(Closed) What's your natural hair color and how do you feel about it ?

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Bumble bee
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My hair is a medium-dark brown with neutral undertones. I used to change my hair color all the time. It’s been every color of the rainbow. I’m currently trying to grow it back out to my natural color to save money, time, and effort.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I couldn’t care less what color somebody’s hair is, which makes me just want to have my original color back and not bother with it anymore.

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Honey bee
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I am naturally a slightly mousy medium brown. I dyed my hair for the first time when I was 13. Over the years I have experimented with various shades of blonde, red and darker browns. The last time I dyed my hair was Fall 2013. It was dyed blonde (at a salon I may add) and they fryed my hair. Plus it faded to a horrible shade! When I asked them to dye it back to brown two months later (because I was sick of looking at the botched blonde), my hair was even further fried and the blonde bled through anyways.

I vowed to tough it out and never dye my hair again. I cut my magestic hippie hair to shoulder length and allowed the growing out process to begin. Things got complicated because I got engaged in April 2014 and wanted long ‘nice coloured’ hair for my September 2015 wedding. I stuck to my guns, and by my wedding day my hair was an ok length, and enough had grown back that it looked like I had an ombre. I did another chop a month after my wedding, and now my hair is 100% natural colour.

Do I get the itch to dye it again? Sure I do! But after damaging my hair for over a decade…and then the final blow when it got fried to oblivion, I’ll stick with my mousy medium brown. Besides, I am 28 and yet to have a single grey hair…so it’s not like I have anything to hide right now.

Maybe I’ll change my mind when the greys come in….

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Honey bee
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Mine is really dark brown with auburn highlights.  And a ton of grey.  I henna it to cover the grey because I’m only 35 and totally unprepared for looking like someone’s great grandma.  So it looks like my normal hair, only the grey streaks are really pretty red highlights. It has been a million different colors over the years from blond to blue black to green.  And I’ve shaved it a few times too.  I’ve embraced my color, my curls, and my length over as I’ve gotten older…

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Bumble bee

Asian black hair. I’ve been bleaching and coloring it for 16 years. I feel most comfortable in pink hair. I swear it’s meant to be my natural hair color.

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Helper bee

merighthere :  Ahh I totally go through phases where I wish I was a redhead!  I have dark brown hair with sort of reddish/light brown highlights in the summer, but it’s subtle.  I’m getting balayage done for the first time in November, and I’m learning towards getting caramel highlights (wish I could do red, but I know from experience that it takes a lot more upkeep), maybe something like this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BB9HLBwSsR1/

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Honey bee
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merighthere :  Sounds like we have a similar color!  Mine is a dark ash blond, a lot like Cara Delevingne’s.  I used to hate it and think it was mousy, boring, dull, but after coloring it every color under the sun (platinum to black, to purple, to blue, to red) I just want it back!  I had my hair colored dark auburn a year and half ago and have been working on transitioning my hair to my natural color + cool blonde balayage.  Sometimes I wish I had dark brown hair like my parents and my siblings (it’s gorgeous and shiny!) but I’m a blonde through and through 😛

epon10642 :  I totally recommend balayage!  It’s pretty low maintenance if you don’t have greys and use your natural color as the base. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Dark chocolate brown. It’s now balayaged and sombred much, much lighter but I want to go darker again since I miss it! 

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Honey bee
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merighthere :  I was born a redhead, bright orange :))) I love being a natural redhead! But by the time I got to 20 the orange became more of a golden… so people started saying I was “strawberry blonde?”  I hate that termcause my hair doesnt look like Strawberry colour and I am DEFFINATELY not blonde! 😤 Being a redhead is such a big part of my identity, I have the personality/temper to match and I am a redhead damn it! So I started colouring my hair a brighter shade or red 🙂 Still look natural, but it’s definatelly not blonde! I honestly cant imaging being anything but a redhead! It’s a pride thing lol I have mostly green eyes too, with a bit of brown pigment. Oh how I hope I have a redhead daughter!!!! My heart swells just thinking about it! 😊

ETA: Thebonly thing I wish was different is my eyelashes I wish the were darker, longer, fuller. My eyebrows  too a bit darker would be better.

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Sugar bee
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My hair is naturally a dark brown with more reddish undertone (so a warm brown). I didn’t dye my hair until I was probably 20 and I just wanted to lighten by a shade or two and the boxed dye didn’t even show haha! Then I did my own ombre which was really really pretty but I got tired of it and then I dyed my hair back to around my normal shade. 

I love my natural color and I’m such a brunette. It fits me really well. I do use organic honey on weekends sometimes to natually lighten my hair by a shade or two. 

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Helper bee

Dark blackish brown with unintentional streaks of white/gray starting to become more prominent. No one else notices them but me though. I love my natural hair color (without the gray).

I went through a phase in my late teens/early 20’s where I butchered my hair, dying it every color under the sun bc I thought dark brown hair was so boring. After every other color in the rainbow, I tried to go blond- at home by myself. Well if youve ever bleached dark hair, you know it turns orange not blonde. So then I tried again and ended up with Slim Shady meets Barbie blonde hair which looked awful with my dark eyes and eyebrows. I was dying it twice a day for like 2 weeks straight trying to achieve a believable color. Then I go to towel dry after a dye job, and literally the whole top half of my hair fell out!!!! It took almost 5 years to get it all one length and healthy again. 

So gray streaks be damned. I’ll never touch dye to my hair again. 

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Busy bee
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My hair is a darker blonde with a slight reddish tint. The color of my hair is fine I’ve never had any desire to dye it. I just wish it wasn’t so wavy or thick.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: December 2014

I’m a natural redhead. Growing up, I hated it, because people were always commenting on it. Now, I’ve grown to love it. I’ve never permanently dyed it. I did do a dark brown temporary dye a couple times, which was a cool change though. I don’t have red brows and lashes, so the brown actually looked pretty natural. My hair itself is pretty long and healthy, so I wouldn’t change much about it, aside from my own lack of desire to do anything with it. I usually just wear it down. 

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Bumble bee


Another natural redhead! Love it now but growing up, was weirded out by the attention…both from friends/schoolmates and strangers. I felt like a bit of an outsider.  I still get lots of random comments from strangers. Especially in elevators (so random)

In high school, I did some highlights for fun but nothing since. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Like a PP mentioned, it’s such a big part of my identity (i know, its just hair color but its a redhead thing). 

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Helper bee

My hair is weird. It’s a medium/light brown, but looking at the strands I have black hair, red hair, blonde hair… oh yeah and now some grays haha.

But I’ve never dyed it and I do not plan to. I’d be too lazy to keep up with the maintenance anyway – I only just started going more than once a year for haircuts haha. I love my hair the way it is, it’s very long and healthy and easy to deal with.

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