What's Your Hard-to-Believe Story??

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My mother. That about sums it up for me.

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I have many hard-to-believe stories:

1) I broke my leg because of a trampoline. But I stayed on the trampoline the whole time. 

2) I’ve had a lot of oral surgeries in my lifetime. My veins are so invisible that I have had my IV put in the back of my knee. For THREE OF THOSE SURGERIES. 

3) When I was five, I was pronounced dead. I had pneumonia and it fucked up my lungs (I would suffer with the results for the rest of my life). But the doctors thought I was dead, then my heart just decided to start working again. 

4) The last time my future father-in-law was in the same room as my future stepfather-in-law, they put each other in jail for aggravated assault. It was the most horrifying hour of my entire life. I thought the entire house was going to be burned down. 

5) I had an asthma attack on a college school bus and a super handsome jock saved my life I guess. I blacked out. I remember nothing except the inability to breathe, the bus screeching to a halt, and I blacked out. Woke up in the dude’s arms with someone else calling 911. Honestly it was a total blur. 

6) I met Jake Gyllenhaal in NYC once. He was just strolling on the street. I thought I was having a stroke because I was starstruck. And he smiled at me. 

Among other things. My life is an insanity hive. 

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achicago :  Lol I know right?? I was in the hospital for two whole months. My memories on it are so random – like I remember it was my first time eating green jello, my mom was crying all the time, and the tubes they put up my nose were super itchy. I watched a lot of Madeline movies and I got to cuddle with all my Barbie dolls and I really cared about that. The medicine tasted terrible. 

Being unable to breathe is the worst. Like, I would rather die any other way. It’s the scariest thing in the world. 

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I was ‘the other woman’ in my own divorce many years ago. Cited in court as ‘an unknown young woman in a state of undress’. 

You had to have particular grounds for divorce at that time in that place and my grounds were his adultery. But somehow that last time for old times sake got surveillance lol. So stupid, both of us. 

achicago :  

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My pre-teen son hurt his hand playing some sport. 

He came in to show me his hand, which was swollen and when I  touched his hand, the pain was so bad, he dropped to his knees & fainted. 

Unfortunately he dropped to his knees RIGHT ON MY FOOT… Which he broke. 

We both ended up on the hospital that night. 

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I was applying for doctorate programs and had done an interview at a university. 3 weeks went by and I hadn’t heard any sort of update.

At work one day I sat in the back office and my coworkers were asking if I had heard back. I told them that the school said we should know within 2 weeks if we got accepted, and it had now been 3 weeks so I likely didn’t get in. 

I went back to my desk and not even 15 minutes later I got an email with my acceptance letter. I went back to tell the girls and they just couldn’t believe it! So then I called that my lucky chair and sat in it when I did any sort of wishful thinking lol.

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It’s long, but you don’t get the full effect if I shorten it, so…tongue-out

One year, I went to the beach. It was the first vacation I ever took solo, which I did on the cheap because that was the only way I could afford it. Off-season, cheap condo, cooked all my meals instead of eating out, etc. I was determined to spend as little money as possible and still have a great time.

I bought a flounder filet at my favorite fishery (this is a beach I frequented while growing up), brought it back to the condo, cooked it. Had half for dinner. The next day, as I swallowed the very last bite of the other half of that flounder filet at lunch, I felt a stab. My immediate thought was “Crap. Bone.” At first, I thought I just scratched my throat and it would be fine. Nope. Every swallow from there on out was horrendously painful. I called my dad, who walked me through a bunch of remedies he found online that are intended to dislodge swallowed fish bones. Nothing worked.

I drove myself to the ER (hospitals are one of my biggest anxiety triggers, though that’s gotten somewhat better since this happened – LOL). I checked in at the desk, told the nurse what happened, and listened as she said to her coworker: “This woman THINKS she swallowed a fish bone. How do I input that?”

I said, “No, I DID swallow a fish bone. I can feel it in there, wiggling and stabbing.”

Again, she said “Thinks”, but I let it slide because talking made the bone move and that hurt. Turning my head hurt. Swallowing hurt. 

I sat in the waiting room from noon till 3pm in, essentially, one big panic attack (meanwhile, my phone’s battery was at 20%, so I had nothing to distract me from the pain/anxiety because I needed to keep some charge in it just in case I needed it). Then I went to the urgent care across the street because it hurt too much to do nothing. I thought they’d be able to reach in with something and grab it easily. Urgent care took an x-ray, said “Yep, you swallowed a bone” (YES I know that, thanks guys), and said I should go back to the hospital cause it’s too deep for them to get. Great. They called ahead and let the hospital front desk know I was coming and to get me up to surgery. I drove back across the street.

I arrived at 5:01pm. The person manning the hospital front desk was gone for the day. I went back to the ER, told them that I was supposed to check in at the desk and get taken up to surgery, and was told “Oh, sorry, we’ll just have to put you back in the queue.” Keep in mind, by this point, I hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink since noon. 

