(Closed) What’s your hairy secret?

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  • poll: What do you shave/wax/pluck/thread but never talk about?

    Upper lip.








    All of the above.

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    I just want to say…. this thread makes me so happy! haha. I’m glad I’m not the only one with awkward areas to shave/pluck/remove hair.

    Fiance first found out I shaved my toes when he walked in on me doing it. Undecided He was like “Oh, so that’s why it takes you so long.” I was like yeah, thanks. I guess he’s cool with it because this happened like 3 years ago. Haha.

    I do my toes, fingers (ugh, it drives me crazy when my fingers are slightly hairy and people want to look at my ring), that one awkward boob hair, and as I am getting older, the upper lip/chin thing seems like it’s about to get real. My mom has always waxed hers since I can remember so I am resigned to that fate. Lol.

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    I shave all of the above!  I especially can’t stand my hairy toes and fingers… it drives me crazy!  And seriously what is up with the stray boob hairs?!?!  I really thought I was the only woman in the world who had them.

    Fortunately, all my body hair is blond (minus the boobie hairs and… well down there), so it’s not noticeable, but it’s noticeable to ME, so I shave it.

    For the longest time, I thought I never had any extra hair on my face.  Well, then one day DH pointed out my blond sideburns and I was mortified!!  Ever since then Nair has been my best friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I shave: legs, arms (I only have blonde hair on my legs and arms but a few black hairs on the lower part of my legs, I just like to have smooth arms and ofcourse legs), my whoha, and my underarms. Im a light haired person that God lol!

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    I own three pairs of Tweezerman tweezers. Enough said. lol  I pluck from every part of my body, even my nose, since we’re letting our hair down here:)

    Also, something horrifying for you all to look forward to when you hit your forties, somehow the skin starts to break down and not be as firm (even if you are fit-I’ve seen pics of Demi with the same problem)  But the bad part is that because your skin has so much more give, it’s nearly impossible to get all the hair anymore-the razor kinds of skips over spots.

    I’ll get out of the shower, start to blow dry my hair and see a huge swath that I missed.  It’s really annoying.  And the bikini line grows back like every other day where before I could get away with once of week.  Yay hormones. lol I’m seriously considering laser. 

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    I feel so much better now. I always cursed my hispanic heritage for making me so damned hairy, lol! (Not really, I embrace my heritage, but you get my point)  Hairy big toes, a couple stray nipple hairs, an errant chin hair every now and then, and I Nair my upper lip, with bleachings in between. 

    Man, that felt good to confess, lol! SO is aware of pretty much everything except the upper lip. Some things should be secret.

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    Late to the party on this but back from page 1 re: butt cheeks or just crack?  I shave bikini line and every other tiny little inch down in there, crack and cheeks all the way to lower back.  The peach fuzz on my butt cheeks is blonde and when I’m tanned it shows up bleached.  I hate it.  Off it goes.  I only need to shave it once a month tho as it’s super fine, like face cheek fuzz.  But my bikini line and legs need to be done once a day or they are stubbly to the touch

    Frig tho.. I hate that if you shave your bikini and upper thighs every day it’s almost impossible to not get razor burn~ Boooo

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    @Sweet.Sugar.Rose I’ve got about 2 dozen darkish happy trail hairs (among some really blonde peach fuzz) that I pluck. I also pluck the dozen or so hairs that grow on my big toes, I’ve got 3 on my chin, and one blonde hair (!) on each ring finger, between the joints.

    This is such a funny thread!

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    @PutABirdOnIt Also, something horrifying for you all to look forward to when you hit your forties,

    Can I add one more thing to that..greying pube hair. Seriously, NOT. A. FAN. And it started happening way before 40 ๐Ÿ™ I’m not a fan of being bald down there so sadly I’m confronted with them periodically.  

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    Oh my goodness, I shave everything. I also have the hairy toe problem. :p

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    Arm hair?  Well just grab some scissors and snip snip snip, all better! Watch out though, it can be addicting….. Tongue out



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    I have to shave my stomach. I have this icky little happy trail that Im not a fan of. lol 

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    My tummy hair has stayed suuuuper blonde and when I tan it shows up, but for some reason it doesn’t bother me.  (like my butt hair! :(()



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