(Closed) What’s your hairy secret?

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  • poll: What do you shave/wax/pluck/thread but never talk about?

    Upper lip.








    All of the above.

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    I remove my excess body hair in a variety of ways.  I own several great “grooming tools” and am particularly fond of my Remington travel size trimmer (best $20 Walmart purchase ever!).  It’s great for the facial region and the nether region, in particular.

    The smaller attachment is a lot like those little $10 electric trimmers for eyebrows and nose hairs.  It works great on the fingers, toes, upper lip, chin, happy trail, inner thighs and between the brows.  My skin is extremely sensitive, and it doesn’t cause me to break out.

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    @Sweet.Sugar.Rose: i’m too scared to pluck the nipple hair for some reason.. its gonna hurt!!!!

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    @bklynbridetobe:  I don’t have the grey down there, but I do have a few white hairs on my head!  I’m only 26!!!! I think some of us are just predisposed to lovely greys and whites early on.  Boo! ๐Ÿ™

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    This embarassing, but now I am glad to see more “hairy” relatives on the Bee! I was beginning to think I was the only one.

    I’m always plucking my eyebrows (inherited dark ones from my mom, but they are relatively thin and arched naturally). I shave my toes and the ones on my knuckles (always just had thick hair). I shaved my arms in middle school (didn’t even need to, ugh!) because I was trying to be so cool like my older sister and her friend. I totally regret that. I miss my arm hairs, and I often get razor bumps and sometimes break-outs on my arms which really sucks ๐Ÿ™ My arm hair was always so light, but I’m okay with being hair-less there, I guess. I do get a couple dark, thick hair under my chin that I am always plucking every couple of weeks. I can’t see them unless I’m in the unflattering, bright light in my bathroom. Besides all that, I do get a few unwanted hairs near my nipples.

    I have such thick hair on my head, so I’m sure it’s only natural it would end up elsewhere on my body, LOL!

    P.S. Can’t forget the happy trail on my stomach. Fiance thinks it’s cute, but the hair is really light so it’s not really noticable. And for some reason, I do get a few grays on my scalp but nothing to worry about.

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    OMG I’m so happy to see this.  Makes me feel so much less alone!!  I am half italian and have thick dark dark brown hair…so I do have dark hair in the places it grows.  My biggest enemy is the upper lip.  My cousins and I were trained in the “rite of passage” of waxing at an early age…and to this day I still sneak my waxing kit into the guest bathroom to warm it up and wax the lip…Fiance still things I’m in there “waxing my eyebrows”, but I think he probably could guess what I’m REALLY waxing.  Not sure why i’m so ashamed of it…but I am!! I also get random nipple hairs every once in a while, and a few random chin/jawline hairs…but I am diligent about plucking those!

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    @craftybridelovesnerdygroom: not sure how old you are, but I am finding more and more greys on my head too.  I guess I should expect it–my mom when grey at 19 (seriously…it’s in my grandmother’s genes).  She and her sister spent 3+ decades diligently dyeing their hair until they finally gave up in their early 50s…they both get more compliments on their salt-and-pepper hair than they ever did with their natural color. 

    Fiance very sweetly and thoroughly makes me lay on the bed in the broad daylight with my hair flipped over and plucks out each grey that he finds with my tweezers.  He’ll peer down at the top of my head when we’re just standing around and say “uh oh, I see another…remind me to get that one later”.  He knows how much they scare/sadden me!

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    Definitely all of the above, lol!

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    i have one nip hair that is the bane of my existance. its hereditary. my mom has it and so me and my sister got it. in the same place too. and its just one. no matter what it comes back. my SO isnt grossed out by much (he did some unspeakable things to help me after child birth, we shall leave it at that) but that one nip hair really gets to him lol so i ahve to be on top of it an dmake sure its gone.

    i also have some more normal things. im a hairy beast in general. im mexican and italian so i had no chance of being a cute hairless beauty. no sir. so i have small toe hairs, but you cant really see em unless you arelike 2 inches from them so i tend to leave those alone. i have the same on my knuckles but again its so light and few that its not an issue. i get my upper lip threaded ๐Ÿ™‚ hurts like a biatch but whatevs at least my mustache is gone afterwards. i have no shame by the way admitting my hairy secrets.

    i also was cursed with a very light treasure trail which never makes an appearance. i make sure that is gone at all times.

    so there you have it.

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    I shave my arms, legs, armpits, toes, bikini/vulva area, butt sometimes, and I pluck my eyebrows and trim my upper lip. Pretty much anywhere with hair!! I have some peach fuzz on my belly I used to shave but DH likes it so I leave it alone now.

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