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  • Wedding: February 2013

@tranquility:  This thread makes me sad as well. With the exception of a few uncomfortable environmetal factors all the other complaints seem jaded. Cold cuts? Bad decor? Cheap drinks? Really?! Sounds like some judgmental princesses up in here.  

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: February 2013 - Colonial Country Club, Ft. Myers, FL

I’ve got a doozy as well. I havn’t mentioned it on here yet because it made me SO angry. Fiance and I went to a friend’s wedding a few months ago. He was a groomsman, and this friend is actually going to be Bridesmaid or Best Man at our wedding.

I want to start off by saying that I give the bride and groom the benefit of the doubt when it comes to all the nonsence that ensued, I don’t think they truly knew the extend of SOME of what went on.

This was a Friday wedding at 5 pm, at a lake. That is ALL WE KNEW.

Even the “invitation”, which was just a postcard with random words printed on it, didn’t even have a date on it.

  • There is SERIOUS lack of communication going on with everyone involved in this wedding. The Best Man was responsible for telling the GM’s when the batchelor party was, but Fiance never got a call or e-mail until 2 days before.
  • We were planning on coming up the night before, but because we got the batchelor party info last minute  (which stated the party was a Thursday morning sporting event) so we had to scramble to change hotel and work arrangements to get there in time.
  • Fiance was berated by GM’s because they said “he should have known about the plans”
  • We are told that there is a bonfire Thurs night and we have to attend. Again, berated because we “should have known about this already”
  • Go to bonfire, and we are told to be at rehearsal at 9 am Fri morning. I am also asked to please do Henna for the bride because the person who was supposed to do it “didn’t feel like it”. (Groom is Indian, btw….and I am a makeup artist). I said okay, but it takes 2 hours to apply. Bride decided after several hours she didn’t want to do it then and wanted it done the day of the wedding.
  • Since the hotel they chose is an hour away from the venue (convenient!) I had no choice but to go with Fiance to rehearsal because he was my ride. We get there at 9 am and no one is there. I mean no one. We thought we went to the wrong place. At this point we wouldn’t be surprised if they changed venues and didn’t tell us.
  • Entire bridal party shows up an hour and a half later. They had no excuse for being late nor did they give an apology. Rehearsal goes as planned and we break for lunch.
  • Told to go have lunch and be ready for the ceremony by 4 pm.
  • Come back from lunch where we are then told by the bride and Maid/Matron of Honor that we have to help set up the entire venue. You name it, we had to do it.
  • The bride says to me, “Oh, btw can you do the music?” Ummm come again???? They had no DJ, they were using a speaker, and a playlist on a laptop and did not have anyone to play music for them. I told her I felt very uncomfortable doing this and I thought I was a guest. I was made to feel guilty because “everyone else had jobs to do”. So I reluctantly agreed because I was afraid yet another task would be added to FI’s list of things to do.
  • Fiance is forced to schlep 120 folding chairs onto the lake (over 100 yards away) while almost all the GM’s went to the mall (I kid you not) to get haircuts and shirts to wear. They couldn’t have done this the day before????!!!
  • I accompanied the bride to get ready since I had to do her Henna. The home she got ready in belonged to the Maid/Matron of Honor. It was a gorgeous home, but it was utterly filthy. There were dead roaches on the carpet and dirty bathwater in the tub. Dirty underwear and wet towels on the floor and dust and crap everywhere. And this is where the bride is putting on her gown. WOW.
  • Get back to the venue, where I am handed a laptop, 6 cords and a speaker system and told to set it up at the ceremony site. I’m not a freakin audio engineer, I don’t know how to set up a sound system.
  • The guests are being seated with no music because no one will help me or tell me what to do with this stuff and the bride is literally starting to head down.
  • Finally someone helps me, but then tells me I’m in the way and I need to sit behind a giant speaker and play the music so no one will see me. Therefore, I didn not get to see the ceremony.
  • After the ceremony, I tell Maid/Matron of Honor that I refuse to do the music at reception, and she gets an attitude with me.
  • Reception consisted of fast food BBQ and cans of soda, all served by the bridal party. One guest, a girlfriend of one of the groomsman, told me when she walked in she was told she had to serve food.
  • No music was played until until after the first hour because no one knew how to work the equipment. Sooo awkward and silent.
  • Fiance and I were both angry and tired and we didn’t even get to share one dance. Plus the food was cold and the soda was warm.
  • After Bride and Groom depart, Maid/Matron of Honor says we have to clean up. Instead, Fiance grabs my hand and we leave without saying goodbye. It was a silent drive back to the hotel.


