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  • Wedding: May 2014

@hisgoosiegirl:  OMG!!  I don’t have a response other than REALLY??  How tacky!!

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I felt bad for this wedding I went to. Bride passed out during the best man speech, then when she came to, another guest passes out. EMS got called. After everyone was checked out, it was dinner time in which the bride threw up in a clear bowl at her table. Her dress was so heavy so the b&g left shortly after to change. They came back, cut the cake, threw the bouquet and left for the night. Everyone left after that. The ceremony was beautiful though and they are happily married 🙂

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  • Wedding: February 2013

someone got arrested at my reception Surprised


haha, but my wedding was awesome! he just couldn’t handle the open bar i guess. the lady that worked for the reception venue saw him drunkenly peeing outside, and told the cop that was working our reception to have him arrested. he called for someone to come out, and they hauled him off to jail til the next day. i would have never known all of this went down except for his wife was crying and making a big deal out of it

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  • Wedding: April 2013

This isn’t too bad, but I went to one last weekend where there was literally no place for some people to sit because the venue was at capacity. People were standing and eating. Also, it was BYOB. No joke.

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  • Wedding: November 1999

The worst wedding I’d been to is easy. The wedding was planned to be outside. Well, it POURED that day. The ceremony got moved inside to a church, but the reception remained outside. It was in someone’s backyard so that would explain why there wasn’t a backup. 

They had tents set up, which didn’t help much. The ground was so muddy (even under the tent) it was FREEZING cold and the mosquitoes were soooo bad. I was trying to keep warm with the tealites on the table. I had grouped about five of them together and was using them like a bon fire. I kept my coat on the entire night (it’s too bad I didn’t own a nice coat). They had a table that had about 20 cans of bug spray on it… classy.

It was a buffet, so it was great to get up and walk on the mushy, wet, muddy ground to get the food. Which was cold, most likely because of the weather. 

The best man’s speech was very inappropriate and I can’t believe he said some of those things in front of my grandparents. The maid of Honor’s speech wasn’t much better. 

On top of all that the music SUCKED. It was all bar music – which may be fun for the couple, but not for those of us who don’t like rap and techno sounding music.

Funny that the couple divorced after not even a year… It’s almost like it was a sign…

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  • Wedding: May 2014

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@CamMaam:  Bahahaha!  We’re planning on doing Back in Black for our entrance song.  My Fi is a big AC/DC fan so he originally wanted that to be our first dance.  This was our compromise.

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  • Wedding: November 1999

Some of these weren’t the couple’s fault but the reception was an awful experience.

* Table rows were cramped together. Chairs were literally back to back so guests closer to the wall were trapped and unable to get up to go to the bathroom without the whole row getting up for them. This was fun when the waiters weren’t able to reach the inner guests and we had to pass drinks and plates up and down the length of the tables.

* Venue wouldn’t turn on the A/C so most guests left to stand on the kerb outside to cool down

* Service was super slow and there wasn’t enough food so guests left extremely hungry

* Music was deafening

* Speeches were too long and many of them didn’t talk much about the couple

* Ceremony was too long and involved a lot of standing

* Bride and groom didn’t bother to come and say hello to our table

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  • Wedding: July 2013

Worst wedding I’d ever been to was one I was in last September. It was over 45 minutes away from 95% of the guest’s hometown and the bride offered no hotel information to anyone except her own house were the bride and groom were sleeping that night. Did she really want over 100  people crashing at her house listening to them ‘consummating’ their marriage? And then on top of it all her reception wrest he restaurant her fiancé and his dad owns. Not only did she have a cash bar so they could make money on their reception, it was way too small for a dance floor so over 45 people lost their seats when the DJ arrived in the middle of dinner to set up. The party ended up in the restaurant parking lot with guests who walked down to the gas station to buy their own alcohol to hide in different cups so they wouldn’t have to pay for the bride and groom to make money. Just felt like more of a gathering than celebrating two people’s union. 

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  • Wedding: August 2014

I’m going to have to go back and read all of these stories from the beginning!!


Anyway I’ve never been to a “bad” wedding per se, but the worst wedding moment that sticks out in my memory is when a DJ started breaking down and walking out his equipment while the music was still playing and people were still dancing. What a mood killer!

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  • Wedding: September 2014

I have two weddings that fit into the “worst” category, each for a different reason.

At first wedding the vintage rental car for the bridal party broke down on the way to the church.  Luckily a few of the groomsmen were on hand to push the car to jump start it but they arrived at the church almost an hour late. The poor groom had no idea what was happening and was pacing back and forth. 

Later, at the reception, one of the elderly guests had a heart attack.  The matron of honor and the Bride’s brother were doing CPR just to keep her alive.  The poor bride was worried sick and cried. The guest lived, but no one was in the mood to party after that.

The other “worst” wedding was my brother’s.  I was suppossed to be the maid of honor, my husband was the best man and my daughter the flower girl.  About a month before their wedding my husband and I broke up. In order to avoid any confrontation or awkwardness between my husband and I, my brother and his fiancee kicked me out of the wedding party and kept my husband and daughter. That’s right…my brother kicked me, his only sister, out of the wedding party.  I wasn`t included in any of the family pictures. 

 There was no way I was going to sit at the family table, be in the bad dog box and have everyone ignoring me or glaring at me, so while they were off having their family pictures done, I went with a friend and had a few drinks at a pub.  I sat at the back of the banquet hall with a table of really fun guys and had a ball.  My husband and I got along great and danced several times, but my parents and family ignored me.  That was 12 years ago and it still pisses me off! Who the hell kicks their own sister out of their wedding party? Who does that?

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  • Wedding: June 2013 - Upstate NY

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@thistlelips:  That is AWFUL!!!!  What the hell!!!

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  • Wedding: August 2013

I love this board. I don’t really have any horror stories and I hope not to offend anyone but my least favorite wedding was of two co-workers (blah, we worked in a really close environment. I don’t condone co-worker romances, your co-workers don’t want to know). Anyway, they had a relatively large, multi-layered cake and I was over the moon with the cake possibilities (I love cake, except coconut and carrot). Well the whole dang cake was CARROT. The only reason I went to the wedding was for some cake and I didn’t get any. The favorite cake of the couple was carrot. 


So I’m planning my wedding and while I think it should be a reflecation of me and Fiance, we are hosting 100 people who I pray will eat and drink lots and EAT the cake. So Fiance and I aren’t serving our favorite exoctic French vanilla cake with pate because we want everyone to enjoy not just us. I never understood planning the wedding ONLY to the presence of the couple when you have invited 25+ people to share in the day with you. So my advice is to have different types of cake. 

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  • Wedding: November 2015

Some wild stories some sad some good. Here is a tidbit from my wedding day. A dear friend of mine drove six hours and brought her plus one. He continually would drink any liquor unattended before , during and after the wedding. The caterer made a mixed drink that was so bad. Only the plus one would drink it, and no one else. My husband had a friend give a beautiful speech then went home. Later that night we received a call the police were on the way to question all guest. Because the gentlemen went home and killed himself. So the police wanted to know everyone’s whereabouts. The plus one was so lit he was pissing off my husband, because he kept trying to kiss my hand. The day after the wedding my friend went to drive home with her plus one. Before the long drive he was trying to fill a two litre bottle with beer.  Coming up on are anniversary we plan to celebrate life.

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