At about 6 pm, I started feeling dehydrated (I drink a lot of water usually – I’m always drinking, so when I don’t drink for any length of time, I really feel it, and too long gets me a migraine).

Finally, about 7pm, they took me back to a little ER room. Got the x-rays from urgent care. Said “Yep, we’ll have to call in the general surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgical nurses, etc.” Which, of course, made me feel terrible (because I’m the kind of person who automatically feels horrible if I inconvenience people, even if being inconvenienced is an accepted part of their job). So I waited. They finally arrived. Consulted with me. Agreed that surgery was necessary.  

Nurse said “Your blood pressure is really high” and I laughed (ow) and said “Yes, yes it is. I’ve spent the past 7 hours with no one believing that I’m actually in incredible pain, I haven’t had anything to drink, and I’ve basically been one big anxiety attack since noon. So yeah, my blood pressure is elevated.”

She gave me a sedative. It was glorious. They took me to surgery around 8:30pm (I was loopy when they wheeled me into the operating room and I all I remember is looking around the room and saying something like “Hey, this is cool”, then they started to knock me out and I was like “WOW that works fast” and I was out). I was out of surgery around 9pm. I drank apple juice. I was super wobbly. I went on a long and probably meandering feel-good-drug-fueled explanation about something the nurse couldn’t have cared less about, but she was a good sport and listened politely. The surgeon came in and said that the bone had embedded itself so deep that it nearly perforated my esophagus, which would have been quite bad. I thanked him too profusely (still loopy).

My dad drove to the hospital (from my parents’ house, 4.5 hours away) to get me out so I didn’t have to spend the night. We got back to my condo at 1 am. (I made him stay at the beach with me a couple days – figured if he made the drive, he might as well get a little vacation out of it!). My throat hurt for a week. I had trouble coming up with the words I wanted to say (apparently this can happen after anesthesia, which I wasn’t prepared for!). 

Good times.

It’s been four years and I’m finally able to eat fish without too much anxiety. My cheap vacation turned into a cheap vacation + an almost $5000 hospital bill. 

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I was a potential suspect in a murder a few years ago. 

My wallet got stolen out of my car, stupid of me to have left it there but I was young when I did it. I think I was 18-19. Lesson learned. A few weeks later cops showed up at my parents door looking to question me. Sat me down at the dining room table and put a bunch of pictures of a dead body in front of me. Asked if I knew her, any connection, anything like that. Turns out she had my wallet on her when she died and was using my ID for things. 

I got cleared pretty quickly when I was able to prove I was away at college when the murder happened, but my family STILL jokes about it to this day. 

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beekeeper2018 :  Holy cow!!!!!! I literally would have just barfed. That’s so wild.

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achicago :  I was not a popular kid. I was a weirdo, teacher’s pet, poorsy in a fairly affluent suburb. In middle school, I had a particularly hard time with a couple of girls who were quite mean to me. 

On one occasion, as we were all in choir, standing on the risers, these two were standing behind me. They were taking turns reaching around and thumping me on the sternum. I just stood there crying, until the teacher caught them and they got sent to the principal. 

A few weeks later, I was spending the night with my grandmother. She had recently moved in with her sister, my Great-Aunt Vivian. I loved Aunt Vivan to peices, and was having a grand old time. Then, I went to walk down the hall and WHO DID I SEE IN A PHOTO ON THE WALL but one of my tormenters! 

I said, “Why is there a picture of Tori on your wall??”

Apparently she’s my 2nd cousin. 

Aunt Vivan asked how I knew her, and I told her; including the incident in choir. She was NOT best pleased to hear it.

The following Monday, Tori approached me in school and apologized. She was always exceptionally nice to me after that. Her friend was the real instigator, and I think she just kinda went along with it. But it was still deeply satsifying to know she got busted in such a profound and satisfying way. 


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Mine involves a ghost in our house…

Darling Husband and I were both getting ready for work, in our kitchen when we heard a childs footsteps running down the hall. I just said, guess one of the kids are up, and went to check. We have a long hallway with a bathroom in the middle and 3 bedrooms at the end. I checked the bathroom and it was empty, and then our bedroom and BOTH kids were sleeping in our bed. I turned around to face the hall again, and heard the footsteps running again. INSTANT tears in my eyes, told Darling Husband the kids were sleeping, we were freaked. It never happened again and Darling Husband has convinced himself it was one of the kids even though I saw them both in our bed. So so crazy.


I actually posted this one on a pregnancy board once and ended up on GOMI because some girls didn’t believe it was true… When I was pregnant with my first, a waitress said to my husband, ‘guess she should’ve swallowed’. WHAT?! I don’t know how anyone ever would think that was an okay thing to say to anyone.

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