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TiaMP:  The Fiance and i are best friends with a couple K (my freind from childhood) & G (FI’s college rommate), only we had never met eachother.

In fact, he saw me for the first time while I was at K’s college graduation party. Says he noticed a brunette in glasses with and wearing comic tee. He asked about me but because I was seeing someone he got really nervous and never spoke to me. AT ALL!

He would chack every now and again with K or on facebook to see if I was single. Well, finally, two years later I was. He got my number and texted me. We stayed on the phone for an entire night. We spoke every second for 3 weeks and then I drove 4 and a half hours to meet him. It was immediately love. 100%. Never loved anyone or even dreamed I could be loved this way. He truly is the most amazing man.

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TiaMP:  I don’t have much of a love story…LoL 

We met through a mutual friend of ours that we are actually no longer friends with. I went ot high school with this mutal friend and he worked at a restaurant where (now) Darling Husband used to work. I used to go and hang out with my friend during his breaks or stop in for dinner to hang out in between his tables. One day he IM’d me (yes, instant message, remember that? Lol) and said, “hey so the other day when you came in to hang out, someone noticed you” and my heart was pounding bc I always had a crush on Darling Husband but never ever said anything bc I never thought he would find me attractive. And, little did I know, but Darling Husband was interested. SO the next day I stopped by on my work break, we exchanged numbers and he called me that night to go to the movies and dinner. (which is now our favorite type of date). He told me years later that he wasn’t going to call me but that my SIL made him. SHe was like call her! Don’t be a jerk! We were young (he was 19, I was 18). But I am so glad she made him call!!! We have been together 11 years! <br /><br />My favorite thing that he ever told me, and this was on our first date was, “you are beautiful, and don’t let anyone ever tell you different” (He still gives me butterflies!) 

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TiaMP:  Its a long story. It all began when my Fiance started delivering mail on my street (hes a Mailman lol).  My nosy neighbour who lived across the street introduced herself to him. After months of conversation, a friendship ensued. The neighbour is the owner of a collection of parrots which my Fiance was interested in. One day she asked him if he was willing to adopt two birds that needed a home as he had mentioned a few times that he’s always wanted a parrot since he was a kid. The next day she found two rescue parrots for free providing he became a member of the parrot club. At the first meeting is when we first met (I was at work during the day so we never met until now). I had to join the club because me and my ex got a parrot. Me and my now Fiance talked a few times over the next few weeks. Because of a very dysfunctional relationship, I wanted to leave my ex and talked about it to my neighbour. As I had no where to go (being from out of town) and moving across the street was out of the question, my neighbour suggested that I stay with my now Fiance until her life got organized so she could move back home. Me and my now Fiance went to a lovely Victorian style / Historic Home that was turned into a cafe to discuss moving arrangements on June 1st 2013. The next day, me and my ex had a huge fight and I officially moved in June 2nd to my now FI’s home and never left. One year later on June 1st, at the same Historic Home, he proposed. And the rest as they say, is history. 

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My FH and I met when I travelled to his company for a meeting. We locked eyes at the meeting. Afterwards, there was a business social at a local restaurant and it was instant attraction. I moved to his neck of the woods 4 months later and in a nine days, we’ll be married after about 6.5 years together.

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Fiance & I met at our old job (retail store). I always thought he was a babe and he never noticed me because no one paid attention to the cashiers. About a year later, I switched to a different department and had a chance to work near him but at that point, he was just a cute guy and I had heard he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed so I never paid any attention to him. Around halloween time that year, my coworkers invited me to a haunted house. I didn’t know he would be there until we actually got there. He walked behind me the entire time and held my waist!!! (swoon) We started talking a lot at that point and would text eachother late at night. We finally hung out alone a few times and on the way back from some party he started rambling about how he liked me and wanted to start dating more and that he thought I was cute and when I didn’t say anything right away, he rambled on about how he was stupid and i’d probably had a boyfriend and that I was just being nice. I think I laughed for a good 5 minutes before telling him I felt the same way. 

A week later I went to one of his shows (he’s in a band) and he didn’t pay too much attention to me and I saw another girl who was interested in him too there so I decided to leave right after it was done. When I was pulling out of the parking lot, him and his friends chased after me so I stopped, rolled down my window and listen to him ramble about how he wanted to hang us to hang out with his friend and friends gf (double date) so I told him to pick me up at my house when he was finished packing up his stuff. On the way to his friends house, he said “I think we need to clear some things up. I like you. You like me. Lets just make this official?” 

