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Buzzing bee

Your plan seems to be coming along nicely! Well done 🙂

My 5 year plan starting next year:

Year 1 (2015): Build house, Promotion (each of us), Finish Business Cert (Me)

Year 2 (2016): Wedding (!), Start TTC, Japan trip

Year 3 (2017): Promotion (him), Write a novel (me), Have baby

Year 4 (2018): Start TTC baby #2, Finish extras on the house (landscaping, etc)

Year 5 (2019): Promotion (him), Purchase investment property, Have baby #2

I know it seems like a lot of promotions on the cards there for him, but he is in a graduate program that offers a lot of movement in his career. Provided he works hard those moves should all be promotions that come with pay rises so that is what he is working towards. 

Obviously the TTC#2 will depend on how quickly #1 comes along but we are hoping it all happens pretty quickly for us. 



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aliavenue:  Your plan seems to be coming along nicely! You must be excited to finish all your home renovations next year (although long distance will be tough).

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Bumble bee
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I suppose I could try and make a guesstimate of our five year plan….


Year 1: 2015 – Get married!! Also, find a semi-permanent, nice apartment/condo. Fiance graduates May, has full-time job. I graduate December. 

Year 2: 2016  – I get full-time job. Start saving for house. 

Year 3: 2017 – Continue saving for house. Start looking at where we want to end up settling. 

Year 4: 2018 – Start process of buying house. Continue saving and paying off pesky student loans. 

Year 5: 2019 – Have purchased house! 


Yeah. That really doesn’t seem like a whole lot, does it? We aren’t TTC within the foreseeable future if at all, so that’s not a goal. Right now the things we want to do are really – graduate, get nice full time jobs, settle down somewhere in the Northwoods, and buy a nice house. Also, get rid of student loans. I suppose I could throw in that within the next couple years I want to start showing my horse? That’s a goal I have. Fiance will want to progress quickly through his job, but I’m not sure what the timeline on that will be because I’m not sure where we’ll end up for sure, which will change both of our job prospects. 

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Honey bee

I have posted on other similar threads, but I will post here.

Year 1 (2013):  Get married!!!! DH finish his master’s degree

Year 2 (2014): Built our first home! Pay off my student loans (so close, almost there!)

Year 3 (2015): Finish paying off my student loans! Promotion (him); East Coast Trip–New York, Boston, Philadelphia, D.C.; Decide whether to finish my master’s degree.

Year 4 (2016): Promotion (me); Trip to Europe

Year 5 (2017): Pay off DH’s student loans!! Consider TTC #1

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2015

Year 1 (2015): Get married, get funded for my Ph.D. project, successfully complete overviews. Him: get his bachelors.

Year 2 (2016): Start MBA (him).

Year 3 (2017): Graduate with my doctorate and get a job in the area. TTC.

Year 5 (2019): Graduate with MBA and get a new job (him)

Somewhere in year 4-6 (2018-2020): Buy our second home, and maybe TTC again!

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Buzzing bee
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This is what I posted in year one, last year. I love this thread! It is amazing to see what happens over time:

I really hope and pray that these things happen! This is going to start next year (duh):


1. Finish everything involving wedding. Get married/have honeymoon. Save money toward future. DONE!!!!!!


2. Finish degree. Get a job. Begin Masters. Save more money. Fiance going back to school. Pay off debts. We have started to pay off debts. This will be done the beginning of 2015 God willing!


3. Look into getting a house. Fiance may finish school/hopefully gets promotion or better job. Save money.


4. Buy house. Start TTC#2. Finish Masters. Save money.


5. Enjoy life! Save money Laughing. Have baby?!

<br /><br />Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/whats-your-5-year-plan-one-year-later/#ixzz3LMwJ8x9R

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Here’s mine starting from last year:

Year 1 (2013):

Me: Graduate law school. Move back to CA. Pass Bar. Start at firm. Lose weight.

Him: Get Ph.D. thesis done. Get published in Nature.

Us: Find new apartment.

Year 2 (2014):

Me: Don’t get fired. Lose weight.

Him: Graduate. Get awesome job. Start awesome job. Propose.

Year 3 (2015)

Me: Don’t get fired. Lose weight.

Him: Don’t get fired.

Us: Buy a condo.

Year 4 (2016)

Me: Don’t get fired. Lose weight.

Him: Don’t get fired.

Us: Get married (?)

Year 5 (2017)

Me: Don’t get fired. TTC (?). Lose weight.

