(Closed) What's your BMI? Does it reflect your appearance/fitness? Body dysmorphia?

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jillybaby:  BMI is not a great indicator of physical fitness, its basically only there to tell you if you are overweight or not. It also doesn’t account for frame size or muscle.

My BMI is 24.3, I am 5’7 and 155 lbs but I have a ton of muscle. I would love to lose about 5lbs of fat but its not high on my to do list as I feel very fit and am in the best shape of my life. I am a size 6 or 7, and I feel like I kind of have  like a large frame ( ribcage is fairly wide, Im a 36 bra strap ect)

I think its mostly handy in giving people who have are overweight and have a high body fat percentage a measurement tool in losing weight.

 Edit: to answer your question, I don’t think it reflects my appearance as by my BMI im at the high end of healthy for my weight, and I don’t think I look to be anywhere near overweight. 


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BMI 17 – underweight

I’ve been trying to gain for awhile to donate blood. Finally got to earlier this year so I was pretty happy. My weight fluctuates between 105 and 110. I’m 5’7″. I think I look okay and feel okay. I eat when Im hungry and till I’m full. So I don’t think it’s an issue besides sometimes not being able to donate blood. I do have a heart murmur but my doctor said it’s okay and is generally seen in people my size. I don’t get as many comments now as I used to when I was a kid. I mostly get comments when wear a form fitting dress that has a belt around the waist. I think it must draw more attention to it and I generally get the “omg, your waist could fit in my hands – eat more!!” comments.

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I think BMI can be a good indicator when used for an entire population (because nothing is going to accurately reflect every individual) and they need something to use.  And I believe for the most people, it is relatively accurate.  I have friends with BMI’s over 25 and 30 and they are most definitely overweight.  Others who are underweight and definitely are. 

I feel mine is pretty accurate.  Usually around 21.5 up to 22.  I normally run and work out 4-5 days a week and so I’m not super super muscular (not a bodybuilder okay) but I generally feel fairly toned and most of my muscles are in my legs (since running and stairmaster are my favorites).  Not underweight, not overweight.  Not skinny-fat.  And yes, I think it reflects my appearance.  I am at a normal weight for my height and I am not super flabby but I am in pretty good shape.

BMI can be very off for certain people so it shouldn’t be used as the sole measure of health, you need to look at the overall picture.  But if we’re looking for a simple tool that is fairly accurate for most of the general population, I think it’s pretty good.

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I’m 5′ 7, 133 lbs with a bmi of 20.8. I used my bmi a lot when I was loosing, like I wanted to have a bmi of 20, I started in the high 20s weighing 170lbs . I think it’s helpful, but not the whole picture when it comes to health. I think my bmi is accurate, because I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life (post high school track days).

Edit: for exercise I run on the treadmill exclusively now. 4-5 days a week, for an hour (30 mins if short on time) at a low incline of .5.

When I still lived in the pnw hiking was my only exercise, and that kick started my weight loss.

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BMI… sigh. 20, so I’m in the healthy range for my height and all but I have a decent base of muscle so I’m heavier than people who wear the same clothes/have the same measurements as me. I’m over BMI. In my case it’s not exactly wrong – I’m a healthy weight and it says I am – but it feels like it’s not really getting a whole picture assessment of health.

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BMI can be really inaccurrate. Honestly, since you said you’ve struggled with body dysmorphia, I’d avoid looking at scales and numbers and things altogether. I know that’s easier said than done, but still. 

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My BMI is pretty accurate, but I can remember when Darling Husband and I first started dating and his clocked in at the “morbidly obese” range. The man was weight lifting twice a day, eating almost 4000 calories to maintain his muscle composition, and had maybe 10% body fat, on a bad day. Yes, he was 6’2″ and weighed about 280 pounds, but it wasn’t because he was obese. 

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missinthecity:  Thank you!  You are definitely NOT overweight and not even close, wish my stomach looked like that but after 2 10 pound babies I think that dream is gone 🙂  My level of hatred for BMI is pretty high haha.  To be more accurate I wear a size 12 in pants (because of my thick thighs and butt) but for dresses I’m a 10. 

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BMI isn’t perfect. It’s just a general guideline. I’m on the upper limit of normal, but I’ve been in the overweight category before. 10 pounds can make a difference on a small frame, but overall your weight is still reasonable. 

Here is a flickr slideshow on what different BMIs look like. After I went through the slideshow, I realized my tendency to underestimate BMI categories probably because our society as a whole has gotten so much larger. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157602199008819/

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My bmi is 30ish. I’ve gained alot of weight this year. Still. I’ve got narrow hips, so still rocking a size 10. Huge bust, though, so I’ve moved into large tops. My goal is to be in a size 8 by mid summer. 

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jillybaby:  I think my BMI is 25.1, which puts me at slightly overweight.

I’m 5’3″ and between 140-145 lbs, with an hourglass figure – but I know I could stand to lose about 10 lbs for health reasons more than wanting to look slimmer. At almost 38 y.o., I know I should watch my diet much more and at least go for daily walks to be more fit.

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jillybaby:  My BMI is way too high … I think it is 29 at this point. I need to lose weight.  For sure.

BMI is a great tool, but as a PP pointed out it needs to be considered in context — one needs to consider the big picture. As a PP demonstrates, muscle weighs more than fat, and one can be a super-healthy size 4 with a higher BMI than you might expect given their health and the small size of their body. Likewise, one can weigh very little and yet be kinda flabby because they lack good muscle tone. 

Waist circumference is a good tool to use in concert with BMI — it can help put things in perspective. Healthy BMI but unhealthy waiste circumference? Well, then you have an issue. Great healthy waist circumference but BMI higher than you might expect for body size? It’s probably because you have great muscle tone. 

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I used to suffer from some body dysmorphia and disordered eating when I was in high school. That was ten years ago, but I still feel so much happier not paying too much attention to the scale or any numbers really. I focus on being active and doing exercises I love, and eating well–lots of veggies, whole grains, and protein-rich foods. I’ve recently gotten into lifting again and love how it has changed my body, but the changes are a good demonstration of why weight and BMI are only part of the picture–I feel great, but I’ve actually gained almost 10 lbs in the last 1.5 years. I’m currently 5’5.5 and weigh about 135 lbs, which means my BMI has increased from 20.5 to 22.1 even though I feel leaner and less jiggly.

 Edit: ugh I swear I made these pics much smaller, but they’re appearing huge–sorry!!

Edit: omg is it just me or does my neck look like 8 ft long in the first pic?! Something weird is going on there haha!

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I would say if you are muscular at all, you cannot go by BMI, as that doesn’t figure muscle into its calculation at all. BMI may be helpful for those without muscle tone to know if they are carrying too much weight. Something one would probably already be aware of.

Instead of the BMI, listen to your body. Does it feel strong? Does it feel well-cared for?

I wish more people would thank their own bodies in our culture, instead of criticize. Those of you who have posted pictures– you all look beautiful and healthy! Give me a picture of a healthy woman over an unhealthy malnourished woman any day. Our bodies deserve significant praise and thanks for what they do for us every day. <3

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BMI is a joke.   I’m 5’5″, 172, and a size 8.  My BMI is “overweight” and I get counseled for it.   Because, I was a big girl for so long, my infrastructure is much stronger and thus, that reading has me overweight.

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