After an hour of just laying in bed, Fiance turns to me and says, “After tonight I realize something….spend whatever you need to spend in order for you not to cry on your wedding day”

These people had 8 months to plan, and it seems like everything was thrown together in a matter of weeks. It honestly came off as if they could not care less about their wedding or their guests.

I believe the bride and groom knew we were doing all these chores, but I don’t think they knew that WE had no idea of what we were in for. I’m 99% sure that the Maid/Matron of Honor volunteered us and didn’t tell the bride and groom that she never cleared it with us. Had Fiance known that his help would be required, he would have happily done it. The fact that it was assumed and expected is unacceptable.

The Maid/Matron of Honor was a HUGE bitch and had a major attitude, and I had no problem telling her that I didn’t like her or any of them. I didn’t know anyone in this wedding other than the bride and groom (FI knew them from school but not well) and the only reason I helped do any of this crap was for my Fiance. I felt so bad for him and I know that he’s hurt and resentful of the whole experience.

We have not said anything yet to his friend, and we still want him as our Best Man, but we need to get a few things off our chest.


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  • Wedding: September 2012

I feel a little awful for posting this one as it was a close friends, but I was shocked through out the whole thing, including the engagement!

Right after we graduated high school one of my best friends (the bride) moved two states over, she had been with her boyfriend at the time for four years, and they had agreed that he would transfer with his job and university after the first semester. I had known them both for years and years and they were very mature so no one (including parents) had been surprised or against this.

Well, about a year after she moved I got a call from her saying she was engaged, I was super happy for her and asked her how our mutual friend and her longtime boyfriend had propsed… well, turns out she wasn’t engaged to him!

She explained to me that she had broken up with him last week after finding ‘true love’. This true love was in the for of a man 14 years our senior, from another country, who didn’t have a green card. Turns out she broke up with her boyfriend for this guy, and within the first week or so he proposed, no ring, nothing. I was more than a little skeptical. We continued talking and she told me the wedding was going to be in two and a half months, and she really wanted me to be there, so despite everything I looked into what it would take to get there and helped her with the wedding long distance.

Long story short, they had a ten person (including them) wedding, that her parents didn’t support, but couldn’t do anything because she was 3 months over 18 at the time. The reception and ceremony all took place in the same room, where they served deli meat and cheese platters from the grocery store, no drinks, and a cake her mom had made them that was a few days old. They had no rings, no music, no first dance, no decor, thrift store wedding clothes, and dollar store invites. Everyone seemed to be in a sour mood, the brides stockings and shoes didn’t fit her, and she didn’t know his full name at the time.  I would normally overlook all of this if a couple was having a restricted budget wedding, love is what matters in the end, but my friend was freshly 18, and marrying a 32 year old that she didn’t know the first thing about, who seemed like he was in it for his citizenship…

Two years later, he is about to get his citizenship so we will see where it goes from here, but they are still living in her bedroom at her parents house with a baby on the way.

I truly wish them the best and I hope they have a love that lasts the ages, but it was a hell of a shock for me! 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

@mwitter80:  did someone call on the groom for smoking cannabis ?

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

My story definitely isn’t as bad as some others.

I went to a wedding where the reception was split into two rooms. The main room held the head table, the dance floor, the DJ, the cake, and some guest tables. The other room was for the rest of us guests not deemed important enough to sit in the main room. Because we were separated from the head table and DJ, we missed the first dance, cutting of the cake, etc. Nothing was ever announced in the second room, so we didn’t see anything.

There was nothing to drink except beer, although the wedding party and family/”close friends” had other drinks available to them.

All in all it wasn’t a disaster, but the “secondhand guests” definitely knew we were the B team.

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Bumble bee


In the words of Janice from Friends.


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  • Wedding: November 1999

@liquidschwarrtz:  Yikes that’s horrible. But I would place the blame with the bride and groom, not the Maid/Matron of Honor. It sounds to me like the Maid/Matron of Honor was given too much responsibility, and the bride and groom are to blame for that.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2014

The last wedding I went to was for my aunt’s step son from a previous marriage (there were at least 7 parents on the program, though it may have been 9). He is about 15 years older than me and married a girl who I vaugely knew from high school who graduated a year before me. First off, it was strange to go to the wedding of a girl I barely knew. They had a female pastor who decided that a 15 minute tangent on divorce was appropriate in the middle of the wedding ceremony. Personally I was horrified that the pastor would even bring up divorce in the middle of a wedding. After the ceremony there was no recieving line, and they annouced that they would have one before the reception in the basement of a bowling alley (the same place his half brother had his wedding a few years before).  The bridal party was late to the reception and when they showed up they were completely trashed. Most of my family never even got to speak to the bride and groom. There was no organized cake cutting and we were never sure if it was ok for us to start eating the dessert that was set out. It looked like normal cake at first, but then we realized that it was cheesecake with frosting on it (what?). By the end of dinner the entire wedding party was wasted, and then they started the music. It was so loud it was physically painful. We were unable to talk to our relatives. The only people the right age and temperment to enjoy a nightclub was the wedding party who monopolized the dancefloor and kept drinking. The bride was so far gone she never noticed that someone tied a ballon to her bustle. She ended up bawling all over my mother insisting she had met her, when they had never met before. It was embarassing. A majority of the guests were of my parent’s or granparent’s generation and they were disgusted by the loud music and drunkeness. I think the majority of the guests left by 8 when dinner was at 6.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2012

