(Closed) Whats the worst/scariest thing that has happened on vacation?

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I got my purse stolen while in New York. I lost my cell phone, keys, wallet, and worst of all, my ID. It was really difficult getting back on the plane without my Driver’s License. Luckily, I was still a minor, so I was able to get supporting info from the college where I was doing a summer high school program and get help from my parents back home, and I was subjected to more extensive searches.

Now, I always travel with at least my passport card (not the book for domestic travel) and keep it in my hotel room safe just in case. I’m trying to convince my Fiance to get a passport before our honeymoon for this exact reason.

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I got sent to Malaysia on business.  I was supposed to be meeting a co-worker there (at the airport) and transport was supposed to be there to take us to the hotel.

Well – I get to the airport and my checked bag is lost.  Like – completely lost.  When the airline scanned my claim ticket, the bag didn’t show up anywhere in their system.  No clue where it is.  Awesome.

So I give them the info on where I am staying in case it shows up and go to find my co-worker.  She’s not there and neither is the transport to the hotel.  I pull up my email to see if her flight was delayed or something and nothing.  So I get my own taxi to the hotel.

When I get to the hotel to check in, my credit card is declined (even though I had notified VISA that I would be in Malaysia).  I call VISA but with the 12 hour time difference (and it being the middle of the night in the US), the people at VISA I need to work with are off work.  The 24-help-desk people can’t do anything for me.

I finally get ahold of Darling Husband (who is at home) and he gives me his AmEx number that the hotel can put on my room so that I can check in.  But this is only a temporary fix as I am told I must present the actual card at checkout.  And I still don’t have a functioning credit card and have no clothes after I’ve been travelling for over 36 hours.  I’m literally crying at the check-in desk because I’m so frustrated.

Darling Husband moved extra money to our checking account so that I could use my debit card to go shopping and get something I can change in to (even if it is just new underwear).  But the stores in Asia carry clothes designed to fit tiny Asian women, not a size 12 American woman with big boobs like me.  So finding ANYTHING that I could even fit into was a nightmare.

Ultimately, it all worked out.  The airline found my bag and delivered it to my hotel the next afternoon.  Luckily my mom’s name was still on my credit card (in addition to mine) so she called VISA during their normal business hours (middle of the night for me in Malaysia) and got the problems fixed so my credit card worked again.  And my co-worker finally arrived the next day.

But man – I was insanely stressed out there for a while.

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On the way back from our honeymoon the flights took 26 hours. We were going from Rome to St. Louis. There were some weather related issues, which I know can’t be helped, but our plane diverted from Chicago to Indianapolis and while there we were given 0 info on what was going on, the flight attendants went MIA, there was no toilet paper and we were complaining of being thirsty (hello we were just on a 10 hour flight!) and received nothing. I made a complaint to the airline…they surprisingly called me personally to appologize and gave us $400 in travel vouchers. 

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I ended up in Rome, alone, for 2 days with only about 60 euros in cash and no way to get more. My friend was living in Europe so I went to visit and we decided to take a side-trip to Rome for  2 days. Little did I know that as I had arrived at the airport and used my credit card to make a phone call someone had stolen the number and the bank had put a hold on my card. As we’re about to board the plane they won’t let her on because she didn’t have her passport (should have been fine, but was just this particular airline’s policy). So she tells me to go without her…when I get to the hotel they require me to pay for the room in all cash. When I tried to get more cash from the ATM my card was rejected. I still had a good time aside from being totally freaked out.

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I got snowed into an airport hotel in Albuquerque. Alone. For three days. Over New Year’s Eve. While my best friend who lives across the country from me was visiting the city I was trying to get back to for two days.

The room next to mine was rented on New Year’s Eve by a few couples for their kids and a babysitter, so the parents could party. The kids bounced off the walls all night long.

The hotel ran out of most food except meat. I’m a vegetarian. I lived for most of the time on peanuts and M&Ms from the vending machine.

