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  • Wedding: September 2019 - City, State

@Liss13:  I know right! LOL. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t when it happened. 

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  • Wedding: September 2019 - City, State

I’ve been a bridesmaid 4 times, and really, in any of the weddings I’ve been to, things only went awry when the hostesses didn’t do their jobs.  No disasters, but I recall that in two of the weddings, the hostesses thought they were guests and sat down at tables, but didn’t once help with any hostessing duties. I wound up getting blasted by one of those brides because I was serving guests and going around with a big trashbag, taking up trash that had accumulated everywhere instead of being at the headtable.

That place was becoming a mess and half her hostesses had eaten and gone home! The only other problem was that someone had told the whole reception that they could get up and eat before the hostesses (who were not doing their jobs) could get in line to get the plates for the head table. 

So after about 20 minutes, I broke in line the opposite way on the buffet. People were getting all disgruntled with me, a bridesmaid, mind you. But I kept telling them, “Excuse me. This plate is for the bride.” or “Exuse me, it’s for the groom, the MOB, The FOB,” etc until I’d gotten all the “VIPS” food. I think another bridesmaid or two had joined me in doing that, and so it went quicker, but the guests were not happy that we were breaking in line–even in the name of the bride. I hated it, but I wasn’t going to let them sit there, starving, and I wasn’t going to be a “VIP” at the back of the line of 200 people, either. I don’t know why they didn’t direct the head table to get their food first, or designate someone in line to serve them before letting everyone else line up, but that was crazy.

And of course the so-called “hosteses” were in line getting their own food with no thought for the bride and groom. 

What are hostesses for, if not to hostess?

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@honeybee1999:  Because they want the title to keep their noses in they air higher probably.  You know how some people are…*sigh* Luckily you fed your bride, otherwise she wouldnt have ate at her own wedding it sounds like!

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  • Wedding: February 2013 - Colonial Country Club, Ft. Myers, FL

@Luayne:  Sorry, I should have been more clear. The groom is his best friend. The other people in the wedding party are the ones he went to school with, but didn’t really know that well.

And believe me, I’m not thrilled that he is still FI’s Best Man. Fiance just doesn’t want to cause drama. If it were entirely up to me, I would have had words with this guy and his wife.


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  • Wedding: September 2012

Mine was for a friend, and it was seriously a MESS! I was the photographer, and at my fault, I let myself get sucked into a lot more work. 

  • For starters, my friend got engaged to a guy she’d known for only 3 months. He proposed with the same ring his ex-wife wore. I’m sorry, call me judgmental, but I thought A LOT less of him after knowing that.

  • They booked a venue that was sort of a package deal. A huge house on the water that included the lawn to hold the ceremony (on the river), a pavilion for the reception, tables, chairs, arbor, and a food credit for the catering company. Of course the place was a 7 bedroom home, which was rented for the week, and served as accommodations for the wedding party. The owner was a “photographer” and included that in the package but his work was terrible.

Based on how awful said photographers work was, she asked me to shoot the wedding. Shooting the ceremony + family formals turned into her totally taking advantage of me, and at my own fault, I didn’t put a stop to it. 

  • She called me up and originally wanted me to shoot their engagements…on the beach…in January! They came out to me, and stayed at my house. It was cold and rainy so we couldn’t go on the beach. Instead I entertained them around town, went to dinner, and the next morning we did their session in our downtown area.

  • I later got suckered into ANOTHER engagement session (on the beach), a boudoir session, bridal session, and “first look” session.

  • On top of that, I designed all their invitations (and every included card) as well as had them printed at cost.


The weekend of the wedding I made the 2 hour drive w/ my second shooter. She fully expected us to shoot the rehearsal and dinner, which we did a little bit, but not a ton. The day of the wedding, even though I told her I’d shoot the ceremony+formals (and the package photographer was handling the reception), she decided I’d shoot everything and was calling me by 11am wanting to know where I was because it was almost time for her hair. Never mind the fact she originally told me they wouldn’t start her until 2pm.

The whole day was a total train wreck. She had a full meltdown about things not getting done and because she decided to DIY everything at the last minute, my second shooter put together all the bouquets and did her makeup. The ceremony had to be moved under the pavilion because of rain, and the whole thing was so unorganized. They had a family friend do their music from a playlist on her laptop, unfortunately they chose an older guy to do it and he could hardly work the computer let alone do the music.

