(Closed) What’s the WORST thing you’ve witnessed at a reception?

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: September 2010

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. These are horrible stories!! I have one, but I didn’t actually attend the wedding myself. I was told about it by a few different people the next day. Basically, the bride and groom thought their wedding reception was the best time to announce that she was prego!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2009 - Rancho Bernardo Inn

This post makes me laugh…I’m not sure I have anything to compete.  Other than a bunch of dogs got loose at backyard wedding and created some chaos.

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Blushing bee

A dear friends daughter got married some years ago and her Mom refused to be involved because she had recently beome a ‘radical lesbian”.  Now, I have been a feminist and involved in the women’s movement for years and have lots of gay friends who have been great MOB’s.

Anyway, the Mom shows up with her lover and dirty dances on the dance floor. When they toss the garter she loudly announces that no ‘self respecting dyke’ would miss a garter toss.

She stepped on and tore her daughers train and left the reception with a case of champagne.

I had known her for 20 years. At one point I told her she was not a radical anything…just a bad cartoon character that made the women who have been fighting for equality a bad name.

It was awful. The night ended with her in the bridal suite drunk and hit her head and the bride and groom had to take her to ER.

Worst wedding ever!

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Similar to futuremrsbrown entry…


Although this was an awkward thing, not the worst.

I caught the bouquet, and my mom’s boyfriend caught the garter and everyone at the wedding was egging us on, not realizing the situation. I was so embarassed trying to hide and felt terrible just leaving the room. But uh, no thanks – I was not having any of that! The cake story has got to the worst! Who takes a piece of cake?

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This post is both entertaining and horrifying.  I hope nothing crazy happens at my wedding…..

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How about at a rehearsal? They were practicing the end of the ceremony, the pastor said “you may now kiss the bride” to which she replied “do I have to?” AND SHE WAS SERIOUS.  She didn’t want to kiss him the night before the wedding…

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Honey Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2009

HAHAHA! These are hilarious! And yet, horrifying.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: January 2010 - Trinity Presbyterian Church/Harrison Opera House

My parents told me that at my cousin’s wedding, the DJ went a little off script for the bouquet and garter toss.  He had the person catching the garter place it as far up the thigh of the woman catching the bouquet as he could . . . with his teeth.  It was incredibly awkward for everyone!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

I am really starting to rethink the whole bouquet and garter toss…

This post is hilarious but also horrifying!! I am so worried that there is going to be drunken fighting at my wedding. We have some characters in my family o.O

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: September 2010

These are all hilarious yet horrible!

8yrs ago my family was at a wedding where only vegan food was served. We (the kids) were starving, so my Dad got us some bread he found on a table next to us.  A little later in the reception the rabbi starts to present a covered loaf of bread to the guest and says “May their marriage be as whole and pure as this loaf of holla bread that the grooms mother has prepared just for their union” As he lifts the cover he reveals the half eaten loaf to the horrified guests! The couple actually got divorce a few years later. Oops.

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  • Wedding: July 2011

I haven’t attended many weddings but the most recent I attended was my FBIL’s. First of all, the best man gave a HORRIBLE toast, went way overboard on the story telling and completely made no sense at all and forgot to even mention the bride at any point in time. He clearly thought it was a time to recall his and the grooms past of “single shenanigans.”

Half of the guests left right after dinner so there were 3 hours left to spare with only 7 of the 14 tables of people left. Sad for the bride and groom.

Then, we all realized the date of one of the guests was trying to sleep with every single male in the place. She was clearly a wedding crasher. She went in the room while the guys were getting ready (first hand info from Fiance, who was in the wedding party), she got completely hammered and was literally pushing girls out of the way to dance with their dates, she kept going around drinking out of peoples glasses, hugging and kissing on all the guys, went and puked in the grass, came back in and caught the bouquet and pretty much molested the poor guy who had to put the garter on her, she wouldn’t let this one girl have her boyfriend back during a dance that she cut into and they nearly got into a fight and then at the end of the night she tried to make out with my Fiance after they came out of the bathrooms at the same time and I put her in her place and she tried to start a fight with me and while she was yelling and tossing herself around to be “intimidating” she broke the strap on her dress and exposed half her bra. The only normal thing this girl did was dance a few songs with her little girl.

Not more than a few days after the wedding, I was looking at videographers in my area for my wedding and they usually have sample videos. THAT GIRL was in one of the wedding videos!! The same red dress, same hairstyle, same shoes, same glasses. If she wasn’t in the spotlight of the video, I could see her in the background stumbling around and grabbing on everyone and dancing with her daughter. She really WAS a wedding crasher!!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

I was at a reception where the caterer screwed up and provided food for 50 people, not 150 people.  So we ran out of food and were munching on veggie trays until more food was brought.  It turned out well though, so we watched the bride and groom open presents.  That was fun.

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Worker bee

I’ve only ever been to 2 weddings, so I don’t have any horrible stories like the rest of these Wink

At one of my best friend’s weddings a couple years ago (I was MOH), the ceremony & reception was at the same estate, and when it finally came time for the music and dancing part… no one participated. No one. It was mid-afternoon, to be fair, and a non-alcoholic wedding to boot, but still… no one got up and danced?? I was horrified for her. The poor bride and groom stood in the middle of the dance floor just waiting for someone else to go out there. I was still eating cake and didn’t even know this had begun until my guy felt so bad for them, he pulled me out there to do the chicken dance and hokey pokey! (Yes, chicken dance and hokey pokey). After that, most of the bridesmaids and a couple of the bride’s siblings joined in, but still. Pretty sad.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2009

When I was about 14, I attended the afternoon wedding of the son of some good family friends.  About halfway through the ceremony, I noticed that the groom looked *really* sick.  At one point, he was visibly swaying at the altar!  He managed to make it through, but I noticed in the receiving line that his new wife looked *incredibly* pissed off, and they didn’t seem to have much fun at the reception because the groom was just holding his head in his hands and the bride was trying to grit her teeth and smile at the guests.

I later found out the whole story from my dad (who played the organ for the wedding).  The groom is a very straight arrow, almost never drank, but the night before, his groomsmen had gotten him loaded and he was violently ill on the morning of the wedding.  The bride was very religious and did not approve of drinking at all, and when she reached the altar and realized how much alcohol he must have had in order to look that ill, she just got angrier and angrier throughout the ceremony!  Yikes.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: January 2010

I went to a wedding where a girl friend of the bride and her date who were seated across from me, my fiance and his parents proceeded to get trashed ASAP. The bride worriedly called a cab for them when they tried to drive themselves home. The couple got in a screaming match with the brides family, groom and wedding party(including my fiance) in front of everyone. Even after being paid by the brides sister, the cab soon returned the belligerent drunk couple to the restaurant where they proceeded to cuss out everyone again. Finally the bride’s sister punched the girl in the face. Seven cops showed up and stood around for a half hour because the girl threatened to file assault charges before the cab once again took the couple home. They never apologized to the bride either. What a night!

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