva chocolates!!! He wanted to surprise me with the roses at work bc he knew that he couldnt have them delivered!!! He started saying all this sweet mushy stuff and all i wanted to do was hug and kiss him and leave work to spend the rest of the day with him!! needless to say, that was one of the sweetest memories!!  I was also the envy of the office that day (haha) and a lot of ladies must have gone home and told their SO’s bc quite a few ladies in the office got flowers in that same way for V-day this past year! lol.

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a couple years ago I was bed-ridden sick for about 2 months, in and out of the hospital etc. My Fiance did not even for a second stop doing things for me! he did absolutly everything, cooked me food, drove me places, carried me when I couldnt walk, bathed me (yeah….) gave me my medicine etc. it was at this point in my life where I knew this man was the one I would spend the rest of my life with. He could have ran off when I was sick (as this illness is now a common recurring ordeal, and knowing he will have to deal with this again) but he stayed by my side when others could have strayed. I love him for rubbing my head, and my body (even though most days it hurt to be touched) he was amazing!

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This might not be aw-worthy, but my husband proved he was the sweetest, most considerate person I know when my mom had a very serious, very sudden heart attack last year.  My mom was in critical condition for several days and spent a couple of weeks in the ICU.  I was beside myself and had no idea how to handle the stress.  My husband (who was my fiance at the time), was right there with me the whole time. 

He was kind and considerate not only to me, but to my sister and brother, too.  He took care of the house/cats/my job/school, whatever I asked and many things I didn’t ask.  He even took a shift at the hospital, so we could take a break/get some sleep.  He drove my brother to his drivers ed classes and took him back-to-school shopping.  One day, after my sister and I hadn’t slept for probably 30 hours, he showed up at the hospital with a pizza from our favorite place, a stack of our favorite magazines and our favorite snacks.

Thankfully, my mom made a full recovery and is very healthy today.  It was a terrible time for our family, but I can honestly say that it helped make my relationship with my husband stronger.  It was nice to have a partner to lean on and I will always remember how he was there for me and my family.  

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My Fiance, in my own opinion, is as fabulous and as sweet as a man can possibly come!  He does so many little and big things to make most, if not all, of my wishes come true.  He writes me these beautiful cards often (for no special occasions; but just b/c he felt like it) and leaves them around for me to find; he knows to send flowers when I’m down (or on special occasions); but most importantly, the sweeting gesture he made is when he went out and bought Rosetta Stone for Korean on all his own!  My parents’ English is limited, and he is serious about picking up Korean so that they can communicate better.  Also, b/c he knows it is important to me to raise our children with both cultures in mind.

First time I saw that yellow box sitting on his desk, I almost leaped up and kissed him all over! Haha.  (I just gave him a big hug and told him how much I appreciate him.)

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awww ladies, these are all so sweet. i’m swooning with you! My hubs has done a plethora of really sweet things, including taking care of me after surgeries and being understanding of my needs. He’s very attentive. But a few months ago, he just missed me so much that on a Monday, he googled me a flight for Thursday and just flew me out to see him.Completely random.

Also, i was flying to the UK last Sunday and was a major stress case as my company hadn’t booked my train tickets or a hotel. Even though it was our last day together, he cleaned the ENTIRE house of post-wedding junk for me so it was one less thing on my list. I knew what he REALLY wanted to do was watch baseball though.He even wrote me a note saying he loved me and tucked it into my makeup bag for me to see on my flight =]

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