There were a lot of things that made it not a fun wedding, like bad food, hardly any decor, and nothing to do (hardly anyone danced because the music didn’t flow) but I guess that’s just personal opinion.

I think what made it “the worst wedding ever” was more that it was SO unorganized. The bride just assumed everyone would do everything for her, and treated the bridal party like their personal slaves.


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  • Wedding: August 2013

Ooooh goodness…went to a wedding for a couple serving PBR as the beverage (in cans at a cash bar served up by a friend), no food except hot dogs for dinner, and their grand re-entrance as the new Mr. and Mr. was to…

wait for it…

“Highway To Hell” by ACDC.

I. Shit. You. Not.

I threw up in my mouth a little.

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  • Wedding: August 2013

Worst wedding I had ever been to was about 3 years ago, it was one of my childhood friends. She sent out the invites, had a bridal shower, bachlorette and when the wedding came we found out at the venue that each guest was responsible for paying for their own meal and drinks. This wasn’t said to any of the guests prior to the wedding.

Thing that bothered me was the whole event was a cash grab, In My Humble Opinion. They had a stag and doe which rasied money for the wedding (I know how some bee’s feel about this event, but it really is a regional thing and everyone does it, people are shocked when you don’t have one… like us, were skipping it) They also had the traditional bridal shower which I brought a gift too off their registry, then went to her bachlorette because we were close at the time, then gave a card with cash (also a regional thing, you give a gift at the shower and money at the wedding) you didn’t find out it was a pay your own meal until you walked in and sat down at your table and it was also a fixed menu so you couldn’t even pick what you want, you just had to pay for it and it was really expensive!!

There were ALOT of upset people, including the groom’s parents who had no idea that the guests were expected to pay for themselves. I kept my mouth shut and said nothing, what would be the point. When she got back from her honeymoon we went out for lunch and she had the decency to say ” A few guests didn’t give her as much money as she hoped”…. I’m surprised my jaw didn’t fall to the floor. I’m sorry, but if your hosting a wedding and expecting gifts and cash, how can you ask your guests to pay for their own meal??? Never heard of anything like this before. If any of the guests knew in advance that we all had to pay our own meals, I guarantee that the couple wouldn’t have got all the money from the Stag & Doe, gifts from the bridal shower and cash from the wedding. I think she knew this deep down, which is why she didn’t say anything to anyone prior to the wedding. 

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  • Wedding: October 2018

@Future_Ms.Bostonceltics:  My jaw hit the floor! I can’t believe they would expect their guests to pay for their own dinner! 

What was that bride expecting? The guests to pay for the wedding? 

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  • Wedding: October 2010

@Future_Ms.Bostonceltics:  There’ve been some doozies on this thread, but in my opinion, this one wins.  That is so F’d up.

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@mepayne:  I was abou tto say the same thing!

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  • Wedding: December 2013

 I’ve been to a few weddings where the bride has been up to 2 hours late, that’s a pet peeve for me. Being late has a horrifying domino effect with catering, etc.  I have a DOC coordinator who said if I want to get married at 3 PM, I’ll be walking down the aisle at 2:58 LOL!

















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  • Wedding: March 2012

Some of these stories are really sad and/or amusing!  My “worst wedding attended” experience is not as horrible as some, however.  About two years ago, I attended a wedding where the couple was already technically legally married, but they decided to have a second ceremony and reception with all their friends and family present. The ceremony itself was fine.  However, during the reception the cocktail hour was a little disorganized.  There was a long line at the buffet table.  Most inapprorpiately, the bride’s mother did a kind of kinky lap dance (with clothes on) on the groom.  Before the wedding, word spread that the couple preferred to receive cash gifts.  They also had “sponsors” (close friends or family who supported them financially etc) and a money dance.  Although I gave them some money, I never received a thank you note for my gift.  The worst part though was that about a year later, this couple got a divorce. 

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@sunflowergyrl:  Lap dances at weddings are so acceptable, didnt you hear the news?

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  • Wedding: August 2013

I once went to a wedding where the bride and groom put their guests to work by expecting them to clean up after the ceremony! Their cocktail reception had paper plates and plastic forks, which we all had to clean up after the bride and groom disappeared for a photo session with their photographer. So there we all were, dragging large garbage bags to the dumpster outside and carrying metal fold up chairs in our formal wear and suits. I guess you can say I was just surprised to have to do manual labor since I’ve never encountered that before as a guest in a wedding. Ever. *shrug*

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