What's your favorite healthy EASY meal?

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Helper bee

I make chicken lettuce wraps. I chop chicken breast, veggies like carrots, green onions, snow peas, etc. and stir fry them in a sauce of olive oil, garlic, soy sauce, ginger, and whatever spices I feel like for that night. I wrap the the concoction in butter lettuce. It’s easy and delicious!

You can use shrimp, tuna, or any protein and vary the spices (i.e. Greek, Mexican, etc.) to change it up. Basically anything you would put on bread, in a tortilla, or on a salad works perfectly in the butter lettuce. 

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Busy bee

sunsetsnmargaritas :  Crockpot Chili. Basically dump an assortment of dried beans ($1.00) in with some canned tomato sauce ($.79) and crushed tomatoes ($.99). Add some spices, a little chopped onion and pepper and set it to cook all day. You come home to a delicious, healthy and cheap meal 🙂

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Busy bee
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So many great ideas here, commenting to follow!


but also to add three of my favorite healthy lazy meals:

-protien shake for any meal (isagenix specifically) 

-egg (or egg white) omlete, I usually add diced sweet bell peppers, tomato, green onion and mushrooms, and sometimes a sprinkle of lowfat grated mozzarella on top 

-salad, I grew up in a house where the term ‘salad’ means as many veggies tossed together fresh as you can possibly have, that way there’s so much textural and flavor difference it’s not boring in the slightest! Here are some things I typically add to my salads:

lettuce, kale, or spinach

diced tomato

sweet bell peppers

green onion

alfalfa sprouts 





some grated cheese and/or cottage cheese (adding things like avocado and cottage cheese makes it so you don’t really need a dressing! Otherwise sometimes I’ll add just a drizzle of your standard ranch or lowfat vinagrette)

also, I really enjoy croutons, and I’ll typically throw in some kind of protien like tuna, or lean deli turkey, chicken.. Basically anything you want. It’s super good and super healthy!

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Honey bee

Salsa chicken! The easiest thing ever and pretty versitile.

Basically, dump chicken in a baking dish (you can use whatever, I prefer boneless, skinless chicken breast). Dump salsa on top to cover chicken. For extra health, you can even make your own salsa- chop tomatos, red onion, cilantra, peppers if you want, jalapeno, cilantro and lime- less sodium! You can also stir in some taco seasoning (or again, make your own if you’re watching your sodium).

Then bake about 25-30 minutes. Add some cheese on top at the very end if you like.

I usually shred it then eat it in tacos, on salad, or in a wrap. You can also eat it over rice or quinoa. It’s soooo delicious and EASY. I make it probably once/week.

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Bumble bee

I’ve been making this for breakfast daily for about a month and honestly I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It takes me about 10 minutes total now that I’ve got it all down pat.

Start with two halves of a sprouted English muffin, top each with a few tablespoons of corn/bean/tomato salsa, dice up half an avocado and add 1/4 to each, squeeze a wedge of lime over it. Add a sunny side up egg to each half. Top with fresh cracked black pepper, sea salt, cayenne pepper, and chia seeds. The whole thing is only around 420 calories and seriously keeps me full well into the afternoon. 

For lunch and dinner, the crockpot is your friend! 

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Bumble bee
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Here are a few relatively easy dinner recipes (not sure about the health factor because it’s not something I pay much attention to, although I know I should…):

Ribs: http://www.grouprecipes.com/8703/bone-suckin-fabulous-ribs-in-the-oven.html

Enchiladas: http://womanista.com/wellness/2014/04/09/recipe-easy-beef-enchiladas/

Pot roast: http://www.marthastewart.com/313619/slow-cooker-pot-roast

I also make chicken tenderloins pretty often. I heat up some oil, add white wine, shallots, and garlic. Then add chicken and herbs (my favorite is Tuscan Sunset by Penzeys Spices). Sometimes I add some lemon juice (instead of, or in addition to, the white wine). I cook both sides and then cover while I’m making sides.

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Bumble bee
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I like cooking salmon in a tin foil tent with tomatoes, shallots, garlic, capers or olives and some olive oil. It cooks itself and the veggies make a nice sauce! 

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Helper bee
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Hard boiled eggs are always my go-to breakfast in the morning before working out! Sometimes I mash it up with an avocado (like egg salad) and add a little salt and pepper. I can eat it like that or put it on a piece of toast. For the work week, my Fiance and I food prep turkey burgers for the week on Sunday. We season them and cook 5 at a time. I add swiss, no bun. We take it with brown rice and some sort of green vegetable like green beans.

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Bumble bee
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For dinner, my go-to healthy meal is grilled chicken chef salad… lettuce, tomato, boiled egg, a little cheese, some bacon bits, and a light honey mustard dressing.

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Busy bee
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So fi and I discovered shirataki noodles last night after a last minute stop at Fred Meyer, and they’re kind of amazing! They’re apparently made entirely from the fibrous root of a yam plant, and they’re grain free, soy free and zero calories. They have a very mild taste and a consistency more comparable to rice noodles than to wheat ones, but they’re still divine when topped with spaghetti sauce. Just thought I’d share smile

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Sugar bee

These are my go-tos (all vegan, but adaptable). I tend to make big batches of a healthy meal for dinner and have leftovers for lunch.: 

Breakfast: avocado toast; oatmeal with raisins; toast with a almond butter & banana; fresh fruit & nuts; smoothies

Lunch/dinner ideas: pasta with veggies and chickpeas; brown rice or quinoa with sauteed veggies and tofu; rice & bean & veggie tacos w avocado; vegetable and/or bean soups and stews; 3-bean chili; tofu vegetable curry with rice; large salad with quinoa, chickpeas, avocado; pasta salad with lots of veggies, red onions, olives, capers, etc; Asian-style stirfries with rice or noodles; soba-noodle miso ramen

Snacks: popcorn; hummus & pita or veggies; fresh or dried fruit; nuts; smoothies

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sunsetsnmargaritas :  1 Whole wheat or multi grain english muffin, spread with mashed avocado with poached eggs. I usually sprinkle some garlic powder and sometimes some chilli pepper into the avocado when I mash it to give it a little kick – but this is by far my favorite easy breakfast. I sometimes have it for lunch 🙂 

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