On the last day, I walked through the snow (since cabs and buses weren’t running) down the access road to the nearest restaurant. I think it was a Friday’s – but it may have been an Applebees or a Chili’s. I sat down at a table, opened the menu, and there wasn’t a SINGLE GODDAMN THING on their menu that was vegetarian. (This was several years ago; they may be better by now.) I asked the waitress if they could fix me a grilled cheese sandwich. She went to the kitchen to check, came back, and said, “I’m sorry, but we don’t have any bread.” I almost cried. I ended up getting the worst salad I’ve ever had (old, dry iceberg lettuce, dry shredded cheese) and some french fries.

I have never in my life been so glad to get home from a trip.

(I realize this doesn’t compare with many problems, particularly those that involve international travel, but oh my god, after three days with no real food, unable to leave the hotel and go anywhere in the city, and missing my one chance to see my bff that year, I was just in tears every time I talked to Darling Husband or anyone else.)

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Honey bee
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While driving from CT to New Orleans we got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday and had to drive 3 hours on a donut to the nearest city that had an open tire place, and when we got there they said they didn’t have the right kind of tire after all.

Not nearly as bad as these other stories!


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Bumble bee
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I was once vacationing with an ex (he’s an ex for a reason), when he was arrested in the middle of the state fair we were visiting.  I had no idea why.  I didn’t get to talk to him.  I had no idea how to get home.  I had no idea what the hell was going on or how long he’d be held.  He finally got to call hours later (after I’d cried a ton), and he was released about 24 hours after.  He never gave me the real reason he was held (said it was a case of “mistaken identity”…yeah, BS).  A year later I  found out he was placed on probation and I never knew about that either. He’d been sneaking off to court dates and community service by leaving home in his work uniform then changing into other clothes after he’d left the house.  What a fun mess of a man. 🙁

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When I was 15, a naked man chased my friend and I through a parking garage in Florida.

Same trip, we were hit by a tropical storm. I was really bitter about not being able to swim in the gulf, so I went out there by myself. I’m a strong swimmer, but the current pulled me under and I was drowning. A man in the condo complex saw me, called 911, and he was able to pull me put himself but I did lose consciousness and had to be resuscitated.


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@Ellegee:  Ok, near-death is a pretty strong contender for worst thing to happen!

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How upsetting!  I’m glad you found your daughter’s leggie.  Poor baby, that must have been hard to deal with 🙁  

I guess I’ve been lucky because the worst thing that ever happened to me was getting shitfaced at a VFW hall with some friends in Ft. Myers (we were underage and some guys Mom worked there so we were able to drink) and getting sexually harassed by a 60 + year old Elvis wanna-be who called himself Deputy Dawg. 

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It wasn’t to me in particular – but I was on a trip with a large group of people.  One of the girls I was with left her passport on the plane while we were connecting through a foreign country.  We almost got stuck in Finland over it… luckily, the flight attendant found it and brought it to security to claim before the plane took off again!

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  • Wedding: September 2012

We got lost in South Carolina in a middle of nowhere town at night and saw the KKK. We were beyond terrified as we were a very diverse group of friends. My then Boyfriend or Best Friend was frightened and our car got stuck in small ditch. I thought for sure my lady friends and I would all be raped and the guys would be beaten. We all rushed out of the car and pushed that son of beeatch out of the ditch and drove like at bat out of hell before they could reach us. Luckily, when we reached the main highway they gave up and stopped follwing us. I think they weren’t gutsy enough to persue us on a heavily populated road. I’m never going back down there. 

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We were in Greece on a fairly remote island, on a very remote beach at our friends rehersal dinner for 100 people. Remote enough to have had to take a boat to get it it. Before dinner while we were having drinks and mingling, our friend (the bride) came up to us, and said something that made my Fiance laugh while he was eating something. She walked away, and I though that he was still laughing really hard, so I smacked his arm, and asked him to tell me what she said. It was then that I realized he was choking and turning blue.

There were so many people around, and I know that he doesn’t like being the center of attention, so while being really discreet, I went around behind him, and tried the Heimlich. The first time, I could tell I didn’t do it forcefully enough, So tried again. Out flew a chunk of bread!

We had some other friends that were there, and one of them was an EMT. There would have been no time at all for me to run and get him, but he was very impressed that I was able to act so quickly. Most people don’t know what to do in those first few seconds, and many people die, even with a bunch of people around. He said I saved FI’s life!


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