The worst wedding I ever attended had a beautiful ceremony and reception — but what made it so bad was the tension between the families.  Needless to say, neither family was happy in the choice of mate and made it VERY clear they thought down on the other side.  Some examples: The Bride was from England where is typical to wear hats to the wedding. the MOG said that in America we don’t do that and”banned” all hats from the venue saying it would block peoples view.  Well the MOB wore a cute facinator instead and low and behold… coming down the aisle during the processional – the entire grooms family in HUGE hats– Sombraros, hard hats, dailor hats, etc.  Blatently making fun of the other family.  They continued to wear the for the entire ceremony.

Well then came the toasts. And one I will never forget – the FOB stood up, thanked everyone for coming and said “We never wanted our daughter to go so far away for college. But she did, and thats where she met X, and now we have lost our daughter.”  end scene. he just sat down!  done… wow – no one knew how to react!


I felt terrible for the couple because it was a stunning wedding but the parents were horrible

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

We were table 29 of 32 at a 250+ person wedding. There was one table with hor d’oeuvres (and lots of them), but 250 people can’t stand around a 4 ft diameter table. We all got 1 plate. Cocktail started at 4 pm. Dinner was buffet and began with table #1. They immediately took away the table of hor d’oeuvre a little after 5 pm. So we wait and drink and chat and drink. By the time dinner is served it’s around 6:30 and we’re all kinda wasted. I’m so hungry I’ve eaten every lime from my gin and tonic drinks. I was so excited for dinner. 

The options: giant pieces of fried chicken, slices of roast beef, new potatoes (3 left.. Total), runny cole slaw, potato rolls, and crab liquid. We called it liquid because it was not dip but there were no soup bowls. Oh, and there was a salad but a server was standing over it doling out small small servings. 

Did I mention I’m a vegetarian? I took 1 new potato, 2 rolls, coleslaw, and begged for a second salad without success. The other girls at my table took a little roast beef and a roll. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands before eating and the buffet was taken away. All of the other tables went up for seconds and thirds, which is why there were no potatoes and nearly no salad. We were all so drunk and cake wasn’t served for another hour and a half. I ate 4 pieces (only half of the cake was even cut up there were so many leftovers).

Another thing that sucked is that they did toasts, but they didn’t pre-pour champagne. The DJ announced that everyone should go to the bar for a glass of champagne… the bar with 2 bartenders. 250 people bumrushed the bar. The bartenders STARTED pouring when people came over. Worst of all, one very drunk friend of the groom’s stood in front of the bartender and downed every glass of champagne that was set down by the bartender. He had about a bottle to himself before people shuffled him out of the way. 

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  • Wedding: July 2013 - UK

Firstly, I have to say that I feel really sorry for the people who had their weddings ruined by the weather, or who had their DIY criticised when it might have been done as a gift by someone etc. I also feel sorry for the people who decided to have a religious ceremony, and have people complain about the length etc. Some of you are a fussy lot! I hope I’m not inviting some of you to my wedding…

That said, some of these are super funny… like the bride who went for “the big payback”. Or the one with the hats. Sad, but super amusing!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2022

I don’t think any wedding ive been to were “BAD” per se, maybe just a little off. I went my my Fiance cousins about 3 weeks ago, and the ceremony was outside in the park, very lovely and intimate. the ceremony was 4 hrs later. the DJ was terrible , i mean he would play a song and 15 people would be on the dance floor then he’s change it and no one would be dancing. It was just weird.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

To be honest, I’ve only attended one wedding where I didn’t sit there and think to myself, “It took you an entire year and God knows how much money to plan this mess????”


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: December 2013

@liquidschwarrtz: “I didn’t know anyone in this wedding other than the bride and groom (FI knew them from school but not well) and the only reason I helped do any of this crap was for my Fiance. I felt so bad for him and I know that he’s hurt and resentful of the whole experience.

We have not said anything yet to his friend, and we still want him as our Best Man, but we need to get a few things off our chest.”

If your Fiance doesn’t know them really well, just from school, then why is this person going to be your bestman? Sounds like you should choose someone else.


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