What's your gripe of the day?

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breatheandrelax :  Nooooo that is awful!!!! 

My gripe is that yesterday all the guys in my office were discussing something, and when I chimed in to give my opinion, they just talked right over me like I didn’t exist. I tried saying it again during a break in conversation, but then one guy started up again and the other guys just glanced over at me, and then back at the guy to talk with him. The other guys knew I was being cut off but didn’t say anything about it. Made my blood boil. 

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The gripe of my day everyday is about people who think traffic laws don’t apply to them. 

Yesterday, I was approaching a 2-way stop in the rain and I was going in the direction that didn’t have a stop sign. The moron in the cross street got to the intersection at the same time, made eye contact with me, mouthed “I’m sorry,” and shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “I’m too important for stop signs and shit, whatyagonnado?” I came to a screeching halt just in time to keep from plowing into her. I had no idea you could just blow through any red light or stop sign as long as you say SORRY! 🤦‍♀️ 

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Glad your scan turned out okay!

My gripe today is with my husband, lol. He’s currently upset with me because I decided to get up to eat dinner shortly after our dog laid down for a nap, which woke her up. He thinks I should’ve put my dinner on hold and stayed on the couch while she slept 🙄.

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Mine is totally my own fault. I forgot to pull something out of the freezer for dinner and I’ve been writing ALL day. So now I’m too tired to think but I have to come up with something creative and quick for dinner since we’re poor grad students who don’t have the budget for takeout right now. Ugh. Any ideas welcome lol 

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LilliV :  Omg I love that idea 😂

UPDATE: My Mother-In-Law had my SIL text me asking about them too. I finally just gave my SIL the link to the online gallery because I’m tired of being pestered about it. Plus ultimately seeing the pictures is going to annoy my Mother-In-Law because 70% of them my husband or I are making weird faces and she hates it whenever someone isn’t posed perfectly in a picture. So she gets to go through 1800 pictures of my husband and I doing this 

And the thought of her sighing in annoyance as she scrolls through the photos brings me solace.

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Pool season has started and I’m so annoyed at other parents already. You knew you were bringing your kids to the pool- so bring them some toys so they try to stop borrowing (stealing) my kids toys. I don’t mind if another 2 year old wants to play with my 2 year old. But I’m about to knock out the next 11 year old boy who tries to take my baby’s toys. 

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Apparently Progressive Insurance decided to no longer offer free roadside assistance but did not alert their customers until the following renewal period. For every roadside service request filed they now open a “claim” and these claims go into the calculation for your new rate. Over the past 6 months I’ve made 3 claims (flat tires… thanks condo construction) subsequently when my new rate came out my insurance went up $50 a month! 

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After much hestitation my husband convinced me to get my car detailed by some people who come to your house. I don’t trust anyone so insisted they come while he or my father could be at home with me. 

They washed my car and my husband went to go check on it and they took off. When i finally needed to drive I noticed there was a scratch/ scruff marks on the windshield as if they had used a blade to scrape some stuff off. 

Its very minimal but I notice the smallest details. I’m not ocd I just have good memory of things lol.

thats my lil rant for today (first world problems) lol

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Got food poisoning at work today from an old quesadilla. Sat on the bathroom floor for 30 minutes, couldn’t throw up, so left and went home early. Bad timing on my part – I was driving on the interstate (couldn’t pull over) and ended up puking all over myself (and my nice work clothes) 🙃

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Gripe of the day is every Wednesday we do Wingsday at a local pub and a group of us have wings and then play pinball and I do not usually toot my own horn but bloody hell am I a pinball champ.


Well THE PINBALL MACHINE WAS BROKEN, but not out of order. (the tech had removed too many of the balls)

and I lost my title as reigning champion because I couldn’t get my multiball and who I was versing managed to score 300 points above me.


What a first world problem. Blaming your loss on malfunction is totally sad.

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fourthnoel :  Oh man, this sounds just like my husband! In his defense, our 1-year-old golden retriever is a maniac and very much a puppy still, so when she’s asleep it is a rare moment of peace for all of us! 

attorneytobee : This is my absolute worst nightmare. You definitely win (or lose?)!

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I went to the lake this evening with my fiancée and my brothers. We had been in the water for all of 5 minutes when a person came up with their poop covered toddler and rinsed him off IN THE LAKE 5 FEET FROM US. There were bathrooms maybe 10 feet away. So disgusting. 

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My sister’s cat that I’m looking after ran away from home and gone into a literal jungle. He was so scared that he fainted. I’ve had the worst morning ever. :((

Thank God he’s home safe and sound.

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More of a general gripe, but I’m getting super tired of people who believe they don’t have to be polite to others who have differing opinions about something.  They seem to convince themselves that anyone who holds an opposing view to their own (often about something political) is automatically subhuman and doesn’t deserve basic respect or courtesy, therefore justifying speaking to the opposing party in an incredibly insulting or demonizing way.  It amazes me that people can dehumanize others in such a blanketed way and be completely at ease with it.  It’s just exhausting.  Is anyone else just exhausted by politics lately?  I understand that people feel strongly about things and I have my own heated beliefs, but my god.

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