(Closed) What’s your biggest pet peeve?

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Sugar bee
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Ditton on #4–I get so grossed out when their body or head leans against my hand.

I HATE waiting for people/when people are late. It drives me crazy. I am also compulsively early, so I guess I’m just setting myself up for being upset!

It also really peeves me when people begin a sentence and then don’t finish it. I can’t explain it, I just get this burning urge to know what they were going to say. I’ve been known to go into screaming fits at Fiance when he forgets what he was going to say after trailing off in the middle of a sentence.

I also hate when restaurants remove one person’s dish while everyone else is still eating.

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Bumble bee
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1) People who lie 

2) People who chew with their mouths open and make that gross sound ( FIs brother eats like this and makes me want to gag everytime I can not sit next to him at dinner lol)

3) Strangers who sit like ontop of me when their are like 50 empty benches

4) The sound spaghetti makes

5) When people are more than 10-15 late and dont call 

6) When people stack plates in front of my face

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Bumble bee

I spent 7 hours on the freeway this weekend so some of these are driving related.

(1) Feet on dashboard – I don’t care if they are freshly manicured. I still don’t want to see it.

(2) Drivers who leave their slower lane and move to my faster lane, only to go the same speed as the lane they just left.

(3) Drivers who drive on the left lane (fast lane) no matter what speed they are driving. Further, drivers who refuse to move to the right lane (slow lane) when they clearly see they are causing a back-up behind them.

(4) People who say would of, should of, could of instead of would HAVE, should HAVE, could HAVE. Hearing or reading it is like nails to a chalkboard for me.

(5) People who cut all the meat on their plate at once. It reminds me cutting meat for a child.

(6) People who push their plates back after eating. I’m still eating, I don’t want to see your empty plate or discarded food in my face.


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: January 2011

1. When people don’t answer my questions directly

2. Liars

3. Having my face touched

4. People who sound like they are on the verge of tears when having a normal conversation

PS. Some of these posts are really funny. It’s interesting to hear what drives people nuts

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Bee Keeper
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1. Fake in-genuine people

2. People who say “good” instead of “well” – for example: “you did good”. I don’t care if it is socially acceptable it is grammatically incorrect.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: October 2010

– When someone jaywalks in an intersection while pushing a baby in a baby stroller…umm seriously? you’re baby is going to be the one that gets hit!

– People on bicycles who want to follow some of the rules of the road but not others.

– When people don’t replace the toilet paper after they use the last square.

– Strangers who insist on listening to your conversation and intermittently interjecting comments while sitting at the counter (in a bar or restaurant).  Just because you are sitting next to me, doesn’t mean I want to talk to you or involve you in my private conversation.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: October 2010

Oh I forgot this one – People who post near daily facebook statuses about their every sniffle, ache, or pain.  This drives me crazy. I don’t feel badly for you because you have a cough.  Be grateful you don’t have one of the horrible diseases that some people have to suffer with.

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Busy bee
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MOSEYERS. People who walk really, really slowly on busy sidewalks, usually right in the center of the sidewalk (or a group who walks all alongside each other) so that you have to slow down yourself becaue they’re walking so slowly, or have to do that awkward dodge-and-weave to get around them. Similarly, people who come to a dead stop suddenly in the middle of a crowded, busy sidewalk.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: June 2011

1. Blatantly improper grammar, such as “they was” instead of “they were”. And also when people don’t use the correct word, such as choosing between “there”, “they’re”, and “their”.

2. Missing Oxford commas. Yes, I know they are now considered optional, but I learned to use them and I like them!

3. People who manage to take up a whole aisle in a store. Stand by your cart and move to one side.

4. People who feed their dogs/cats a vegan diet. I don’t care what you choose to eat yourself, but feed your animal what nature intended it to eat (at least some meat) or get a different pet.

5. Poorly behaved children when the parents don’t even seem to care. I know kids will be stubborn and throw a fit occasionally, but there are some kids you can tell haven’t had an ounce of discpline their whole lives.

6. Morbidly obese children, especially when I see their parents are buying them 3 quarter-pounder cheeseburgers, a large ice-cream sundae, and an extra-large soda pop. It’s setting them up to be teased in school and for a lifetime of health problems.

7. Ackward silences.

8. Fake people.

9. Liars.

10. People who make sweeping generalizations/sterotypes.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

1. Liars

2. Waiting on people who are late

3. Nosy/rude people, particularly ones who ask stuff that’s none of their business, like how much we make or when we’re going to have kids.  Not your uterus=not your business.

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Buzzing bee
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OMG i agree with so many of these!

I work with someone who will start a sentance 3 or 4 times. I’m… just… (dramatic sigh)… I just… think…(dramatic sigh) … I just… you know…(dramatic sigh) I want to scream get to the point! AAAHHHH

@octopus- moseyers. yep they are on my list.

@futuremrs.martin- all the grammer mistakes that are glaring drive me crazy! I saw somewhere I would air on the side of… not I would er. I try to resist the urge to correct people though. 

@missfroggy- there is a lady like that on STTTD, and my husband HATES it. her voice is so annoying he can’t even be in the room when she is on TV.

my biggest is people who are afraid of driving, so they go slow or don’t go when it is their turn. I have to drive through a 4 way stop near a high school every day on my way to work, and there are always new drivers who are afraid to go. It drives me bonkers!


I lied, my real biggest is my neighbors who smoke outside our duplex. I get that it is their yard but it is my house the smoke comes into. And they alternate from front to back so in the summer when we are using fans to cool the house we have to run around moving fans as they move around. sometimes the mom chain smokes in the back and the kid and his friends smoke out front. I could go on and on.

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