It’s been a fairytale ever since!!

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Fiance and I met on Match.com.

In 2012 I moved from the DMV due to work and other personal issues and after about 7 months there, I was ready to meet someone. I went on a couple of dates but they did not end well. So I signed up on Match and looked for guys in my area. I guess I am uber picky because I did not find anyone attractive! So I started looking at guys in the DMV area and came across his profile. Of course, the first thing that I noticed was how handsome he was and then when I read his hilarious profile I knew I had to msg him.

I msg him and we started talking every day until late at night and we finally met in person about a week later. We started a LDR where we would see each other every other week-end and then I moved in with him 6 months in. This is the easiest and happiest relationship I have ever been in. No words can describe how happy he makes me 

About a month after we started dating I msg my sister (she live overseas) and told her about him. I sent her a pic and she immediately replied “this is it. This is the guy. I swear my heart is beating so fast! He is going to make you so happy, I know it”. I took a screenshot of that convo and it still makes me smile. 

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Everyone has such neat stories. I don’t think I even have one. We met online, went on the first date, clicked – and got married 5 years later. haha

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We met in college. We were both dating other people and just shared mutual friends. He says he remembers a day he was at my apartment to pick up something from my Boyfriend or Best Friend at the time, and he saw me duck out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and had a crush ever since. Ha! I love that detail – what a perv. We worked together on a few projects after that over the next few years, and eventually we both became single and started spending more time together until we became an item. It was great – our relationship really blossomed over time.

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We met at our lawyer’s office.  I was leaving, he was  going  in. Our cars were parked in a parking garge.  He insisted on accompanying me to my car. We talked for a bit and he asked for my phone #. Kept telling me our attorney woud vouch for him. We clicked immediately.

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We went to high school together and were both in marching band, he is 2 years older than me. We didn’t really talk, but we knew of each other. We went to Hawaii and Europe on school trips wtihout saying anything to each other! Some of the most romantic places on Earth haha. I remember he sat behind me on the airplane, though. Then, my junior year of college, I got a random facebook message from him saying basically that he realized that we had a lot in common. We started talking, and I saw that we had EVERYTHING in common- favorite movies, hobbies, religious views… and a few months later when I came home for Spring Break, we had our first few dates and it was pretty much love at first sight. The next year was spent long-distance while I was 3 hours away at school, but he visited me every other weekend and we skyped literally every day. We’ve been together for 3 years now, living together for 2 of them, and are getting married next August! He is absolutely my other half.

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I was 18 hanging out at a bus stop with some friends because we couldn’t decide if we wanted to just hang out or watch a movie. I was still miserable a year after a breakup and wasn’t really looking. One of my friends suggested that I needed a friend with benefits when I suddenly looked up and saw my now Fiancé walking past me. I was immediately attracted to him, so I called out “Hey, hey you in the blue shirt” but he didn’t respond and kept walking. One of my male friends who was a bit buff ran up to him and told him that I liked him but that did more bad than good as my Fiancé was like WTF. So I walked away towards the movies and waited by a balcony overlooking an indoor water fountain while my friends discussed what movie to see. All of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder and there he was, with a very thick country accent and a goofy smile (I lived in the city). My friends sort of disappeared and I was left alone with him but he was extremely courteous and was super talkative (he told me later that he kept trying to keep the conversation going because he is usually a quiet person).

He was 21 and had just moved down several states from NC. We were both homeless and had nothing to really offer the other person, except we did; we went through similar terrible household situations, enjoyed the same things, had comfortable silences together and knew what the other person was thinking without saying a word. We were joined at the hip from day one and we still love each other.


So we got jobs, a place, he gave me a promise ring ( a simple gold band), went into debt with credit cards, recovered, got our Associates, I got sick with a giant tumor, recovered, lost a baby, broke up, got back together, rescued 3 cats, started our bachelors and now after 10 years we’re getting married. I don’t think we could imagine life without the other, we’re more than best friends and soul mates… we are one even when apart.

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Darling Husband and I met on eHarmony. My mom also subbed music for him at the school, so he was asking her questions before he had even met me to see who I was. We talked a bit, and then he just dropped off the face of the earth. I shrugged it off until after he talked to my mom. Then he suddenly became interested again. We made a date to have icecream. We spent the whole day talking, and he invited me over. We had supper, he spilled rib juice all over the floor, and I cleaned it up, we listened to jazz music, and I drove home.

I came back to visit him that Thursday, we had our first kiss playing CoD, and I left. On the way home I got a pretty hefty speeding fine (I was super tired, and was only a mile from home-damnit!)

