(Closed) What’s the WORST thing your SO has ever said to you in a fight ?h

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I admit this wasn’t my Fiance but my ex, but whenever he said this I knew he was really saying “f*** you!”

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“You treat me more like a servant than your boyfriend sometimes.”  That one stung but I’ll admit, I had an attitude adjustment REAL fast. 

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@MrsNerdy:lol! im sorry, i shouldn’t have laughed but i so know what you mean.

We all say some pretty messed up ish in the heat of the moment. My Fiance tried to get an attitude with me…but bwah ha ha i am so much more a fighter than he! he is so mild its hilariious.


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I’m sorry your feelings got hurt in an argument, but do try to not dwell on it. Thinking about hurtful things over and over just makes me feel even more miserable.

Fortunately, SO and I don’t fight much and when we do fight, we fight nice. We don’t ever yell or call names. Probably the worst thing either of us has said is “you always ___” when that, of course, isn’t true.

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We don’t fight too often, and even if it is getting really heated we rarely say mean things. One time I full intended to yell at him and call him a jack***, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it so I blurted out JackBass instead, haha. That’s our go-to name-calling now. When he wants to sting me he brings up how much I earn compared to him and how he pays for a lot of our things. But thankfully that doesn’t come up in a malicious way very often.

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I won’t quote the hurtful things my Fiance has said to me. We have said some things that really hurt in the heat of the moment….but on very rare occasion. We have never name called or anything like that. Just know that times like this will come, however so few and far between nothing can burn like cruel and unkind words from your beloved. You have to take some time, talk it out and forgive one another if you really love one another. Also, vow never to say such things to eachother again. And never go running to your parents and your girlfiends and tell them what he said everytime your Fiance and you get in a fight (unless he’s abusive but I dont’ think this is the case here). You need to trust that you can work things out between you like adults and not add to it by having others judge him.

Good luck!

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I always make a point never to say things in arguments that I don’t mean. I’ve had really mean things said to me before by exes, and it always hurts my feelings. I feel like if you say something like that in the heat of an argument, some part of you really means it.

That being said, my Fiance now hasn’t really ever said anything horrible to me, mostly because I don’t push his buttons. He does have more of a temper than I do, though, and has a bad habit of walking out of the room in the middle of a fight, which makes me sooo mad. But that’s really it. That’s just one of the many reasons why he’s such a keeper.

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Honestly, Fiance is not a big fighter. This is good, because I’m a bit of a firecracker. I don’t think he could ever say something really mean and hurtful, which is great because I would take it way too seriously. The absolute worst thing he can do for me, however, is ignore me during a fight. It drives me nuts, when I just want to talk about something and he blows it off. It usually dissolves the fight, but I can’t help but feel that the issue isn’t really resolved. I’m kinda a b*tch though, haha, so I might say some mean things during an argument, but I never actually mean them, it just slips out. So just try not to take things that are said during a fight too personally, because words just fly out!

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@MsATC: Haha, I literally busted out laughing reading that. How funny!

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I tried to think of something mean he has said, but I really can’t. I however say mean and terrible things and can think of plenty of those :/

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He said once “You’ve been a bitch all week” and that hurt like he said he killed my mom or something equally awful because he NEVER says hateful nasty things so it was a yucky argument. However, that has only happened once in a year and a half. We are lucky to hardly ever fight. 

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My Fiance has had anger issues in the past… so he’s said pretty hurtful things that I knew he didn’t mean. I feel bad quoting, but… the one that hurt me the most is he would just repeat “go f*** yourself.” Not a good feeling. It took… a while, but he’s learned to handle his anger and hasn’t said anything really mean to me in a year or so. I’m really proud of him. I too have said some not nice things, and I’m not proud of that. We’re both very emotional people and have had to learn how to appropriately argue. We’ve never said “I don’t love you” or “I hate you” or anything like that. Really nothing personal, just general insults that you should never say to the person you love– which is the conclusion he came to.

Fights do happen. Lines may get crossed. But they can turn around… Good luck.

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he and i would both agree that my razor sharp tongue is one of my worst flaws. I am a generally passive person simply because i dont like drama and think most things are stupid to get all up in arms over. HOWEVER, once I am pushed to the point of blind anger its best to just back away slowly. I have said some doozies. I wont even repeat some of the things that have flown out of my mouth. He knows me well enough to call me out and be like “ya right, you dont mean that, now calm yourself before your head explodes”. then i get more mad and i sit there and yell likea  two year old about how i did mean it! i did i did i did!!!! it usually gets to the point where its just funny after a few minutes that I keep insisting while stomping my feet that i did mean it and then in a low sheepish voice ill say “ok maybe i didnt”. he knows how to handle me after knowing me for as long as he has (we have quite an extensive past that goes beyond our current relationship).

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DH called me a bitch once in a moment of anger. That hurt. 3 years later he’s never said it again.

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