What's your night time routine ? I can't ever get to sleep.

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Stopping the use of devices before bed (like your phone and laptop) can go a long way to letting your brain calm down. There is a setting on the iPhone that specifically changes the light emitted from the screen, that may ease the effects of this as well. And going to bed/waking up at the same time is also really good.

If I’m stressed out, sometimes I need to go to our basement and exercise for a little while, and then I usually fall asleep pretty promptly. During wedding planning I had to do this a lot!

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I used to be a lot like you and I wish I had a fool-proof solution for you, but I think the only thing that changed it for me is having two small children lol.  Some things that I DO think help though are : no screen time, maybe read a book or a magazine instead – and sleepy time tea.  I like the traditional medicinals brand of sleepy time tea, it works really well for me. Also, a heating pad always seems to knock me right out…maybe set a 15 minute timer on a heating pad right before bed ? 

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Exercise in the evenings usually knocks me out after. Or try relaxing with a chamomile tea an hour before bed.

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Nothing works for me either. If I know I have to be up early the next day I take an OTC sleeping pill. 

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Lots of red wine lol just kidding (sort of).

But seriously, as PPs mentioned, try to stop looking at any screens an hour before bed. I’m like you, I fall asleep to shows on my laptop, but find this disrupts my sleep as I always wake up at some point in the night to turn my laptop off.

Some things that help me:

– A hot shower or bath to help you relax.

– Putting on meditation music/sounds of the ocean/other relaxing music (as long as noise doesn’t bother you…I can’t fall asleep in silence so I need some type of background noise)

– Putting on my diffuser (on a timer) with lavender oil in it (seriously one of my best investments, I use it all the time and it’s so relaxing)

– When I’m really anxious/stressed and overthinking, I like to try and clear my mind and think of a place that relaxes me (the ocean, the mountains, the forest, etc.). I just try to visualize the waves crashing or the wind blowign through the trees and focus on nothing but that. That’s usually what helps me get to sleep when my mind is really racing

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I usually fall asleep on the couch and then migrate upstairs. Reading can knock me out sometimes. I agree about doing the setting on your phone for “night time”. I have always struggled with going to sleep and melatonin never really helped. I struggle with anxiety, but these past couple of years it’s been better. If I know that I’m going to have trouble falling asleep or I need to go to bed soon and I’m just not really tired, I will take a Sleepworks. I can literally feel it making me tired in about 15 min. DH on the other hand is usually knocked tf out in .3 sec after hitting the bed 🙄

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An hour before bed, I turn off all electronics. I make myself a sleepy time tea and drink it while I read a book (I like ones that are easy to put down, so books that have chapters with different subjects or learning material like history or topics of interest.

A half hour before bed I wash my face/ brush my teeth and get in bed, turn out the lights and turn on my sound effect app that has rain falling noises. I also always have an air filter running which provides good white noise. I purposely leave extra time to fall asleep so that I’m not lying awake feeling stressed about how much sleep I’m losing.

Taking magnesium at that time has also done wonders for falling asleep  

If I have trouble falling asleep I focus intently on tensing and then relaxing every muscle in my body as much as possible, from my toes up.

I wasn’t always good at falling asleep. The biggest things that made a difference for me were to establish a very set routine that tells my body “it’s time to go to sleep now”, and never ever sitting in bed doing things other than sleeping. If a half hour goes by and I can’t sleep, I get up and go to the couch to read another chapter and then repeat my routine. 

I also don’t use LED or other blue tinted lights in my home as I feel they set me on edge. 

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I used to have this problem, but lately? Not so much… These days for me I sleep so much better because I’m no longer in the very situation that kept me up all night. Have you really dug into what it is that you’re mind is racing about? I’d start there and see where you can make some small daily changes to help you set some of these to rest. You could try journaling before bed. it works for some (though for me it didn’t really work all the time. I’d end up with my head swirling more and my hand could never write as fast as my brain.) I agree with others who said a hot shower or bath before bed helps. Exercise can help, too, but I wouldn’t suggest it just before bed since endorphins can actually wake you up. Maybe wake up earlier and work out in the AM. And I have definitely found that the weeks we have my SS, I’m out a LOT faster! I won’t tell you to steer clear of the electronics, because I’m a big user of that, but if I play something I’ve seen a million times, it’s easier to fall asleep. No joke, old school disney movies or a series like Bones or something equally technical and drab knock me right out. 

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I have really bad sleep issues and overthinking is probably the main factor in it. I used to fall asleep watching TV but it’s not very relaxing or restful.. I now listen to audiobooks and it’s been a life saver. I listen to the same ones over and over, so you follow the plot a bit, but you’re also not so invested you make yourself stay awake. This is super nerdy, but the Harry Potter books are really good for it because there are so many of them and the narrater is really good. Comedian’s books i find are good too. Nothing too heavy or overly emotional. 

I also have to do a lot of exercise especially high intensity cardio thorughout the week. It helps with anxiety and that antsy restless energy that keeps me up at night. 

sleep masks – depending on wear you live. The darker it is, the more melatonin your brain produces which helps you get a restful sleep. I live downtown so my room doesn’t get fully pitch black at night, so the sleep mask makes a huge difference. 

Go to bed early so you’re not stressing about how much sleep you’re going to get or not get. and try to go to bed at the same time every night. 


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ksn1219 :  FYI, melatonin doesn’t actually help make you sleepy. It helps reset your internal clock and sleep cycles, so is helpful for people doing night shifts or travelling through different time zones. So maybe that’s why it hasn’t been much help to you. 

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