(Closed) What's your go-to regime for when you need to lose weight… fast?

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Ugh I wish I had more time to properly respond to this. 

First is there a reason you “need to lose” weight fast? Because it will fail every time. The goal should be slow loss that is maintainable. 

Second you are starving yourself only to have your body rebel when you double, triple your calories on the weekends. Hence the sudden jump in weight, which by the way is more water than anything else. You are yo-yoing and confusing your body.

You are not eating enough protein and too much sugar. PM me if you’d like a little friendly advice. 

I am a competitive bodybuilder who was once obese (+200#)! Over the past 5 years I’ve come down to a maintainable weight living a healthy lifestyle…& that is the key, it’s a lifestyle not an endless series of diets. 😉

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Bee Keeper

If I need to do damage control from a day or two of indulgence, I tend to increase protein and activity and decrease carbs and sugar and drink lots of water.

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Really the key is being good through the weekend! can’t get around that. When I want to lose weight fat I cut all wheat, dairy, added sugar and net 1200 cals a day of food. Weekend I give myself 1500. Woo. This is my current wedding diet.

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Avoid chocolate, it is my kryptonite! 

I cut out cakes and sweets as I have a major sweet tooth, I find if I eat vegetables with my meals I’m fine but it’s when I add sweets and cakes to the mix that the chubb comes back! I guess it’s all moderation but I’m one of those weirdos that has to eat the whole pack rather than just one or two like a normal person 

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My problem is pastas and potatoes, and I carry all my weight in my midsection.  If I need to slim it down a bit, quickly, I cut out all white foods like rice, potatoes, pastas, bread. I also cut out sodas and add more fiber to my diet.  Just with cutting out soda alone, I can lose 5lbs in 2 weeks time. 

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LLMMCC:  For “quick weight loss” as in fit into a too-tight dress in 10-14 days I have very good results with Bikram yoga (4+days a week) and increased calorie restriction/portion control, increased more than the normal trying to lose range.  I don’t really count calories, I just go by portion/content.  What you listed sounds similar.    

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Busy bee
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I don’t think trying to lose weight quickly is ever a good idea… But, I began a lifestyle change about a year ago. I cut out all processed anything. Everything that comes in my kitchen is now organic and I can tell you exactly where it came from and was packaged. I cut out sugar except for morning fruit and cut out animal based products a good bit. I’d say 65%+ of our diet is vegan and plant based. When I first started, I dropped about fifty three pounds in about three months but now it’s a battle to get off the rest! My normal food day with meat looks like this:

breakfast- green smoothie with two cups of kale, one cup almond milk, half a cup of blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, carrots, and one cup of organic Greek yogurt. I also sprinkle in chia seeds and my spirulina tabs. Then take vitamins.

lunch is our larger meal of the day- vegan chili with kale chips to make a healthy Frito pie of sorts. Or baked chicken with corn on the cob and broccoli.

dinner- typically leftovers or light organic popcorn homemade. Or even another smoothie with veggie sticks. 

I go go to the gym in the evening so typically I just have light snacks for dinner. At the gym I typically warm up by walking a mile, then do the elliptical for half an hour to an hour on HIT, then finish with weights and stretching. Or sometimes I walk to the gym, work out and walk home. I’m still plus sized but man, I’m one healthy plus sized lady haha! Hope this helps! ☺️

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LLMMCC:  I am a Dietitian and I ditto this advice 100%  Starving yourself ALWAYS results in weight gain..

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I wouldn’t call if fast, but it helps me go. Eating right. I’m all about counting calories. If I stick with it, which is easier said then done, I can easily drop 5 pounds a week with just food choices and not even working out. Usually I stick to around 1600 calories, which is what myfitnesspal suggests for my body.

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LLMMCC:  Ok it’s probably terrible and I am by no means any sort of expert…but I use intermittent fasting and I lose weight pretty fast.

Basically, I restrict my eating times to 4pm-8pm (but I make sure I get my full 1200 calories within that time. There’sas much negative as positive research on the internet though that says it’s not great because your body can go into starvation mode- but I find it really works for me. I think it works in part because it limits the amount of snacking I can do, and I have much greater willpower to not eat snacks when I am not eating ANYTHING. Also, when it comes time to eat I remember all the effort it took to not eat all day and it’s easier to make healthy choices. It takes a day or two to get into it and not feel hungry during the day though. 

I started an intermittent fasting cycle yesterday actually. I usually do it for about 2 weeks at a time, take a short break where I eat (healthily) the whole day to mix it up and then go back into the fasting cycle for another short period of time. 

This is just what I do and what works for me! I am not saying I understand it or why it works or if it’s healthy for you- just to be clear!

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fur4elise:  nailed it. 

OP, you’re basically setting yourself up for failure. 

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The fastest I’ve ever lost weight (15lbs in a month) is by doing this:

No alcohol

No added sugar or sugar substitutes

No dairy

No grains or pasta

High quality protein at every meal

Lots of fresh vegetables

Some fresh fruit

Good fat with every meal (clarified butter, olive or coconut oil, an avacado)


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LLMMCC:  As with any diet, you should try to make it into a lifestyle change rather than a “get thin quick” scheme. But like carnationsunshine, I (attempted) to change my eating and started the Nutritarian lifestyle last year.

If you can’t see yourself being able to do this your whole life, I recommend the 6-week plan. During that time, I lost 26 lbs (and that was with minimal exercise) and it was done healthily due to the dramatic change in my eating habits. You can read about Dr Fuhrman’s 6 week plan online, or you can purchase the book and learn all about Nutritarianism:


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Losing weight = veggies, protein, water, small portions of fruit and working out.

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