(Closed) Whats your diamond clarity and does it affect the sparkle? pics?

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Here’s mine. Color g, vvs1. My fiance chose clarity and cut over color and carat. I love it. Honestly, I doubt I’d be able to tell The differences between each clarity. 

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I must go against the grain here!! Lol Great post! I specifically went out to look for an included SI diamond. I trained as a geologist & collector of all sorts of rocks/quartz/uncut gemmies, I personally value inclusions in rocks. They are a testament of the character & formation of the ‘rock’ in Nature over billions of years. My new 1 carat diamond after screening process is SI, G, Ex Cut, visibly included, imprinted with 2 thin brown streaks under the girdle which I wanted to know were there each time I look at my stone!;) I honestly don’t find they inhibit the diamond’s sparkle, as Ex Cut is meant for the masking effect. Hope to post pic when its back from the workshop being set 🙂

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I think I probably have the most inclusions here — it’s not GIA certified as it was an inherited diamond, but we did have it appraised for insurance and it’s I1. The thing is, NO ONE has said a word. I mean, I’ve even pointed them out and people don’t seem to notice them and I think it’s because it’s got great sparkle. I think that if I get an upgrade down the road, I will probably get an “eye clean” diamond but like everyone else has posted, provided that your inclusions aren’t clouds, they shouldn’t affect the sparkle.

(Not a sparkle pic to try and show the inclusions.)

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jnd414:  I’m one of them! Love big diamonds 🙂

Sparkle comes from the cut of the diamond.  I have a SI1- my trusted sales lady told me it’s rated by GIA like that because of the location of the only inclusion in the diamond- the top of the diamond in the table.  It’s eye clean and I am only able to see the small feather in specific lighting at a specific angle.  It’s actually harder to see under a loupe versus in the above mentioned condidtions.  

I have a family friend who always brags about her flawless graded stone that’s a D color- she looks down on me for my SI1 stone- she makes a face at my stone when she asks to see it haha.  Trick’s on her because it’s poorly cut and doesn’t sparkle. 

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Here’s some I for for you from a website on this subject:

The main reason SI2 clarity may be a better choice than higher grades is its price: You can save thousands of dollars if you pick SI2 over a diamond graded SI1 or higher. Another important consideration is what level of clarity you will be satisfied with and how much of a difference it would make if you get a higher clarity stone. If your diamond is going to be set in a mounting that will cover its sides, an SI2-clarity stone can be a good choice: Its flaws will usually be visible only from the sides, which will be concealed by the setting. In such a case, you can safely go with an SI2 diamond that looks clean from the top, which is the part that will be seen by you and others. Just make sure you are comfortable with how visible the stone’s inclusions are before you buy it, and look at a number of different SI2 diamonds to compare them. If you are buying an SI2 diamond, make sure that its cut is graded Good or higher as its symmetry will determine how much light the diamond will be able to capture. The less light in the diamond, the less brilliance it will exhibit and the more visible any flaws within the stone will be, even when it is looked at from the top. You should also keep in mind that there are some cuts that have naturally less brilliance than the classic round cut: The emerald cut is such an example. In these stones, you may be able to see some inclusions from the top.


mine is a 2.13 carat si2 triple excellent k


I had a 1.24 carat si2 good g in the same settng and I could see the flaw and it drove me nuts.  It depends on the stone.


 Fyi my wedding band is F,G vvs2 to vs2 and the stones on my ering are G,H vs2


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Mine is VVS1 and it is incredibly flashy and sparkly. Personally I wouldn’t want anything less in terms of clarity because I have an emerald cut and inclusions can be quite visible. However as you can see from the Bees who have posted pics stones with lesser clarity can still be pretty darn sparkly!

I wouldn’t get too hung up on clarity if you aren’t going with a step-cut or a cut of that nature which really calls for the best clarity available. 

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Bridey77:  Ha, ha! Thanks so much! It’s funny, because that’s what DH calls my stone: “the disco ball”. 

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Fiance was obsessed with the specs and insisted on the highest quality stone he could get for his budget, so mine is a GIA certified F colour, IF clarity, excellent cut, 1.10 carat round diamond. My father works in the diamond industry and he says that the colour and cut are the most important, and the clarity matters according to where the inclusions are located.

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i got a vs2


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ellagrace :  this is beautiful! What carat size is this? thanks!

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Mine is an SI1 but is eye clean, never would’ve guessed it if my SO didn’t tell me. I don’t think it affects the sparkle at all! It’s an excellent cut colorless diamond, so that probably adds to the sparkle factor.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.48.29 PM

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D color, IF clarity, Excellent cut… ALl sparkle all the time 😍


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The clarity of mine is VS2 and when selecting it we viewed it under 20x magnification and even then it was difficult to see the cloud inclusion it has.  Its color is E.  I think it sparkles nicely and the inclusion is impossible to see. Most important thing to create sparkle is a well-cut stone.  Look for excellent polish and symmetry.  Cut is king! 

 Also, when I look at it from the side, I can see straight through it

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