(Closed) What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever gotten?

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Blushing bee

I don’t know about worst but most awkward happened 2 weeks ago…


I was out with the SO and his much older boss at a pub by our place…  Boss went out for a smoke and SO went to the bathroom leaving me to man the table.  As soon as both of them were out of sight a guy walked up to me and all he said was “Are you with BOTH those guys!??”  I do not think he meant it how I took it but I was a little tipsy and all I could think to say was “ummm I’m not really into that kind of thing, but the younger one is my SO, yes.”  He looked awkward and just walked away after that.

What happened to a simple “hello”?

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Bumble bee
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Was in a club. A guy comes and whispers in my ear ‘is that a mirror in your pants? Cos I see myself in them baby’

Shudder. So gross.  

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: October 2012

At a basement college party:

“Want to go upstairs?  I want to show you a room.” – as he’s rubbing up against me and trying to make out.

…really?  hahahaha.

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Busy bee
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Most of the time I get hit in, it’s by creepy guys so I have an arsenal of bad pick ups. The latest one was at work (I wait tables). My customer came in crazy drunk and while I waited on him, he asked if I was Baptist. I stupidly told him “No” and he said “we need to fix that” got up, and tried to make out with me. DH works with me so luckily he was there to run up and save me. We called the cops after that one.

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Worker bee
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For some reason I always get hit on at gas stations, bookstores, and grocery stores.

Worst gas station attempt: I was 18ish and getting gas and this guy in his 50s starts telling me the specs of his sports car and then says, “So, where should I pick up tonight at 7?”  I lied and told him I had a boyfriend. And then he offered to pay for my gas. Eeeeww…

I love bookstores, but somehow I always attract the losers there too. Worst attempt: I’m reading the back of a new best selling women’s self help book on display and this guy comes over, picks up another copy of the same book, pretends to flip through it and then -shock- suddenly notices we’re looking the same book and proceeds to ask me if I’ve read it. Ugh. Why yes, I have read it thats why I’m reading the back to decide whether nor not read it… And I can’t believe we’re both into the same book! Let’s have sex. Really?!

Reason I’ve stopped wearing makeup to the grocery store: This guy followed me around the store and kept starting conversations about potatoes, cereal, cheese, etc. He thought it was super cute to go the opposite direction down the aisle and then meet me in the next one and say, “We’ve got to stop meeting like this!”  He got in line behind me to check out and started suggesting things we could cook. “I’ll bring my x over and we can make x. Or you bring over x and x to my place and we’ll cook x together.”  My friends thought it was a cute story, but it creeped my out!

I liked the way my Fiance asked me out, though my friends though it was creepy lol. He drew a stick figure interpretation of “the first time we met” at a coffee shop I worked at. He labeled us, the coffee, his laptop and my smile, and asked if he could buy me a coffee sometime. 🙂

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Honey bee
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“That shirt looks very becoming on you.  Of course, if I were on you I would be coming too.”

“Do you have italian in you?  Would you like some?”

Believe it or not, these two gems were from the same creepy guy.Yuck.  Just yuck!

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

I have legit gotten the “did it hurt…. When you fell from heaven?” line… Ugh 

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Bee Keeper
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@MrsFuzzyFace:  Ewwwwww HAHAHAHAHAH that’s terrible!

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Bee Keeper

I played World of Warcraft pretty seriously for about 6 years and as a result I have quite a few WoW t-shirts. I can’t even tell you home many times I’ve gotten the creepy “So, what server do you play on?” with a wink crap while wearing them out and about.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: October 2012

I give off a really good “stay away from me” vibe so I haven’t gotten a lot of weird lines. .

the strangest one was years ago.  A guy who kept asking me what time it was even though I wasn’t wearing a watch.  (this was before cell phones/blackberrys/things that showed the time)  

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: March 2011

“Hey, I bought you this pitcher of Bud Light, since you look over 21.”


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2014

I used to work in the collections field and I had a guy on the phone near closing time (9pm) trying to get out of paying his bill. I asked him how to pronounce his last name and he says “You better learn to pronounce your future last name sweetie” before proceeding to ask me if he could come all the way from NYC to take me on a date.

Flattering yes.

I said hell to the no for 2 reasons:

1. Im already engaged

2. I can see your credit report SWEETIE…it doesnt look good.

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Bumble bee
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A guy I knew came up to me, gave me a big hug, started stroking my hair, and said,

 “hey, how’s your head?”

Me: “fine”

him: “would you care to demonstrate?” and put his hand to his fly.

Yup. Pure class.



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Helper bee
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@metalbride:  OMG are you kidding me??!! LMFAO

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: April 2012


I had one of those butterfly t-shirts…you know the ones with the big fat butterfly that spanded the chest area. I was waiting at the bus stop and a guy pulls up and says, “Nice butterfly, if I rub it, will it fly?” Never wore that shirt again, I threw it away.

Was making out with a guy once, when he said, “I always get exactly what I want…”. I walked away after that.

“You have nice eyes.” I closed my eyes and said what color are they? “Green?” Nice try dude, they are blue.

I drive a Dodge Caliber. Was at the gas station when the guy next to me (He literally looked like “E” from Entourage and was staring at me with this stupid smile on his face) asks if my car was a 6. I was like “6, you mean like a V6?” and he said. “Yeah.” I said, “Um…no…” He said, “Okay….well have a great day.” and continued to stare at me that stupid smile!!!

Wow…I seem to have alot of these, anyway thought of another one. I was at the cafe at school eating lunch, when this guy randomly sits next to me and tries to strike up a conversation. I ignore him and pretend I am looking at my phone. He says, “You look like a dancer.” I put down my phone and glared at him, “What exactly do you mean by that?!” and he started fumbling trying to change the subject when I lied and said “I gotta go, my BOYFRIEND is waiting for me.”

Probably more embarrassing for me then anything. I was at an Adema concert with my girl friends and was completely wasted. I was off by myself somewhere totally rocking out when a guy came up to me and said. “You are incredibly hot.” I stopped rocking out and threw up all over my feet. Was kicked out promptly after that with my poor friends carrying me out to the car.

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