Him: Don’t get fired.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2015

Here is mine starting Jan 2015

Year 1

  • Fiance gets promotion
  • Get Married
  • TTC #2
  • Buy a house.
  • Advance my career by going back to school. (This will span the next 4 years )
  • Get a puppy. (Daughter wants a Maltese)

Year 2

  • Continue school.
  • DH goes to school part time to advance his career. (Parole Officer )

Year 3

  • TTC #3
  • Finish 1st part of my education, and continue on to the next part = Pay increase .
  • Fiance continues school

Year 4

  • Finish 2nd Part of my education = Pay increase.
  • Fiance finishes school = Pay increase.

Year 5

  • DH and I continue working in our fields.
  • Search for bigger housing in another area.
  • TTC#4 

Oh Ill add Year 6    DH AND I TURN 30.

Yep, 4 kids back to back….trying to get them here before we turn 30 so we can kick them all out when we turn 50 lol….joking joking……but seriously…..they gotta go.

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Busy bee
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TheGridMonster:  Haha, your life plan is wonderful. Love.

ETA: Should probably add mine is very similar, so no snark, just camaraderie. 🙂

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Buzzing Beekeeper

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ClassicCorvette:  Thanks!! it’s hard having such lofty goals sometimes.

But blah blah, something about shooting for the stars and landing on the moon.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2015

2015: get married, go to London, go on our honeymoon, save money, start house hunting, keep our jobs!

2016: buy a house, get a dog, start trying to have a baby

2017: hopefully have a baby

2018: maybe go back to get a new credential or specialist certificate

2019: start trying for baby 2!

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

My post got all weird, so I’ll update mine later, but I love hearing about everything that you ladies have accomplished!

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Busy bee

Year 1 (2015):

  • Get married!
  • Me- Finish graduate school
  • FI- promoted hopefully
  • Move to a new apartment
  • Save like crazy to buy a house
  • Me- start working in my field more and try to find a full-time position

Year 2 (2016):

  • Buy a house
  • Renovate most likely
  • Get a puppy!
  • TTC

Year 3 (2017):

  • Raise the baby that we will hopefully have! (Me- SAHM)

Year 4 (2018):

  • Maybe TTC again
  • FI- keep trying to climb the ladder at work

Year 5 (2019):

  • Not sure?

Big couple of years coming up – we’ll see how it goes!

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Buzzing bee

Awesome thread idea!

Year 1 (2015)-

ME: Continue to build my freelance business.  

HIM: Pass first major exam. 

US:Get married. 

Year 2 (2016)-

ME: Hit at least 5k more annually from freelance than in 2015. 

HIM: Finish school, pass second exam. Find job. 

US: Possibly relocate, depending on his job. Pay off at least half of college loans. 

Year 3 (2017)-

ME: Hit at least 5k more annually from freelance than in 2016. 

HIM: Pass 2 more exams. 

US: Save/invest at least 30% of our income. Pay off all of his remaining college loans. 

Year 4 (2018)-

HIM: Pass 2 more exams. 

ME: Work on landing a few higher range clients in a more full consultant capacity. 

US: Leave NYC if we still live here. Rent a cheap apartment in our new city for one year. Save at least 65% of our income. 

Year 5 (2019)-

US: Put down payment on a piece of rental property or single family dwelling (depending on the value of the investment of where we live). Hopefully become landlords and begin living rent free. 


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2015

My last 5 year plan was made before I met SO, and I’ve been a bit bummed lately because I’ve realised I’ve achieved hardly any of my original goals. We have made new goals, but it’s still a touch dissapointing. Major points were wanting to buy a house, and wanting to lose weight. I lost 40 kg, then put back on a solid 15-20 meeting SO, which I’ve been half heartedly trying to lose for the past 4 years. I’m nowhere near buying my own house, he owns a house though, which will be where we live after the wedding.


Ah well onwards and upwards.


Year 1 (2015)

Us: Get married. (sept) <br />      finish bathroom renovation (should be jan/feb)<br />      begin/finish kitchen  renovation (hopefully year end)<br />      secure yard for puppy<br />      finish building shed/garage

Me: Lose 15 kilograms in time for wedding, preferably far beforehand.

Year 2 (2016)

Us: finish kitchen/dining renovation if necessary<br />      Begin Bedroom renovations (should be quicker/less work- just move walls, resheet, plaster, carpet etc, no plumbing and limited electrical)       install pool<br />      Get puppy (I would like 2 dogs, but am yet to convince SO)

Me: Maintain weight

Year 3 (2017)

Us: Finish renovation of interior of house.<br />      Start entertaining area outdoors<br />    

Me: Maintain weight, go off pill.

Year 4 (2018)

Us: Pay off mortgage in full. <br />      put deposit down on investment property, preferably begin renting out in order to supplement my income so I can take some time off work      Start TTC

Me: maintain weight, and preferably keep weight down whilst possibly pregnant.

Year 5 (2019)

Us: Hopefully have a baby.






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