(Closed) What's your opinion on the Cincinnati Zoo situation?

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Bumble bee

ayudame:  It’s because I wasn’t there just as 99.999999% of people speculating werent there. It’s easy to say who should do what and shouldn’t do what, but when the time comes we don’t know what we would do… when I was 4 I was at a swimming party. I lost my grip on the wall and floated behind the one in charge. I was treading water behind her. The other kids saw me, and I think pointed, but I was scared to call for help because I was afraid of getting into trouble. So I’ve BEEN the child in danger. And it wasn’t until the teacher backed up (we were in 5 foot water) and bumped into me. There were parents all around the pool. There were other teachers. Other kids, the pool was FULL but still, I was there, barely keeping my head above water and nearly drowned. So yeah, maybe it wasn’t MY kid who fell anywhere, but I’ve been THE kid who was in trouble and needed help… and I remember it VERY clearly. 

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futuremrsc2016:  That’s terrifying, and I’m sincerely glad that nothing happened to you. Thank goodness you eventually were able to pull through such a terrible situation and make it out safely. But what does this have to do with anything I was saying? 

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ayudame:  becsuse everyone wants to make me out to sound like a baby killer/child hater. Which I don’t. My point in sharing that is stating that I can completely unders it being terrifying… and that i can understand the fear of all involved, and just to say that no one knows what they would do in any situarion. I mean, if you asked *most* kids what they would do in the one I shared, they’d say “call for help!” But at the moment, calling for help was the last thing I wanted to do, afraid I’d get a spanking for “wandering”. In my little 4 year old mind, drowning was better than getting a spanking (even though it wasn’t wandering, as my hands were wet and I couldn’t grip the side). 

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Luckily there will be a proper investigation looking at the facts rather than trial by social media.  And let’s face it, we don’t know all the facts.

I imagine the Zoo will have to put up higher, childproofed fences or high toughened glass barriers, and that other US zoos will be checked too.  It may be that zoos will invest in super-quick acting tranquillisers.  There will be more warning signs and staff presence. 

I think that the response to the whole situation would have been very different if the child had got into a boa constrictor or hippopotamus enclosure, or even an enclosure of an equally endangered but less human-like endangered animal. 

As I said previously, if you are upset (or indeed angry) donate money to a wild gorilla charity.  This way you are part of the solution rather than part of the problem, and you separate yourself from the internet trolls who may have berated the mother but I doubt have lifted a finger to prevent gorilla habitat destruction or to prevent the trade in bushmeat.  

Also, although zoo gorillas are an important genetic resource and wonderful, intelligent animals in their own right, we really do need to do all we can to conserve the wild ones if we want this species – our close relative – to continue.

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operaninja:  Thanks bee. I thought it might have been wide bars that the child just slipped through, but now I think it’s the parents. People who say the parents looked away for a second… That wasn’t a second. It takes more than just a few seconds for the child to CLIMB and walk through the bushes.

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The County prosecutor just  announced there will be no charges in this case. So glad the decision was based solely on facts and not influenced by the massive amount of hatred and bias  generated by this unfortunate incident..

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