(Closed) What\'s Your Budget for Christmas Gifts? (with poll!)

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  • poll: How much are you spending on Christmas gifts?





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    I’ve spent $360 altogether, but that’s only for my SO! I’m a walking contradiction because I’m super thrifty (since I’m in school still) and no other family members expect presents, but I love buying my SO things.

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    I usually go all-out for Christmas, but the budget is going to be pretty small this year. My dad has offered to pay for the entire wedding, but I insist on paying for as much of it as I can (my Fiance does, too). I’ve already spent more than a grand on alcohol, and there’s a lot more to go. Probably just simple gift cards for the nieces and nephews, and cheap or homemade gifts for everyone else.

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    Total budget is around $1200. $150 for SO, $200 for both my parents, $120 for my 2 siblings,  $120 for my SO’s family (dad, mom and brother), $260 for my close friens and cousins and i spend around $350 to buy of clothes, toys, books and other things to donate to a local organization that gives Christmas gifts to underpriveledged children. This seems like a lot but I love Christmas and I actually save up to buy presents lol. 

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    TwinkleBoss:  yeah, well that’s nice and all but certainly not the norm. People shell out thousands of dollars on useless crap at Christmas time and normally it’s electronics. Have you never seen where electronic waste goes? Some places in China have an average lifespan of 15 before they die of heavy metal poisoning because they’re hired my american companies to strip metals from computers.

    its actually disgusting. That’s my problem, so no.i certainly don’t believe I’m being presumptuous.

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    Yeah we didn’t really set a budget but we are spending about $80 each on my sister, his sister, his mum, my mum, his dad, my dad and his grandma & her boyfriend (one gift for the two of them); then we spent about $50 per gift basket for my two cousins on my dad’s side and their families, and my aunt and uncle on that side. We do a family draw on my other side and I drew my mum’s cousin, we have spent about $150 for her gift since it is instead of gifts from each family/person in the family. Fiance drew me, so I am not sure about that but I have spent a few hundred on him, and based on the gifts I do know about from him to me, he will spend a few hundred on me as well.

    I love Christmas and buying gifts for everybody!

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    My mom’s getting a new bag this year which I got on sale for $200, and we’ll spend $150-200 on each of his parents too. I’m willing to spend up to $100 each on my two siblings, but they usually choose something that costs less than that.

    We’ve also got a rather large extended family so I try to keep those gifts around $15 per person, then I try to get something nice in the $50 or less range for my close friends.

    I like to think I’m a savvy shopper, and I bought lots of nice things on sale this year, so hopefully everyone will be happy.

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    MammaPants:  Tell me about it! His birthday is the 30th. Like for real. You seriously expect two gifts? Haha

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    I basically only have to buy for my SO and his main gift (which he knows about, by necessity) was expensive so it blew any budget he hoped to set this year. I think for him I’m around the $500 mark and it will go up slightly. I have to buy for his family and that’s it. My familiy no longer does gifts and my friends and I have stopped as well.

    I’d be perfectly happy to abolish gift giving all together except that I’m so happy to GIVE, just not as happy to RECEIVE. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone enjoy a gift I’ve given them!

    Regardless of anyone’s budget, the fact that you thought enough to spend time considering and choosing a gift specifically for that person is what matters. Whether it cost nothing or cost hundreds of dollars. Everyone’s situation is unique so try not to judge others simply because it doesn’t fit within your “norm”!

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    greenmile12:  Except you ARE being presumptious. Again, you have no idea what a lot of people here are actually purchasing their friends and family as I’ve noticed most people are listing numbers and not the items.

    You’re also assuming that even if someone does purchase someone else a camera or a laptop or whatever, it’s only because they’re doing it to show off or are being consumed by materialistic things. What if someone is a passionate hobby artist and a new drawing tablet would really give them that extra boost? Or someone else needs a new laptop for work? It’s not all about greed and I seriously doubt most people are spending hundreds of dollars on something just for the hell of it. Maybe you don’t place an emphasis on gifts, that’s fine, but some people DO express their love in this way (5 Love Languages and all) and it’s unfair to slander them or their motives when you know nothing about them.

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    Since we paid for our wedding, bought a house, and are taking a honeymoon all within the same 6-week span (which also encompasses Christmas), we are going pretty light on gifts this year! We want to focus on fattening up our savings/mutual funds. Before the house we had a six-figure cushion in there, and now that that’s been cut so drastically, we want to get it healthy again!

    So we are going ultra cheap for each other ($40 budget) – we both agree that our house and honeymoon are pretty great gifts to “ourselves!” We’ll also be purchasing an entire house worth of new furniture, and buying any odds and ends that we didn’t receive from our registry.

    We will be similarly modest with family members’ gifts. We will probably get the parents some nicely framed prints from the wedding and maybe something else small. My sister and I agreed to each make small charitable donations on the other’s behalf in lieu of a physical gift (tried to get my parents to agree to this too, but they’re just impossible with the “but you have to have SOMETHING to open on CHRISTMAS!!!”).

    The older I get, the less Christmas becomes about the gifts – although I do admit there is something I love about wrapping presents by the tree! For this reason I’ll probably do lots of baked goods this year just so I have more stuff to wrap/decorate. 🙂

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    We try to stick to around $50/person for my parents, his mom and stepdad, our 3 sisters, and their boyfriends. We’re actually under this year (so far, I might get more stuff) since we’re doing a group gift for his parents and spent $80 on a gift for his sister and her boyfriend together. We get small toys for everyone’s pets and usually do something bigger for our two dogs. We got a small gift ($20 Amazon gift card) for his cousin who has special needs and who we do a pre-Hannukah with since he has trouble in the big crowd of people. We got small items ($8-10/person) for some of his cousins and one aunt who we have a separate Christmas with since half the family doesn’t talk to the other half. So we’re already at somewhere between $600 and $700, and I still have to buy the pet presents and that’s not counting us going to San Francisco this summer. Eeesh. And I wonder where our money goes–this is shopping sales too.

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    MammaPants:  I voted 1001+. Ugh lol I try to keep it around 50pp but I tend to go over with people I am super close with

    We both have large immediate families and everyone gets gifts for each other-and in my immediate fam- like major gifts ( I got a kitchenaid one year for example). We gave my dad an elliptical one year as a joint gift. Its out of control and will likely stop once we all have kids hopefully lol

    I have about 17 pp to shop for and probably have spent around $1,000 (maybe a weensy bit more on some ppl) which is actually pretty close to my budget of $50 pp. I tend to spoil my little brother and not spoil my wealthy siblings so it evens out. And im done with shopping yay!

    This covers mom, dad, mil, fil, 2 brothers, 3 BILS, 3 SILS, 1 sister, gma gpa gma, gma, 2 nephews (so i guess its closer to 19?)

    Then one grab bag gift with my friends $25 dollar limit





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    We spend about $100 per family member, and $100-150 on each other. We have 9 people to buy for.  PLUS our wedding is on 12/13/14.  I try to buy sale and started shopping back in September.  Our bank account is crying this year….

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    It’s our daughter’s first Christmas and I have zero self control around baby stuff, so we’ve already spent an unholy amount on her. We decided $100, but that was surpassed back in October (oops…). In our defence, we’ve only bought three toys; the rest is clothes and books.

    We try to spend about $50 each on my dad, grandparents, brother, and two uncles, as well as FI’s parents, brother/SIL, and grandma. We’re actually sticking pretty close to our budget for them (so far).

    Fiance and I haven’t discussed any sort of limit when it comes to each other, but it’ll probably be around $100-$200.

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