What's the worse thing that happened to your food from eating out/to go?

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I had a shrimp w/mashed potato dish at a famous restaurant in Chicago for Christmas. All the shrimp looked cooked from the top but when I ate it all the shrimp had not been cooked on the other side. I’m talking cold and GREY! They had put the uncooked parts of all 8 jumbo shrimp right into the mashed potatoes. I sent it back and it was clear then just took off the shrimp and recooked them and placed them back into the mashed potatoes. I was pissed the did get me a fresh veg b/c the raw shrimp were literally marinating in the potatoes. I sent it back a 2nd time which I’ve NEVER done before at any restaurant… but WTF?!

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somathemagical :  considering shrimp take like 3 minutes to cook, that is just ridiculous

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Eating a steak sandwich from a Charley’s in the mall with my Boyfriend or Best Friend one afternoon and nearly cracked a tooth on something in the sandwich. I spit it out to find a piece of metal about an inch long had been buried in there—obviously one of the spatulas they had used to cook the meat had broken off in the food! I threw away the rest of my sandwich and let the people working behind the counter know, and their manager went absolutely ballistic screaming at the cooks.

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I live in West Africa and I’m shocked that these stories are presumably happening in America. I’ve never had anything like that here!

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Not me but a coworker next to me started screaming. She had started to eat her salad and part way through found a dead mouse

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Omg these stories! Thankfully I’ve never had anything like this before. Found a hair in my food once but it was a buffet in all fairness.

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Denny’s nearly killed me years ago. Had a skillet meal chock full of bacon. A small part of the issue is on me, I had a terrible habit of waiting until I was starving to eat then inhaling the first few barely chewed mouthfuls. Everything looked good on the surface. However, around the third bite I noticed the bacon texture was a bit off and so was the taste. Then I looked closer and some of the bacon was not cooked as thoroughly as I thought it should be. Lost my appetite. Politely asked for my money back and went home.

8 ish hours later and all hell breaks loose. If my a** wasn’t on the toilet my face was in it. I couldn’t keep a thing down, not even water. Ended up in the ER the second day needing IV fluids. That was my last time at Denny’s and my last taste of pork. I’d been able to wean myself off all parts of pig except bacon up to that point. Seemed like divine intervention. 🤮

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Eeeww some of these posts are so gross. I’m in Western Canada and the worst thing that keeps happening to me is they forget to include the sauce or don’t include enough sauce. I’m a literal sauce monster too, I don’t know how my husband puts up with me, I get so mad eating out sometimes.

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I have never bad a bad experience with the food at a restaurant before. But I did buy a head of broccoli at the grocery store once and while I was cutting it a big dead slug fell out. Grossed me out.

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Two experiences, both at Italian restaurants. Ordered a milkshake and started feeling weird bits in my mouth, pull out small bits of plastic. Turns out the had somehow ground up a milk bag in it.

Other time I bit into pasta onto something hard… a small screw. I assume a pot handle screw had fallen out. 

Both times I still paid for my meal. I was young and naive. If that happened now it would be a very different story.  

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Wow, reading these stories… i have no words! 

I live in Canada and the worst I’ve ever experienced is finding a hair in my food. I find it so surprising that a lot of these things managed to go undetected – I don’t even understand how it’s possible to miss a dead mouse in salad for example. 

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Not the restaurant’s fault, but when I was about 10 I was out with my parents and later on in the evening I took a swig from my Dad’s can of Dr Pepper. Turned out he’d finished the Dr Pepper already and used it as an ashtray.

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Omg this thread is making my skin crawl i thankfully haven’t had anything like this happen to me yet w/ eating out or getting it to go! 🤷‍♀️

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