3 days later after spending the night at his apt as I was backing out of the driveway, he backed up too soon and hit my car and put a huge dent in the rear passenger door (the windows were forsted, and he didn’t let his defrost before he just decided to back up). We were in too much of a rush (he had to get to school), so we called the cops on his lunch break. We spent the majority of the morning freaking out thinking we were going to break up with one another, but all ended up ok. We each fixed our own cars, and it was a sad day when I got rid of my car.

And  year and a half after that we got married, got my dream dog and a house, and we just had our first son in March. Loving every moment of it.

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Love it!

Well, I was a senior in high school and in a relationship when we first met. He was home from college for spring break the first Wednesday I visited his church. The youth pastor introduced us saying, “This is ‘mrwoods’. Don’t give him your number. He’ll call you in the middle of church.” I thought he was cute. And there was something about him where I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. But, I continued dating my ex for another 9 months, getting excited whenever Darling Husband and I would be paired for events in church. (Ex: we were both put on funflatable duty for our church fun fair and I couldn’t stop smiling when I found out. He said he was excited too.) He had started dating someone in September. In December I broke up with my ex (5 days before Christmas too. I know. I’m horrible). I can still remember this next moment perfectly. It was January 8th, my first day back at college. I was sitting in the cafeteria between classes messing around on facebook and he sends me a message: “Hey. What’s up?” We talked for a while. He asked how my ex was. I said something along the lines of, “I haven’t really talked to him since we broke up.” He had no idea said he was sorry. He wasn’t. Haha. We then talked about his relationship, how he was looking for something serious, but didn’t think it was going to be with her, how they don’t agree on anything significant, how he was thinking about breaking up with her. We talked until I had to go to my next class. We did t talk again until the next day when he told me that he broke up with his ex. I said I was sorry. I wasn’t. Haha. After that, we talked ALL THE TIME, whenever we could. On Facebook, through text, on the phone, in person. Funny thing is, even though we both had crushes on each other for a long time I don’t think we had ever said anything more than “hey” to each other before that first message on Facebook. But anyway. We talked about everything. Then he asked me out. This is another moment I remember perfectly. He asked me on Facebook (he didn’t want to, but he said he wanted to ask me something in person and I pried it out of him) and I just started at my screen. I turned my computer screen to my mom and asked her if the message was really there. Haha. Our first date was February the 13th, 2009 (a Friday). We didn’t become official until July 18th, 2009 though. He proposed to me on September 15, 2012. We tied the knot on April 7, 2013. We have been together for 5 and a half years. He really is my best friend. 

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We met while I was in college.  I was a transfer student to the university and he was working as an associate minister with an on-campus church.  I didn’t go in looking for a boyfriend at all.  I was very loosely seeing a guy from one of my classes and two other guy friends were both asking me to date them too (I promise I’m not trying to brag.  It was actually really overwhelming.  I didn’t like either of the two guys enough to want to date them, but we’d been friends for forever and everyone assumed I would date one of them.  It was really obnoxious). 

Anyway, I started going to the church and Darling Husband says that he noticed me right away and though “Wow, she’s pretty.  Bet she’s too good for me.”  He came up to me that night and asked me if I was going on the spring break missions trip and I said, “yes” and asked if a friend, Nate, could come with us.  He assumed Nate and I were dating (we weren’t), so Darling Husband avoided me for the next few weeks.  Shortly after that, I got really sick and couldn’t do anything extracurricular for awhile, so I stopped going to the church and we didn’t see each other until January. 

I came back from Christmas break with a medical diagnosis I didn’t expect, the guy I had been seeing dumped me for his ex-girlfriend (being the rebound sucks!) and I was ready to make some serious changes in my life.  I started getting really involved with the church and going to different events, etc.  Since Darling Husband was staff, he was usually around at most of them and both of us, unknown to the other, were trying to hide the fact that we were interested in the other one. It wasn’t until late February that we really started talking though.  He started watching me walk to my car at night and one night, ran out and walked me to my car.  I was trying REALLY hard to not get my hopes up and so was he.  He did ask me if Nate was ready for the trip and I honestly told him I had no idea, I didn’t talk to Nate often at all.  He took that as a green light and the next week, asked me if I would get coffee with him sometime.  

We spent the entire next week working together on the missions trip and we’ve been together ever since.  We had our first date on March 21, 2011, officially started dating on May 1 and married on August 11, 2012.  It’s been a crazy few years, but I can’t imagine having this life with anyone else!

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